Thursday, September 24, 2009


D light of the world,


There's a lot of really great things happening, beginning with tonight, Thursday, Sept. 24. After Trivia, at 9pm, we have a CD release for Molina Soleil and Aju. Because their bio is so interesting we're gonna quote it here for you...

"Molina Soleil & Aju’s genre-bending style is pure fusion. The bold and eclectic duo blends cultures, languages, and artistic styles, pairing masculine and feminine energies, water and fire. Molina Soleil is a nationally acclaimed poet, emcee and performance artist from a blue-collar Mexicano/Chicano background. Molina’s savvy, streetwise lyrics reflect his sense of social responsibility. Molina is a first-generation college student who graduated from law school in 2006. He chose to forgo a career in law and follow his passion, working tirelessly as an artist, educator, and youth advocate. Molina has performed at hundreds of events in clubs, cafes, parks, community centers, universities and public schools. Molina has shared the stage with artists like Saul Williams and the Flobots./ Aju is a human bridge, gypsy traveler, poet, dancer, and vocalist who spent the first half of her life in Japan. Aju weaves her verbal repertoire of five languages into soulful verses that reflect her hybrid cultural upbringing and distinct artistic flare. As a poet and presenter, Aju is a candid divine feminine voice; her emerging body of work focuses on her experiences as an Asian-American woman, as well as her concerns for human rights and the global environment. "

Tomorrow night we have benefit for Elana Rogers, a local musician very much tied into the scene. Those ties will be apparent on Friday night as Something Underground, Tempa and The Tantrums, The Demon Funkies, Naor Nave and the Melanie Susuras Band come to rock the D Note to help raise funds for Elana's medical bills. That's a lot of incredible music coming together for a beautiful reason. We love this community. If you need an uplift in your life you will get it at the D Note on Friday night. $10 suggested donation. Also, check out the elegantly beautiful poster Matt Dougherty put together for this show on Elana's website.

Saturday we have the return of Paul Green's School Of Rock and this time the kids are doing all Rolling Stones. There is a show at 1pm and 5pm. $8. These kids make the classics feel young again. Time is on their sides.

Starting at 8pm on Saturday we have an alternative country vibe for the night, first with ramshackle freak folk out from Seattle WA, The Foghorns, then with country rock of local veterans Tequila Mockingbird and ending the night the psychobilly surf music of Whiskey Throttle. $5.

Sunday at 4pm we have a special Baby Boogie treat, Aden Harrell and friends are going to do a free show for the kids. Aden is working a bunch of amazing new kids songs that are gonna sweep the nation. Aden Harrell will undoubtedly delight your child.

Finally, we want to remind you to work on your beard and mustache design and execution for the first annual Beard And Mustache Showdown coming November 14.

Who could ask for more?

D ark,

Extra Credit: The poet Jim Carroll died a few weeks ago. They made Jim's autobiographical novel "The Basketball Diaries" into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. And Jim's also famous for a song he recorded in the seventies, "People Who Died". And now Jim himself is a person who has died. Jim wrote some great poetry. Here's two. The Frank mentioned in the second is the poet Frank O'hara, Jim's favorite poet.


even the



can't match

the perfect


for insight

into the



from "8 Fragments For Kurt Cobain"


If only you hadn't swallowed yourself into a coma in Roma...
You could have gone to Florence

And looked into the eyes of Bellinni or Rafael's Portraits

Perhaps inside them
You could have found a threshold back to beauty's arms
Where it all began...

