Thursday, May 31, 2012

D Note Love Letter 5/31/12

D Naturals,

Hi there! (Anybody remember the character Washington on "Welcome Back, Kotter"? He had a memorable way of saying "Hi there!" which we now borrow for you.)

Tonight, Thursday we have the heelaariourious Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30p followed by the Point To Point Blues Band at 9p for late night booty shaking. Hi there! $5

Tomorrow night for a free Friday Afternoon Concert we have the lovely Alice Frisch at 5pm.

Then starting at 7pm Friday night the redoubtable Celtic Pirate Rock band called The Potcheen Folk Band has put together a night of great music for us. First an alt country band out of Evergreen called Open Space, then Potcheen and ending the night with the excellent Flash Mob (rock funk hip hop reggae). $5

Saturday at 1pm we have a garage rock recital for Music Lessons Of Westminster. Rock!

Saturday at 4pm we have INOTIO, blues rock. FREE.

Saturday at 7:30pm we have Clusterfunk (rocking covers, fun dance music). $%

Saturday at 10pm we have the final show of local Arvada punk pop band Rating The Hate followed by the disheveled punk exuberance of Just Sand. $%

Sunday we have yoga with Keith at 10am/ with live music by Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff. $5-$10 suggested donation.

Sunday at 2pm we have Baby Boogie.

Sunday at 8pm we have salsa. Beginners special $15 per couple includes dance lessons and band.

Next Tuesday night we have a women's comedy hour hosted by Kristina Hall at 7:30p. PG 13. $5.

Next Wednesday we have Farm Jazz (country swing). Bring your dancing partner. Free.

We have a Journey tribute band called Eclipse next Friday night.

And that gives you a few things to consider,

D Nature

Extra Credit. An inspiring poem by John Brehm this week.

Critical Mass

Lifted their bikes up-
side down above
their thousand
heads and
locked the grid
blocked the inter-
section shut
the whole East
Village down
cars jammed
against that
stopped moment
that break in
time's flow
nothing moving
to go unless
inward until
the helicopter's
searchlight shook
the air and cops
a couple kids
to set example
hauled off
a truckload of
others forced
apart the forces
that swirled
together there—
but what I still see
are the wheels
held upward
spoked with light
freed from
the pavement
spinning into sky.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

D Note Love Letter 5/24/12

D Volition,

This weekend we'll keep it cool with freshly minted Mojitos ($5). We'll need to stay cool because we have Flamenco dancing, Rock and Roll dancing, Blues dancing, Hip Hop dancing, Zumba dancing, Baby dancing and Salsa dancing this weekend. And all that dancing gets us hot. It's getting hot in herr. So take off all your...Close the door, the air conditioner is on!

Tonight we have the band Lila Bloom after trivia. Good band with a divatastic 80's vibe. $5.

Friday at 5pm we have Citrus playing Sitar. Any of you know Citrus, used to play guitar in U.S. Pipe and the Balls Johnson Dance Machine, used to play with P Funk? Now come hear him play sitar. Citrus is opening up for his Flamenco guitar master, the legendary musical treasure Rene Heredia starting at 7p.

Rene Heredia plays passionate Flamenco and always brings beautiful dancers with him (including the legendary trumpet player Ron Mile's daughter.) $15

After Rene we have the Take 2 band at 9p, rock and roll, and then the alternative rock of Postal Holiday 10:30p. $5

Saturday at 1pm we have a benefit for friend Doc's teeth. $5-10 suggested donation. Here's Spencer Pyne's thoughtful invite for the event,

"Hi, I want to ask for your help with raising money for a good cause! Most of us take our teeth for granted, at least until they hurt. The we just go to a dentist and get them taken care of. Unfortunately for many people it just isn't that simple. One such person is a gentlemen by the name of "Doc Rhythm". Doc is a musician singer/songwriter who is a regular fixture at the D-Note in Olde Town Arvada. Doc has been helping with the Monday Open Mic nights for several years and he has also been very effective at spreading good vibes and good cheer to everyone he comes in contact with. I recently volunteered to record Doc playing some of his original songs in my home studio. On the day we recorded I became aware of the fact that Doc is in constant pain from bad teeth and rampant oral infections. He hasn't been able to get things fixed because he's one step away from being one of America's homeless.Many of the musicians who know Doc have decided to have an afternoon benefit concert at the D-Note this coming Saturday, May 26th from 1 PM to 5 PM to try and raise some money to help Doc with his teeth. We are asking for any size donation at the door. We want as many folks as possible to come in and enjoy some great Colorado music and help out with a good cause. We have already made arrangements with a great oral surgeon and all proceeds will go to help get Doc out of pain once and for all! Saturday's musical lineup looks like this: 1 PM - Eddy & The Haskells Blues Band - Traditional Blues and Rockin' Originals! 2 PM - Alice & Dan - Acoustic and heartfelt originals! 3 PM - Chris Thompson - Founder of Golden's Coral Creek Band - Jam Band meets Bluegrass and everything in between! 4 PM - Kelley's Red Shoes - Vocalist Kelley Zinge and her quartet - Jazz, Blues and Swinging Standards! We will also be selling Raffle Tickets for $5.00 each that will give you a chance to win a brand new acoustic guitar as well as a vintage Yamaha electric bass guitar. Please consider stopping in even if it's just for a few minutes. If you have never been to the D-Note I think you will find it to be a a very nice venue with great food, friendly people and excellent live music! If you can't make it but would still like to make a donation we can accept funds through PayPal. Please use my account which is the same as my email address:
Thanks and we hope to see you on Saturday!"

