Wednesday, December 3, 2008

early December, ought eight


This week we have a couple of serious ceremonies to celebrate, seriously.

First one is a birthday party this Friday night for our GM, Andy Andurlakis, and he has filled it chock full of musical goodness, starting with the blues of the Clamdaddys at 6pm, then heading over into reggae around 8pm with The Dendrites and the Desciples (awesome), then veering again after 10pm into electro, dubstep, hip hop and finally drum&bass with djays Guy, Freezah, DJ Demo, MC Relyt and Thrill. Many of you may not know that our GM, Andy Andurlakis, is a big name drum&bass MC. We're pretty sure he'll take the mic for a rare D Note appearance if you stick around late enough. $5. Happy Birthday, captain.

The party Saturday night is a Christmas party for PeaceJam, our favorite local Pulitzer Peace Prize nominated organization. And they've pulled off a coup this year by getting trumpet player Ron Miles to play. Ivan Suvanjieff, the rock and roll heart of PeaceJam, is a huge fan of Miles' work and even had the audacity to tell us that this trumpeter named Miles is better than the other one! Show starts at 7pm with Three Squared, Ron Miles Quintet at 8:30pm and then finishes beautifully with Ego Vs. Id at 10:30. Ego Vs. Id is a killer new rock band on the local scene, with a sound that partly hearkens back to the Detroit where PeaceJam was born. $10 donation.

And this Thursday night we're celebrating... this Thursday night! with the solid local band Greenfoot at 7pm and a new band to the room BaDD JuJu at 8:30. $5.

Mark your calendar for Otis Taylor next Saturday and Night of 1000 Ukes next Friday with Zebra Junction, Doo Crowder, Loki and his Gadabout Orchestra, Glenn Taylor Orchestra and The Inactivists.

forward ho,

D volution

Extra Credit: How about a found poem this week. We took a little trip down to Mesa Verde recently and stopped at the ruins of the Sun Temple atop the cliffs. Sun Temple was built in the shape of a giant D. You can see the layout here. We believe this may have been the first D Note. The poem this week is taken from the verbiage on the tourist sign in front of Sun Temple, re-appropriated metaphorically to ourselves.

Sun Temple

From above, the D shaped symmetry is striking.

Such massive construction must have involved a community wide effort.
Perhaps people from all the surrounding cliff dwellings helped with this project.

It is tempting to view Sun Temple as the cliff dweller's attempt
to appeal to the spirits and forestall the total abandonment of their homeland.

Though the structure appears ceremonial, it's exact function remains a mystery.

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