Thursday, May 31, 2012

D Note Love Letter 5/31/12

D Naturals,

Hi there! (Anybody remember the character Washington on "Welcome Back, Kotter"? He had a memorable way of saying "Hi there!" which we now borrow for you.)

Tonight, Thursday we have the heelaariourious Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30p followed by the Point To Point Blues Band at 9p for late night booty shaking. Hi there! $5

Tomorrow night for a free Friday Afternoon Concert we have the lovely Alice Frisch at 5pm.

Then starting at 7pm Friday night the redoubtable Celtic Pirate Rock band called The Potcheen Folk Band has put together a night of great music for us. First an alt country band out of Evergreen called Open Space, then Potcheen and ending the night with the excellent Flash Mob (rock funk hip hop reggae). $5

Saturday at 1pm we have a garage rock recital for Music Lessons Of Westminster. Rock!

Saturday at 4pm we have INOTIO, blues rock. FREE.

Saturday at 7:30pm we have Clusterfunk (rocking covers, fun dance music). $%

Saturday at 10pm we have the final show of local Arvada punk pop band Rating The Hate followed by the disheveled punk exuberance of Just Sand. $%

Sunday we have yoga with Keith at 10am/ with live music by Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff. $5-$10 suggested donation.

Sunday at 2pm we have Baby Boogie.

Sunday at 8pm we have salsa. Beginners special $15 per couple includes dance lessons and band.

Next Tuesday night we have a women's comedy hour hosted by Kristina Hall at 7:30p. PG 13. $5.

Next Wednesday we have Farm Jazz (country swing). Bring your dancing partner. Free.

We have a Journey tribute band called Eclipse next Friday night.

And that gives you a few things to consider,

D Nature

Extra Credit. An inspiring poem by John Brehm this week.

Critical Mass

Lifted their bikes up-
side down above
their thousand
heads and
locked the grid
blocked the inter-
section shut
the whole East
Village down
cars jammed
against that
stopped moment
that break in
time's flow
nothing moving
to go unless
inward until
the helicopter's
searchlight shook
the air and cops
a couple kids
to set example
hauled off
a truckload of
others forced
apart the forces
that swirled
together there—
but what I still see
are the wheels
held upward
spoked with light
freed from
the pavement
spinning into sky.

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