Wednesday, November 12, 2008

early to mid November, ought eight

D verts,

Here's hoping you are enjoying the micro-cosmos of the current day you are living, not to mention the current sentence you are reading. So much depends upon your enjoyment.

A packed weekend coming up as usual, two benefits this weekend, an art opening and several good bands. The benefit this Thursday, November 13, is for the Colorado Horse Protection League. There will be a silent auction, full of horse regalia, and Crowboy, a very cool alt-country band. Starts at 6pm. $10 suggested donation.

The next benefit is Saturday night, the 4th annual benefit for Habitat with Humanities with The Duke Street Kings. Sponsored by 99.5 The Mountain and hosted by DJ Pete Mackay, this is always a super fun event with a killer auction. Word is that they will have a raffle for a scooter this year too. Starts at 5pm. Last year this event raised 10k, and we hope to do even better this year. $10 suggested donation. If you are a bbq fan you can pay an extra $10 donation for Brickyard BBQ between 5-8pm, first come first served.

The art opening is this Friday at 7pm for Max Kaufman and Austin Parkhill. Max's work is whimsical and fantastical, featuring strange musical instruments and odd beasts. Austin's work is in a whole other vein, hyper realism, random snapshots turned into art via a paintbrush. J.T. Nolan will play at 5:30pm and The Saurus, a great hip hoppy jazz duo will play at 7:30pm.

At 9pm on Friday we have another show by 3 The Hard Way. This time they bring in the conscientious hip hop of Braille from Portland Oregon. $5.

Also worth mentioning is a great songwriter named Nicole Erin Carey traveling through from South Philly who will play tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 7:30pm, opening up for the Clamdaddys jam. Check out the myspace at the link above. Great stuff. Wanna go, honey?

Love to you and yours,

D flower

Extra Credit: Our friend Albert DeSilver writes odd little narrative prose poems that stick in the gullet long after read. Here's but one.


Off I am to stroll in the woods as often I am found to do. Today
it's quite wet, February storm just clearing, mist steaming gently
off the dense pines. Along the muddy trail I slog, gun in hand,
soon spotting a deer in the distance. I approach cautiously,
gun braced against my shoulder. the deer stays put. I get
even closer, within arm's length in fact, and the deer, frightened
beyond capacity, instead of sprinting off, folds in half like a lawn
chair. I put the gun aside and take a seat, resting my arms on
her thinly furred and stiffened legs. I lean back against her warm
white belly and relax into watching the mist watching me, and
after a good rest rise with it, folding up the lawn chair, prancing

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