No matter that you felt betrayed by her

That is always the cost
As Frank said,
Of a young artist's remorseless passion

Which starts out as a kiss
And follows like a curse

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


D finest

Big night Friday night. Starts at
5:30p w/ Slo Children who are playing a special set of requests for Adam DeGraff's birthday. After Slo Children Adam says he will be dancing all night long and would like you to join him. The Saurus plays their jazzy hip hop at 7pm, Then at 8:30p will be a new hip hop group on the scene, Thinking Kap, from Idledale. Ivan from PeaceJam turned us on to this group. He tipped us off that Dr Ching King, who received a grammy for producing Eminem, was recently in town to produce Thinking Kap's new record. Around 10pm we'll have local hip hop rock sensation UmConscious. We've been trying to get these guys for a long time and are stoked for this show. At midnight we have a drum&bass set with Dozha, Relyt and Detox, which will blow up. Then at 1am we have Lionel Young playing Bach's Chaconne. The Chaconne is one of the most challening and beautiful pieces of music in existence and only a handful of violinists in the world have mastered it. This is a very special performance which Lionel agreed to perform for Adam's birthday because he lost a bet. A rare opportunity. $8

Saturday at 4pm we the Music Train Family Concert Series with The Milky Hayes Project, a local Denver band fronted by Eric McLennan, formerly of Switchgrass and currently with The Propane Daisies. A former Highlands resident, he is the father of three and founder of HIghlandpalooza! Come with your family and check out his great rockin' originals as well as some high energy danceable tunes the whole family will know, he will be channeling The Beatles, Elvis and The Ramones. $7 adults/ $3 kids

Saturday night at 7:30pm we have our third annual benefit/ dance party for Friendship Bridge, featuring classic rock and roll by Big Universe. Friendship Bridge is a non-profit organization that provides microcredit and educational programs in rural Guatamala so women and their families can create their own solutions to poverty. $10 suggested donation at door. So you can have fun dancing and give to a worthy cause all at once.

Tonight, Thurs, Sept. 17, we have trivia at 6:30pm, and then at 9pm Jonny Woodrose and The Broken-hearted Woodpeckers. Think comedy in an indie folk rock vein. $5

Next Tuesday night we have a special benefit for Wheatridge High School's ailing music program starting at 7pm, featuring groovy groove band Wonderlic and players from the school. $5-$10 suggested donation.

up and away,

D fender

Extra Credit: Our friend Jeff Chester recently put out a beautiful anthology of local poems called Nevada State Line, which includes the following gem-like poem of Jeff's.


What I wanted
to say I've never

known, or grown
used to.

On the way home
the stars were still

overhead like
a poem

read in Chinese
to a dog.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Cirque D,

This coming weekend will be Arvada's 84th annual Harvest Festival, the second longest running annual event in the state of Colorado. This will be the D Note's seventh Harvest festival. You could say the D Note is a seven year old child and the festival as a kindly 84 year old grandparent. Last year was the festival's best year ever. This year should be even better. Cirque De Soliel will be marching in this year's parade, the first time this troupe has ever marched in a parade.

Friday night we have a cool line up in the country western vein; The Hollyfelds, Marty Jones and the Great Unknowns and Martin Gilmore. Our friend Martin Gilmore, of the golden voice, has just released a beautifully produced new solo CD and so we are having a CD party to celebrate at 7pm. Then around 8:30pm Marty Jones and his new band The Great Unknowns. Marty used to play with the Pork Boilin Poor Boys and is something of a legend in these parts. Great country swing music to dance to. The Hollyfelds are one of our favorite bands. In fact, on the D Note homepage you can see Eryn from the Hollyfelds playing the autoharp. We're also showcasing some new art work by artist Tommy Nahulu on Friday, the guy behind Johnny Cash mural on the side of Benders. $7.

Saturday day we have Matt Dougherty and Ken Karnisky playing at noon, Aden Harrell and friends playing at 2pm, Michael Delalla playing at 3:30 and Blue Avenue playing at 5:30.

Then at 8:30 we have the return of Serafin Sanchez/ Jeremy Jones Quartet. These guys always pack the house and give us big beautiful jazz. $10.

On Sunday we are not having Baby Boogie due to the Harvest Festival. But we do have Jax Delaguerre at 11, Michael Engberg at 12:30, Sentimental Sound Big Band Orchestra at 2pm and Wonderlic (w/ special guest Adam DeGraff) at 4:30pm. Then of course, SALSA lesson at 8pm followed by La Candela.

