Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving 09

D cosmos

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." So says that space-age sage, Carl Sagan.

And we believe something incredible is waiting to be known tonight at the Clamdaddy jam. Bring your relatives and get into the Thanksgiving spirit with some of the most generous musicians we know. Also, who wants to cook tonight? Free.

Tomorrow we will be closed for family turkey/tofurkey time.

Friday we will be back with a vengeance. The Otone Brass Band plays at 7pm. Another great show to bring the inlaws to. As Aden Harrell of Otone Brass Band says, "if you start being thankful, I bet you'll be able to finish." Otone recently stole the show from Galactic at the Fox in Boulder. We knew they could. $8

After Otone at 9pm we have a showcase from Colorado Audio Group with solid local bands Stan Jones Band (blues pop) and Bobby Doran (sweet acoustic neo-soul). $5

Saturday we have Delphic Tone at 7:30, a very good, very young blues-rock band from Arvada. Then another local rock band takes the stage around 9pm, The Duke Street Kings. They will get you dancing. They always do. And after all that turkey/tofurkey, you'll need it. $5

How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

Tell you later.

D stuffing

Extra Credit: Classic turkey lyrics for you...

Turkey in the Straw

As I was a-goin'
On down the road
With a tired team
And a heavy load
I cracked my whip
And the leader sprung
I says day-day
To the wagon tongue

Went out to milk
And I didn't know how
I milked the goat
Instead of the cow
A monkey sittin'
On a pile of straw
A-winkin' at
His mother-in-law

I came to the river
And I couldn't get across
So I paid five dollars
For a big bay hoss
Well, he wouldn't go ahead
And he wouldn't stand still
So he went up and down
Like an old saw mill

Did you ever go fishin'
On a warm summer day
When all the fish
Were swimmin' in the bay
With their hands in their pockets
And their pockets in their pants
Did you ever see a fishie
Do the Hootchy-Kootchy Dance?

Turkey in the straw
Turkey in the straw
Roll 'em up and twist 'em up
A high tuck a-haw
And hit 'em up a tune called
Turkey in the Straw

Thursday, November 19, 2009


D to the D,

We read a beautiful line, in an essay by Rebecca Solnit, this morning... "I still think the revolution is to make the world safe for poetry, meandering, for the frail and vulnerable, the rare and obscure, the impractical and local and small." Or, as local poet Doo Crowder puts it in a song, "I'm as fragile as the law will allow."

Onto the weekend at hand.

Tonight, Thursday Nov. 19, 9pm, after trivia, we have a local indie rock band The Best Response. Myspace says they are influenced by Saosin, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden, Mike Patton, Sparta, Incubus, Story of the Year, Muse, My American Heart, Rage, System of a Down, Qotsa, My Morning Jacket, Deftones, Bullet for My valentine, As I Lay Dying, All that Remains, Thrice, Fall of Troy, Meshuggah and Porcupine Tree. $5

Friday night we have a CD release for Ironwood Rain at 7pm, a local trio made with a pound CS&N, two ounces of EL&P and a dash of Jack Johnson. Ironwood Rain have enlisted the retro dance band The Jagtones to follow them at 9pm. Good times will be had. $5

Saturday day we have the new installment of the Music Train Family Concert series, featuring the latin music of Ricardo Pena. We like to start kids young on salsa around these parts. $7 adults/ $3 kids

Saturday night we have a special fundraiser for Family Tree featuring a really great line up of bands, starting with Aju and Molina at 7pm, then Mono Verde, followed by Speakeasy Tiger and finally Yerkish. Mono Verde is our favorite local world band. And Speakeasy Tiger killed it at Monolith this year. They are blowing up. Good bands and good cause. Since 1976, Family Tree has provided a continuum of services and shelter to families and youth of metro Denver to overcome child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. $10 suggested donation.

Get back to where you once belonged,

D back

Extra Credit: And now, just because, here's a terrific little poem/essay by Brad Neely from the recent issue of Believer Magazine #65.

There Can Be No Pure History

It seems to me that in order for the past to survive at large it must be converted into an interesting story. There's just no avoiding it. Our minds can do no better. It's a horrifying thought to consider that our life might be larger than our ability to consider it, and even more awful to think that our concepts of life over time are incomplete, fictionalized outlines suffering from the conflict of subjective interest. So, in the meantime, I'll be happy with how we imagine it. Everyone in the 1970s said "groovy" and "far out." Well, everyone in the 1860s talked like this:

"Are you testing my mettle, you microbe?"
"You haven't any mettle to be tested. But if you did I would put it through a rigourous exam!"
"Forsooth, a squabble!"
"Fuzz his nuzz!"
"I shall fuzz thy nuzz, you coxcomb!"
"Tear his jacket!"
"Gads! Cram his soul far down!"
"Call of your man, you heathen!"

I can't remember where or when or by whom, but I am going to go ahead and just say the Ulysses S. Grant once said, "There can be no pure history." I see no way to disagree.


