Tuesday, December 23, 2008

late December, ought eight

D-light on a pine tree,

Hope you're all staying warm and are surrounded by friends and family. And we also hope you bring your friends and family out for some music and pizza and cheer at the DNote. If you happen to be alone, then by all means come on out the DNote and be less alone.

Thursday we're closed for Christmas, but Friday night we'll have Kate LaRoux singing her songs at 5:30pm (free) and then the super fun dance band "The Jagtones" at 8pm. $10 adults/ $5 kids.

Saturday night we have the Christmas return of the uber hip jazz of Serafin Sanchez and Jeremy Jones at 7pm. Jeremy Jones new jazz sextet is called The Teaching. Serafin is a long time friend of the D and we are always amazed by the Christmas concerts he puts together every year. $10

Next Wednesday for NEW YEAR'S EVE celebration we'll have the highly danceable African reggae of Irie Still back in the house. Clamdaddys play at 5pm, Quillion acoustic at 7pm and then Irie Still around 9. Only $12, includes a champagne toast at midnight. 2009 is going to be epic!

We got a beautiful review in World Dance News. "The D Note is a most fun place....and the whole atmosphere is one of smiles." Nice. Also here's Otis Taylor, from our stage a couple of weeks ago... "I like this place. It's different."

Tis the season,

D icer,

Extra Credit: We have a slide show for you of the new solo art show up at the D Note by Markham "shitty kitten" Maes called "Letters and Ladies". This week's poem is embedded in one of the paintings for you to find.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mid to late December, ought eight

D ported,

One of our original intentions for the D Note was to import the culture of the rest of world to the mid-west. We grew up in the mid-west and love the mid-west, but the mid-west is a long way from the ocean, and therefore from the influences of the rich cultures of the rest of the world. We wanted to expand our horizons. Even the mural behind the D Note stage can be read as the great wave of the Pacific Ocean on the left facing the great wave of the Atlantic Ocean on the right, with ourselves as the suspended glyph in the center of the suspended waves.

Which is all a lead in to tell you that we've imported the riches of Spain across seas and over mountains for your pleasure and edification this coming Saturday night, Dec. 20. We have a spectacular flamenco show presented by Polkadot, featuring renowned flamenco artist Pablo Rodarte dancers Lisa Trujillo, Rebekah West, & Ashley Crawford, guitarists Kevin Romero & Steve Mullins, w/ special guests:dancer Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero (from Fiesta CO), dancer Lia Ochoa (from NY) and singer Veronica Medina (from Albuquerque). 7pm, $15. You can thank Deva from bliss for this one as Flamenco was her request.

After the Flamenco, at 9:30pm, we'll have Mono Verde, a fantastic new latin reggae band on the Colorado scene. $7, 9pm. So there ya go, mid-west, the world at your doorstep.

But we're not only in the import business, we're in the export business too. Friday night we have lots of local flavor, including three bands from as local as Arvada. We've got the jazz trio Blue Avenue at 5pm, $5,Tyler Porter at 7:30pm, the electric pop of In Search Of Shorelines at 7:30pm, the prog grunge sensibilities of Ten Percent Genius at 8:45PM and the new generation of good old-fashioned blues rock with Delphic Tone at 10pm. $6.

This Thursday night, Dec. 18, come swing with the big band jazz of the Jefferson County Swing Band. It's a free show and last year they packed the joint with swingers. Er, swing dancers. 7:30pm.

Heads up for New Year's Eve: we'll have the high energy African reggae of Irie Still groove us into 2009 in style. Clamdaddys and Quillion acoustic open the night up. $12.

coast to coast,

D porter

Extra Credit: Pertaining to the theme of this letter, here is a poem Adam D wrote on May 15, 1996, back when he lived in San Francisco.

Fore-foot of a Seed

Dream of bringing one side of this great continent
flush with the other, putting a crease down the middle
(a cry from the heartland) and folding it in half,
lengthwise. This will form a love letter whose
contents will be of the most serious import,
but which will travel from receiver to receiver
always blank and ready to be written once more.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

mid December, ought eight

d Monde,

It strikes us, just now, that this coming weekend is a prime example of the D Note operating at its full potential.