Next Tuesday, 9/15, we have Tony Medina back in the house playing for the monthly COMBO artist showcase. Tony use to run our open stage and is one of the best musical spirits we know. Also playing will be David Tipton (gifted Chapman Stick artist) and Kate Leroux Project.

Almost more than we can handle,

D nada

Extra Credit: Here's a classic poem by the 17th century ur-poet John Milton, musing on his own blindness.

When I Consider How My Light Is Spent

When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide
Lodg’d with me useless, though my soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, and present
My true account, lest he returning chide,
“Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”
I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent
That murmur, soon replies: “God doth not need
Either man’s work or his own gifts: who best
Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
Is kingly; thousands at his bidding speed
And post o’er land and ocean without rest:
They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Thursday, September 3, 2009

update, 9/3/09

D hive,

How is each of you? Full of being yourself we take it?

If that self so happens to like art, music and pizza, then we know a perfect place for you to come and enjoy it all.

Tonight, Thursday, September 3, come enjoy trivia at 6:30pm. Free, prizes. Then Zyzzyx Road, a local blues rock band, at 9pm. $5

Friday night is tuned to an indie-alternative rock and roll spirit:

7pm we'll have Trees And People. Hard to describe the music, but it usually involves toy instruments. Fun, free-spirited, with a touch of heartbreak.

8pm. We have Firebird 4000 Project. Check out the beautiful poster for the night on the myspace. And listen to "Another's Dreams". FB4K is influenced by black rebel motorcycle club, Brian Jonestown, Chris Broach, Blackouts/Living blue/Village, Ian curtis, The Doors, Pixies, Joan Jet, Bowie, Pavement, Nirvana, Braid, Bright Eyes, Born in the Flood.

9:30pm. The return of Lions The Brave. This band impressed us the last time they were in and we're looking forward to checking them out again. They play epic pastoral rock instrumentals. Phil compared them to Godspeed You Black Emperor. Symphonic stoner rock?

Finally, near the witching hour, we have the debut of Zombie Survival Guide. Radiohead strained through some metal. D Note trivia: one of the players in this band is the roommate of our cook Houston. $5

Saturday night we tune into a New Orleans vibe:

7pm Otone Brass Band. Just great original brass band tunes played by an exuberant bunch of fellas and lead by the most charismatic front man on the front range, Aden Harrell. $8.

9pm Dwight Carrier, of the legendary Zydeco Carrier family is gonna give us some good old Zydeco music to lose our blues to. The Colorado Friends of Cajun and Zydeco do a great job of bringing out the bands and the dancers. $10.

Heads up. Nov. 14 we are hosting our first annual Beard And Mustache Showdown at the D Note. There will be grand prizes, great music and more. We are giving you this early warning because, if you are game and able, we want to give you plenty of time to work on your magnificent stash and beard.

L8r D8er

Extra Credit: This week we present a poem by Adam DeGraff, a minor poet still alive and living in the middle of America.

My Great Contribution To Society

The thing I am most proud of
in this life is a joke.

Actually two jokes.

I now pass these jokes along
to you, posthumously.

The first joke is applicable any time
you find yourself eating Asian food
with a group of strangers.

This situation arises more than
you might expect.

You can use this joke while ordering.
The waiter usually asks,
"Would you prefer brown or white rice?"

To which you reply,
"Either one is fine, sir. I'm not a ricest!"

This joke will kill two birds with one stone.

Actually, killing birds is too violent a metaphor.
I am hereby changing this tired saying forever.
From now on people shall say instead,
"feed two birds with one grain of rice."

That sounds much nicer.

Anyway, if your guests lack a refined sense of humor
and your first joke doesn't do the trick, don't give up!
Simply wait until the main dish is served and try the second joke,

"Did you hear about the new wok they've invented?
It cooks twice as fast. It's called a run."

The ice will now be broken for good
and everybody will be glad to know you.