D La Soul,

This weekend fancy beards, moustaches, flamenco, funk, bands that start with W and more.

The weekend starts off with trivia tonight at 6:30pm. Then there is a CD release for Tommy Staudt. A rising star with a touch of Fray. $5

Friday night we have a Flamenco show at 7pm w/ Maria Vasquez, Kevin Romero and Vicente Griego "El Cartucho", a Flamenco singer, educational artist and traveler from Embudo, New Mexico who has devoted his life to the study of cante flamenco, the art of flamenco singing. “Vicente Griego ‘El Cartucho’ is striking for his deep sonorous wails that seem to come from a cavern, someplace deep within his soul…” -Anna Poplawska, Chicago Artist’s News. $10

After Flamenco at 8:15 pm we have The Neighbors, a jazz ensemble from North Denver, and then at 9:30p we have The Atomic Brass Project bringing The Tower Of Earth, Wind and Fire Power. $5

Saturday is our first annual Beard and Moustache Showdown and it's a doozie. Monica D was inspired to put on this event after witnessing the World Beard & Moustache Championship in Anchorage earlier this year and she's done a great job putting the first one together at the D Note. Proceeds to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver. Great music, awarding winning breweries, family friendly. (Kids free before 7:30) Advance tickets still available today and tomorrow for $12 or $15 at door for beer tasting and beard competition. $10 for The West and Wisebird (from Austin TX) after 7pm.

Support and Prizes provides by: Legends Salon, Rheinlander's Bakery, North Denver News, Knit Knack, Bliss Cafe, Vacation Rentals, Jack of Diamonds Tattoo and many more.

Times and Info:
3:00p - 5:00p - Registration and Beer Tasting ($12 Advanced/$15 Day of Event) Music by Clamdaddys
5:30p - 6:30p - Moustache and Beard competition
6:30p - 7:30p - Music by Wonderlic during voting/judging.
7:30p - 8:00p - Winners Announced
8:00p - 9:00p - The West (featuring members of The Reals) $10
9:30p - ????? - Wisebird (from Austin, TX)

Beer tasting provided by the following breweries: Dry Dock (winner of 2009 GABF Small Brewery of the Year), Left Hand, Avery, Stone and Alaskan.

Sound like fun?

Next Tuesday at 4:30pm we have celebration of the life of the great bassist and luthier Bob Monroney, with lots of good music. Then around 9pm we have Doo Crowder (of Pee Pee) and friends.

Fancy follicles,

D face

Extra Credit: Several people guessed correctly on the first riddle last week, but the fastest was Robin Degrassi James. Michelle Jungbauer was the only to get number 2. Congrats. Nobody got the third.

1. In marble walls as white as milk,
Lined with skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear,
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.


2. A bright red flower he wears on his head;
His beautiful coat needs no thimble nor thread;
And though he's fearsome, I'll have you know
Ten thousand doors open when he says no!


3. What is that which goes up the hill
And down the hill,
And of all yet standeth still?


And finally, in honor of the hairy event this Saturday, a very romantic poem to a beard by J.R. Solonche

To My Beard

What can I say but I am sorry,
I apologize for what I do to you,
my daily ruthlessness and cruelty.
What can I do but ask for your forgiveness
and your patience. For someday,
I promise you, someday I swear
on the beards of the prophets
and on the beard of the poet Whitman and
on the beard of the president Lincoln,
I will not stop you any longer,
I will let you go free, I will take down
the fence around you made of sharp blades.
For someday, I promise you, I will let
you run wild through the valleys
of my face like a stallion, I will let you
wander over the desert of my face
like a holy man in his vision of heaven
and hell, I will let you grow, blossom
and flourish, and I will stroke you
and comb you and keep you orderly
and free of knots and tangles,
and you in turn will make me look
distinguished, a wise old man as I stroke
you looking serious, looking as though
I were thinking deep thoughts about
life and death. But I will be thinking
only about you, my beard, my second face,
and this will be our secret.

J.R. Solonche

Thursday, November 5, 2009

D Note letter, 11/5/9

D notary

Hey there. How are you? We hope you feel as incredibly fantastic as we know you actually are.

This a beautiful weekend coming up, full of new art, music, a fundraiser and a focus on diverse community. Check it out:

Tonight, Thursday November 5, 9pm, after trivia, we have a couple local bands, Fighting for the Universe, acoustic rock trio with sounds of Jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, & Counting Crows. The Bottom Line - Denver/Colorado Springs, CO - Featuring Phil Taylor (of American Idol), up front and vocally flawless, backed by a rock solid band that plays everything from Maroon 5 to Jack Johnson. $5

Friday night we have our annual fundraiser for Intercambio de Comunidades. This is a non-profit organization that offers English as a Second Language classes to adult students in Denver. The mission is to build respectful communities and broaden opportunities for immigrants through language education, cultural exchange, and friendship. There will be lots of dancing so if you are looking for some Salsa mixed with some Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton then you are in luck. DJ Diablo will be spinning all night. There will be a latin dance lesson at 9p. There will also be a silent auction. $12 suggested donation. It is also Monica D's birthday and she will be there and would enjoy a birthday spanking from you!