Saturday at 5:30p we have The Free Horizon Montessori Choir and Jazz band. Free.

Saturday at 7:30pm we have The Encounters (formerly Blues Torch). The Encounters have a smoking hot guitar player and a singer that can belt a song like there is no tomorrow; Janis Joplin meets Pat Benetar. $5.

At 10pm Saturday we have a hip hop show with 2 groups from L.A. and 4 from CO. No Frequency, Milogic, Non Combatants, Con & Booger, Pawz One (from L.A.), Bullhead*Ded. Hip hop. $5

Sunday morning Keith leads yoga at 10am (to the meditative music of Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff). Great way to start your week. $5-$10 suggested.

Sunday night salsa, don't forget to do it. $8 lesson + band.

Killer weekend!

Next Tuesday night at 8:30p we have Henrikson Amp's Jazz Guitar night. Free.


D Molition

Extra Credit: Alicia Fall (our woman at the door on Friday nights) turned us onto contemporary Afghan poet Reza Mohammadi. Here's a poem from Reza.

The Word

I was a word abandoned in an old battered book,
a word forgot by politics, by love and the speaking world.

The poets fled from me. All of my letters detested me,
deserting me for other words without once looking back.

Just like that I was alone, a ghost-word that lacked its letters,
lonely and only the terrible sound of the frenzied centuries

for company, only the sound of the slaves, of the dead,
of the arrows of time flying and flying and flying.

You (o my true love) came with your fierce mouth
and hands of ten desolate fingers and found me,

and so loudly then the whole world did shout me

Thursday, May 17, 2012

D Note love letter 5/17/12

D vourers,

How are you, masticaters of D?

Chew on this. Thursday after the truly lolful Geeks Who Drink Trivia we have 3 bands, 9pm Josiah James, Claymore Disco, and The Lost Colors. Free. The Lost Colors of the Claymore Disco...hmm...

Friday we have a bunch of metaphorical bananas. Each banana represents the perfect food of music. And if the food of music be love, play on. [5:00p]
Alice Frisch (free) [7:00p] Mestizo, Canyon Creek Band $7  [10:30p] Laroy & co $5.

Saturday, to continue the theme, we have a smorgasbord; a little English fare, some German schnitzel, some latin salsa, some Jamaican jerk and Mr. Steak for dessert. [12:30p] Chelsea v. Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final  [4:00p] Family Music Train presents: Trios Los Bohemios (latin) $7 adult/$3 kids  [6:45p] The Doug Endres Memorial Concert and Benefit w/ Ironwood Rain, Lion Soul Jah and Mr. Steak. $8

Salsa is looking for beginners. This means you. Organize a group of your friends and come try salsa. Joseph Snowhawk is a gentle and excellent teacher for beginners. Plus it is so much fun. $8 includes lesson and 12 piece salsa orchestra.

Monday night open mic needs you and your friends, and so does Marlo and Farm Jazz on Wednesdays. Marlo and gang played the first Wednesday night of their residency last week and it was beautiful. Great night to come practice your two step or your swing. Free.

Flamenco legend Rene Heredia and his beautiful dancers next Friday at 7pm...

We believe through you,

D voured

Extra Credit: Here's a new poem by our friend Noel Black. We recently wrote a review for Noel Black's new book which you can find here.

In The City Of Word People

Under the world, Satan’s riverboat of indecision collects the air,
killing without glory or punishment.

Who can collect the wolf?

Brighty, nighty, disappointment writing
in the heart you can’t win.

This is the poem I wrote while sort of half-staring
at the bookshelf beside my bed.
I used to like to think about books being neighbors
on bookshelves, which were like skyscrapers of books,
and that inside your house was a metropolis of word people
even if you lived in a log cabin by yourself
in the middle of a beautiful meadow
so beautiful that every time you looked out your window
you would think about the Robert Duncan poem
“Often I Am Permitted to Return to A Meadow”
even though you were already in a meadow
surrounded by thousands of wonderful books
written by people you’re glad don’t live there.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

D Note love letter 5/10/12

D Riguer,

Okay, lots of news to spread your way so let's get this party started...

Tonight, May 10, at 9pm, after trivia, we have Cold Forty Three (Heavy Rock/Reggae from L.A.) $5.

Tomorrow night Jazz guitarist Laurie Dameron opens at 5pm. Free.

At 7pm tomorrow we have Something Underground and friends! Opening for SU is Ryan Chris, playing acoustic (with Bradley Weaver and Carlos Newman joining on lap steal and cajon, respectively.) After Something Underground at 10:30pm is Q Diva Experience. Watch out! It is rare we get to hear Something Underground at the D Note and we are excited. This will be a great night of music. $8.

