Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, ought eight


For you, our friends, we give thanks this Thanksgiving. Truly, we would not be here without you. Together we are shaping up to be a brilliant and multi-faceted community.

And speaking of Diamonds, did you hear that Ivana Trump was briefly married to Neil Diamond? She then became Ivana Diamond. Which is pretty funny. But they got divorced shortly afterward because Ivana was having an affair with the golfer Jack Nicholas! After the messy divorce Ivana quickly married Jack. She then changed her name to Ivana Diamond Nicholas. Ba dum bum.

That may have been unnecessary. But this isn't. Hazel Miller, Denver's queen of the blues and first lady of soul, is having a Thanksgiving special at the D Note. We can't think of a better person to bring the spirit of the holiday to the D. If you have family visiting this will be a perfect time to show off your favorite pizza joint. $12

Saturday night we have Taiko-n-Tunes playing at 6pm. Free. Traditional Taiko drumming. Then at 8pm we have an old time rock and roll band called the UUrhythmics for your dancing pleasure. $5.

For the rest of the schedule click on the D

Power up,


Extra Credit: There are a few new folks on the d-mail list. Welcome. This is the place where we normally push poetry. But this week we will instead wildly push the boundaries of the definition of poetry and send you to watch a gorgeous animation called "I Met The Walrus", set to a rant by poet John Lennon. Click here.

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