Check out Friday night, for instance. There's so much happening. First is a "Night of 1000 Ukes" starring The Glenn Taylor Orchestra , Doo Crowder , Ukulele Loki and his Gadabout Orchestra , Zebra Junction and The Junkettes , and The Inactivists . Holy ukulele, batman. I could go on and on about all of these groups. But here's just a couple soundbites. Zebra Junction is playing their first show in Denver in three months and have a sick new CD out called Pomme de Terre. Doo Crowder also has an amazing new CD with his band Pee Pee, which is possibly the best album out of Colorado ever. Come get a copy from Doo himself. Also check out the stunning posters for this s how by The Inactivists on their myspace page. Starting off the night on Friday is the hyper talented and original Glenn Taylor Orchestra at 5:30pm. This show even made the night and day section of The Westword . Nice. $8.

On a prime example of a weekend of full potential you would have to have an important art opening. And guess what? Shitty Kitten is having his reception this Friday night at 7pm for his first solo show at the D Note, called "Letters and Ladies" , and it will be a beaut. He's put together some great group shows for us in the past and we can't wait to see the show he unveils. We believe Shitty Kitten is bound to blow up soon, so let us consider investing in some of his art while it is still in our price range.

Full potential would also require showcasing not only legends in the making, but legends already made. Otis Taylor is definitely a Colorado legend, as a quick google trip will show you. He plays a mean and spooky trance blues, transforms the room in a supernatural way, somehow cathartic, definitely good. He played last spring for us and we are quite honored that he has chosen to come back. Playing before Otis, at 6pm, is Robert Eldridge and Dan Treanor plays afterward, around 10pm, with his Afro-sippi voodoo blues band. We believe we will all feel the true power of the blues this Saturday night. $15.

And to round out the full potential thing, how about a bunch of kids dancing around on Sunday for baby boogie, and a bunch of adults doing an adult dance late Sunday night. Heck, why not throw in an 11 piece salsa band while you're at it.

But of course we won't reach our true full potential without you. Hope you can make it out.


D nada

Extra Credit: How about a lyric from the great poet, Homer. Uh, Homer Simpson that is.

Doh! A beer! I want a beer....
Ray, the guy who buys me beer.
Me, the guy who Ray buys beer...
Far, the way to go for beer.
So, I think I'll have a beer...
La, la la la la la la.
Tea? No thanks I'll have a beer...
And that brings us back to Doh! doh! doh!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

early December, ought eight


This week we have a couple of serious ceremonies to celebrate, seriously.

First one is a birthday party this Friday night for our GM, Andy Andurlakis, and he has filled it chock full of musical goodness, starting with the blues of the Clamdaddys at 6pm, then heading over into reggae around 8pm with The Dendrites and the Desciples (awesome), then veering again after 10pm into electro, dubstep, hip hop and finally drum&bass with djays Guy, Freezah, DJ Demo, MC Relyt and Thrill. Many of you may not know that our GM, Andy Andurlakis, is a big name drum&bass MC. We're pretty sure he'll take the mic for a rare D Note appearance if you stick around late enough. $5. Happy Birthday, captain.

The party Saturday night is a Christmas party for PeaceJam, our favorite local Pulitzer Peace Prize nominated organization. And they've pulled off a coup this year by getting trumpet player Ron Miles to play. Ivan Suvanjieff, the rock and roll heart of PeaceJam, is a huge fan of Miles' work and even had the audacity to tell us that this trumpeter named Miles is better than the other one! Show starts at 7pm with Three Squared, Ron Miles Quintet at 8:30pm and then finishes beautifully with Ego Vs. Id at 10:30. Ego Vs. Id is a killer new rock band on the local scene, with a sound that partly hearkens back to the Detroit where PeaceJam was born. $10 donation.

And this Thursday night we're celebrating... this Thursday night! with the solid local band Greenfoot at 7pm and a new band to the room BaDD JuJu at 8:30. $5.

Mark your calendar for Otis Taylor next Saturday and Night of 1000 Ukes next Friday with Zebra Junction, Doo Crowder, Loki and his Gadabout Orchestra, Glenn Taylor Orchestra and The Inactivists.

forward ho,

D volution

Extra Credit: How about a found poem this week. We took a little trip down to Mesa Verde recently and stopped at the ruins of the Sun Temple atop the cliffs. Sun Temple was built in the shape of a giant D. You can see the layout here. We believe this may have been the first D Note. The poem this week is taken from the verbiage on the tourist sign in front of Sun Temple, re-appropriated metaphorically to ourselves.

Sun Temple

From above, the D shaped symmetry is striking.

Such massive construction must have involved a community wide effort.
Perhaps people from all the surrounding cliff dwellings helped with this project.

It is tempting to view Sun Temple as the cliff dweller's attempt
to appeal to the spirits and forestall the total abandonment of their homeland.

Though the structure appears ceremonial, it's exact function remains a mystery.