Saturday at 3pm we have Sentimental Sounds Big Band. Free.

We have a very special last minute show that was added on Sat at 6:30pm. Swing Je T'aime with Bjorn Thoroddsen (Icelandic guitar legend) $10. This is one of those magic shows. We had something that fell out last minute at 6:30p. Then Swing Je T'aime called us to see if by any chance we had 6:30p open for Bjorn who was coming through town for another gig at the same time. We did!

At 8:30pm Friday we have Bluefolk Dreamers w/ Connie Hannah, Atomic Conundrum $5

Then at midnight we have New Old Calvary (rollicking bluegrass) $5

For yoga on Sunday morning at 10am we have a new teacher for the summer, Keith, and he's been doing a great job. Come give his class a try. Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff play live music.

Then at 11:30 we have Mello Cello w/ Monica Sales. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Next Tuesday at 6pm we have Ralston Valley HS Jazz Ensemble (free) followed by BlueStoneMojo Jam Band Jazz at 8:30pm. $5.

Then next Wednesday we have the premier of Farm Jazz, the jam replacing the Clam Daddys for the summer. Marlo (which many of you will recognize from the Pickin Parlour) will be hosting and it will be beautiful.

can't wait to see you soon,

D day

Extra Credit: A thought provoking lyrical poem by Nathalie Anderson


How long since you last gazed into a face
this beautiful, since a face this beautiful
opened its gaze for you? A full moon couldn't
loom any larger, rising late and low
in hazy autumn, couldn't fill any
lake or pool more full than your eye is full,
holy water rising in the holy well.

You can't follow a third of what he's saying,
his lips moving slow, then fast, then slow, tilting
his face from seduction into friendliness
and back again, the words flying fast, birds
surprised from hedges, the lashes raising
and lowering their heavy wings, the hair
a dense cloud stroking and unravelling

over the hill's brow, the shirt washed to a
pale soft heft. Behind him in the pub, two
pipers, one's lean head shaved down to a shadow,
self-absorbed, arrogantly serious;
one curly-haired, wind-blown, gregarious
and gap-toothed. This one's different, looks at you,
at you only, your search-light. Is there danger?

There's always danger. The pipers pack their
sticks and bags, the guitarists click shut the doors
of their cases, the fiddlers raise their bows
precisely together, the lights go up
without your seeing. So this is what they once
called glamour: leave him so much as a ribbon,
your world can age without you. Water rising in the well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

D Note love letter 5/3/12

D fame,

How are you? It has been wonderful to see so many of your happy faces lately at the D Note. We do love to see you have a good time.

Tonight, Thurs May 3, after trivia, at 9pm, we have the renowned Martin Gilmore leading the bluegrass pick. Bring your axe.

This Friday night at 5pm we have the lovely Esther Sparks. Free. Then at 7pm we have Cowgirl Up, The Duke Street Kings, Bad Brad and The Fat Cats, The Current featuring Tomara Conrad. Get your ya yas out. Only $5.

Saturday at 6pm we have a fun band called Girl Jam at 6pm. $5

Then for Cinco de Mayo celebrations we have two tribute bands, a Santana tribute band called Soul Sacrifice and a War cover band called Cisco Kid. Should be epic. $10

Next Tuesday we have the Big Band Jazz of Bob's Big Band. 7pm. Free.

Then next Wednesday we have a VERY SPECIAL farewell to THE CLAM DADDYS.. The Clam Daddys have been playing the D Note for 8 years! They are taking a well-deserved sabbatical. We hope that everybody who knows and loves the Clams will come see them off in proper style. Free of course.

Next Friday night we're excited to have Something Underground back in the house.

That's the news for now,

D minus,

Extra credit: There's a fantastic new book of fiction by Patrick Grainville called The Cave Of Heaven. It reads like poetry. Here's an excerpt..

"The voluptuousness of charging along the void of the gigantic highway. An asphalt desert drawn out like a boundless back. He felt as though he were inventing the landscape, creating his route solely by pressing the accelerator. Traffic was sparse. He’d chosen an uncrowded weekday and was sliding down this flawless toboggan course, a solid river quivering under the wheels. Now and then, defying the speed limits, he hit 110 MPH. The tensed, crackling vehicle emitted a curious moan, a death chirr. A paradoxical sensation of standing still seized the driver. Space and time contracted in a straight, vibrating line. The glass and metal capsule sustained this climactic velocity. It could all come undone, fly apart at any second. But the machine held up. Simon was thrust back against a sort of compact thrumming wall. He soon thought of nothing. His past evaporated and the panorama escaped his senses. His brain and body, lodged in the metallic pod, quit the realm of existence, entering a hard, atemporal zone. A cannonball purified to an absolute smoothness, shorn of regrets, desires, biographical anecdotes, the continuing saga of duration. Simon was clutched to his eternity. Suddenly, a song sprang from his throat, a cry as if his memory had been slain, crushed under his wheels. A gentleness invaded him. Without slowing down, he relaxed, lightened. And the stripped, ascetic condition of the automobile extended a promise of glory and aridity. He thirsted for a universe without compromise, a bone-dry cosmos in the guise of an enormous solar stone."