Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween, 09

D vill,

That time of year again. No, not talking about the snow. But there is that. We're talking about halloween. Halloween has pretty much become the official D Note holiday, which makes sense when you consider that it is the most creative of the holidays. If you haven't been in this October yet, then you're missing an incredible display masterminded by Diandra, including thousands of home made spiders, crazy webs, halloween paintings by Nicko and creepy cool surprises.

We are proud to present two halloween shows for you this weekend...

Friday night: DEAD CELEBRITY DANCE PARTY. Starts with Slo Children at 6:30 doing an entire set-list of original Halloween songs. Slo Children features Adam and Jeremy DeGraff, Adam Ferrill, Alejandro Castano and Jax Delaguerre. Then at 8pm we have Stonebraker back in the house, a rockin' band who always get the room jumping. At 9:30pm there is a Thriller dance lesson led by Roberta Farley of Shut Up And Dance (in homage to the biggest of the recent slew of dead celebrities.) At 10pm we have the infectious funk of Ten Pound Elephant. $5

Saturday night the theme is PSYCHOZOMBIE and we have some great psychobilly bands, Hillbilly Hellcats (9:30pm), Hellbound Billy (11pm), Redline Rockets (8pm). Starting the night off at 7pm is The Jackson Induced Mutant Laboratory, spooky theramin and synthesizers. $8

You can see the fantastic posters Matt Dougherty did for this weekend on the homepage of

Tonight, Thursday Oct 29, we will be open, and we'll have the world series on, but no trivia or band. Come out for a hot toddy.

Next Tuesday there are two great bands, one from St. Louis MO at 8pm called Fundamental Elements. These guys have come through before and knocked us out. Just some of the best R&B style music we've ever had. Then at 9:30pm we have Electric Tickle Machine. ETM is a great psychedelic garage band from E. Ville New York. It is amazing to have two bands this great "randomly" playing on a Tuesday night in Arvada, an embarrassment of riches. We hope you will come out and be part of it. Really, it'll be worth the extra effort. Those few who show up will be saying "BEST. SHOW. EVER!" $5. Also on Tuesday we have Game Night, so the board games will be out. And Downtown Toys and Games will host guitarhero, the full band version, on the big screen starting at 5:30pm. free.

Next Wednesday there's a free swing lesson at 7:30pm before the clamdaddys come out.

We hope you are working on your beards and mustaches for The Beard And Mustache Showdown happening Nov. 14. Tell all your friends, especially the ones with the fascinating facial hair.

Over and out,

D fenestrator

Extra Credit: The lyrics to a Slo Children song, so you can sing along this Friday night.

I Feel Tractor

Over the fields I go

Seed by seed I sow

Row by row I hoe

Watch the garden grow

Watch out SCARECROW!

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