Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Letter 7/21/11

D deuces,

Hiya! Sorry we missed you last week. Our D Scriber was down. We got it back up and running and are ready to bring you the news. To start with...

Ladies and Gentlemen...THE BEATLES. Well, not really, but we can pretend, which is pretty much the best we can do these days anyway, what with a couple of the fellows gone and the other two a bit out of our price range. So instead a Beatles tribute band, The 3eatles, will be rocking out the D Note stage fab 4 style this Friday at 7pm. $7.

At 5pm Friday is the Sam Golden Trio, lovely acousticians from Golden. A man called Golden from Golden? Music better be pretty good, right? Free. Then at 9:30p we have bachata dancing, w/ a lesson and then DJ Juanito spinning bachata and salsa. Bachata is a suave offshoot of salsa that is catching on like wildfire. It comes from the outback of the Dominican Republic. Come dancing. $5.

Saturday at 6:30p we have Ironwood Rain. This local band has a distinctive Crosby Stills Nash harmonic sound and we always enjoy the vibe they bring. Goes perfect with pizza too. At 8:30p we have Fall Line, a raw young alternative rock band from Wheatridge. Finally at 10pm we have a band almost opposite in style from Fall Line called Matic, a super smooth strawberry jam rock band. $5

Tonight, Thurs, July 21, we have a benefit for AIDS Colorado at 9p, after our awesome Geeks Who Drink Trivia (starts at 6:30p).

Also, for those of you keeping in shape, we have Zumba Saturday morning at 10:30a and Yoga at 10a Sunday. Yoga is accompanied by live music by Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff. Hope to see you there. for more info.


D scribe

Extra Credit: Here's a poem by New Zealand poet Fleur Adcock. We hereby dedicate it to long time friend of the D Note Jax Delaguerre.

A Rose Tree

When we went to live at Top Lodge
my mother gave me a rose tree.

She didn't have to pay for it—
it was growing there already,

tall and old, by the gravel drive
where we used to ride our scooters.

No one else was allowed to pick
the huge pale blooms that smelt like jam.

It was mine all through that summer.
In October we moved again.

But even never seeing it
couldn't stop it from being mine:

one of those eternal presents.
At the new house I had a duck.