Saturday night at 6pm we have the second installment of Telling Stories. Hard to describe this series, but, from our perspective, it is phenomenal. Basically several talented classical musicians perform with local writers. The theme for this installment is something old, something new. Here's the program: The “old”: Alaunde Copley-Woods, flute, plays “Les Folies d’Espagne” by Marin Marias. More “old”: Leah Biber clarinet, and the Meo String Quartet perform Mozart’s Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, first movement. The “new”: Luke Wachter and Dean Hirschfield play “Three Moods of Two Percussionists” by David Mancini, 1st movement. And some more “new”: Jennie Dorris, marimba, Leah Biber, clarinet, and Chris Jusell, violin, play “When the Smoke clears” by Barbara White. Essays read by Dave Burdick, Megan Quinn, and Jeanine Fritz. I've read Burdick and always dig his humor. And Megan Quinn just so happens to write for Arvada Mile High News. $10

At 8:30pm we have an art opening for Benjamin Coleman w/ Pawn Ticket Trio, Junk Drawer and After The War. First time for Pawn Ticket Trio at D Note. It's more than a trio and they are cool, loungy and horny, with influences from Abba to Zappa. Junk Drawer is a local band we've had before and dig, the bluesier side of Ween. After The War is a new band with members from The Pinkoes.

Next Friday night we have Flamenco at 7pm and next Saturday we have The Beard and Mustache Showdown with The Clamdaddys, Wonderlic, The West and Wisebird. Start waxing your stash now.


D man

Extra credit: We recently found a great little book of riddles. There is a long tradition of riddles as poems. We'll buy a drink for the first to get any of the following riddles (without cheating!) We'll give the answers next week.

1. In marble walls as white as milk,
Lined with skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear,
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.

2. A bright red flower he wears on his head;
His beautiful coat needs no thimble nor thread;
And though he's fearsome, I'll have you know
Ten thousand doors open when he says no!

2. What is that which goes up the hill
And down the hill,
And of all yet standeth still?

Halloween, 09

D vill,

That time of year again. No, not talking about the snow. But there is that. We're talking about halloween. Halloween has pretty much become the official D Note holiday, which makes sense when you consider that it is the most creative of the holidays. If you haven't been in this October yet, then you're missing an incredible display masterminded by Diandra, including thousands of home made spiders, crazy webs, halloween paintings by Nicko and creepy cool surprises.

We are proud to present two halloween shows for you this weekend...

Friday night: DEAD CELEBRITY DANCE PARTY. Starts with Slo Children at 6:30 doing an entire set-list of original Halloween songs. Slo Children features Adam and Jeremy DeGraff, Adam Ferrill, Alejandro Castano and Jax Delaguerre. Then at 8pm we have Stonebraker back in the house, a rockin' band who always get the room jumping. At 9:30pm there is a Thriller dance lesson led by Roberta Farley of Shut Up And Dance (in homage to the biggest of the recent slew of dead celebrities.) At 10pm we have the infectious funk of Ten Pound Elephant. $5

Saturday night the theme is PSYCHOZOMBIE and we have some great psychobilly bands, Hillbilly Hellcats (9:30pm), Hellbound Billy (11pm), Redline Rockets (8pm). Starting the night off at 7pm is The Jackson Induced Mutant Laboratory, spooky theramin and synthesizers. $8

You can see the fantastic posters Matt Dougherty did for this weekend on the homepage of

Tonight, Thursday Oct 29, we will be open, and we'll have the world series on, but no trivia or band. Come out for a hot toddy.

Next Tuesday there are two great bands, one from St. Louis MO at 8pm called Fundamental Elements. These guys have come through before and knocked us out. Just some of the best R&B style music we've ever had. Then at 9:30pm we have Electric Tickle Machine. ETM is a great psychedelic garage band from E. Ville New York. It is amazing to have two bands this great "randomly" playing on a Tuesday night in Arvada, an embarrassment of riches. We hope you will come out and be part of it. Really, it'll be worth the extra effort. Those few who show up will be saying "BEST. SHOW. EVER!" $5. Also on Tuesday we have Game Night, so the board games will be out. And Downtown Toys and Games will host guitarhero, the full band version, on the big screen starting at 5:30pm. free.

Next Wednesday there's a free swing lesson at 7:30pm before the clamdaddys come out.

We hope you are working on your beards and mustaches for The Beard And Mustache Showdown happening Nov. 14. Tell all your friends, especially the ones with the fascinating facial hair.

Over and out,

D fenestrator

Extra Credit: The lyrics to a Slo Children song, so you can sing along this Friday night.

I Feel Tractor

Over the fields I go

Seed by seed I sow

Row by row I hoe

Watch the garden grow

Watch out SCARECROW!