Thursday, May 30, 2013

D Note love letter 5/30/13

dear frienDs,

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this D-mail every Thursday morning for the past decade.  As most of you know, the D Note has new owners (kind of like marrying off your daughter!) so it is time to hang up my impresario hat and take a break. I will only be writing a few more D-mails and then I'm off to the next chapter in my life. Gonna be tough to follow the last chapter. My time at the D Note was amazing! I can't thank Matthew and Monica and the rest of my family and friends enough for helping bring this amazing dream to fruition.

I will miss meeting with all of you here weekly (and face to face at the D Note), but if you want to stay in touch I would love to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram (just hit me back for urls). And/or I would be happy to keep sending you poems via e-mail once a week too. Just hit reply and let me know!

As for this weekend, there's some great music on board. There's the sweet bluegrassy harmonies of Birds Of A Feather Friday night at 5:30p. Free! Then a really good dance band (seriously) called Moses Jones at 8pm. $10.

Saturday at 4pm we have the big band panache of Sentimental Sounds at 4pm. Free!

Then at 7pm Saturday we have Flamenco. From Rene Heredia's announcement for the show:

"We many new numbers, all produced and choreographed by René Heredia. The enchantment of Spain, the excitement of genuine gypsy flamenco dance, live authentic music played by a flamenco master, and multiple changes of lavish costumes all combine in one exquisite performance.
René Heredia is one of today’s foremost flamenco artists—the artistic director of both the Gypsy Chicks and the Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre, a solo guitarist, and a leader in the Flamenco Fusion movement. He has produced shows and performed around the world. René holds both the Governor’s and the Mayor’s Awards for excellence in the Arts for performance and education. René just recently received the “Living Legend of Dance in Colorado” award from the Carson-Brierly Dance Library and was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Dance Alliance. He has won the Grand Prix de Disc from France.
René has performed for Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, Princess Nora of Jordan, Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer of Monaco, and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. He has worked in person and on television with such noted artists as Art Linkletter, Steve Allan, Ed Sullivan, Ann Southern, Peter Nero, Hal Linden, Eddie Fisher, George Gobel, and Bill Cosby. Denver is privileged to have one of the leading flamenco artists in the U.S. today as a resident, performer, producer, choreographer, and teacher."

So there you go!

Extra Credit: I recently read the following Longfellow poem to my girls and we found it to be enchanting. Dungeon of my heart indeed.

The Children's Hour

Between the dark and the daylight,
      When the night is beginning to lower,
Comes a pause in the day's occupations,
      That is known as the Children's Hour.

I hear in the chamber above me
      The patter of little feet,
The sound of a door that is opened,
      And voices soft and sweet.

From my study I see in the lamplight,
      Descending the broad hall stair,
Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra,
      And Edith with golden hair.

A whisper, and then a silence:
      Yet I know by their merry eyes
They are plotting and planning together
      To take me by surprise.

A sudden rush from the stairway,
      A sudden raid from the hall!
By three doors left unguarded
      They enter my castle wall!

They climb up into my turret
      O'er the arms and back of my chair;
If I try to escape, they surround me;
      They seem to be everywhere.

They almost devour me with kisses,
      Their arms about me entwine,
Till I think of the Bishop of Bingen
      In his Mouse-Tower on the Rhine!

Do you think, O blue-eyed banditti,
      Because you have scaled the wall,
Such an old mustache as I am
      Is not a match for you all!

I have you fast in my fortress,
      And will not let you depart,
But put you down into the dungeon
      In the round-tower of my heart.

And there will I keep you forever,
      Yes, forever and a day,
Till the walls shall crumble to ruin,
      And moulder in dust away!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love Letter 5/23/13

D ants,

Dancing away the years are we over here at the D.
For over a decade! This weekend we have entertained so many feet!
This weekend, we start with Moses Walker! Moses played with the Clamdaddys for years every Wedneday night and is one of our favorite people and musicians on the planet. Free! Then there is a cool indie show on Friday night with Marlo Narwhal and friends. Marlo Narwhal is a fusion of alternative rock and experimental blues-prog. Think Captain Beefheart meets Primus, with a little Lee Scratch Perry? Because we are keeping it weird.
Saturday Dusty Bottle Boxcar Band is back. This is highly danceable jug band music. Dikki Du on Saturday night is always the best Zydeco dance party around. Dikki Du is Zydeco royalty from Louisiana, Roy Carrier's nephew.

And of course, salsa on Sunday night, caliente.

Moses Walker!
Nick Rockwell

Electric Sunday $5

Marlo Narwhal, Big Thirsty Girl, Arturo Complex $5

Zumba $8

Music Lessons Of Westminster band recita

Dusty Bottle Boxcar Band $5

Dikki Du and The Zydeco Krew $10

Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Sabor de la Calle at 9pm) $8


D pants
Extra Credit:
Roberto Bolano has become well known as a novelist, but he is also a poet. In fact his novel The Savage Detectives is partly about the state of poetry in Mexico City. Here is a selection of his poems, from BOMB Magazine.

34. I dreamt I was a really old Latin American
detective. I lived in New York and Mark Twain
was hiring me to save the life of someone without
a face. “It’s going to be a damn tough case, Mr.
Twain,” I told him.
35. I dreamt I was falling in love with Alice Sheldon.
She didn’t want me. So I tried getting myself killed
on three continents. Years passed. Finally, when I
was really old, she appeared on the other end of the
promenade in New York and with signals (like the
ones they use on aircraft carriers to help the pilots
land) she told me she’d always loved me.
39. I dreamt I kept sleeping while my classmates
tried to liberate Robert Desnos from the Terezín
concentration camp. When I woke a voice was
telling me to get moving. “Quick, Bolaño, quick,
there’s no time to lose.” When I got there, all I
found was an old detective picking through the
smoking ruins of the attack.
40. I dreamt that a storm of phantom numbers was
the only thing left of human beings three billion
years after Earth ceased to exist.

42. I dreamt I was 18 and saw my best friend at
the time, who was also 18, making love to Walt
Whitman. They did it in an armchair, contemplating
the stormy Civitavecchia sunset.
44. I dreamt I was translating the Marquis de Sade
with axe blows. I’d gone crazy and was living in the
46. I dreamt I was an old Latin American detective
and a mysterious Foundation hired me to find the
death certificates of the Flying Spics. I was traveling
all around the world: hospitals, battlefields, pulque
bars, abandoned schools.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

D Note love letter 5/16/13

D ears,
The D, if you haven't noticed, is in the shape of an ear. It is an ear at attention. You can almost picture a cartoon hand cupped behind it. The D is listening.
The D is listening to bluegrass this friday night with the incredible Blue Canyon Boys. We have heard dozens of great bluegrass bands at the D Note, but this band is one of our favorites. Very traditional. Very good. (It strikes us that we could write a very rich history of the Colorado bluegrass bands of the aughties. BCB would have a chapter.)
There is a Singing In The Rain sing-a-long on Saturday at noon. That sounds fun!

We really like the bands Saturday night too, especially Mezzo Mestizo, a young acoustic, earnest CSN-style band. Like an amped-up romantic campfire.
Bill Mckay

Blue Canyon boys $5

Project 3 / Liberal Monkey Movement $5

Zumba $8

Singing in the rain

Music Train

Mezzo Mestizo $5

Canyon Creek $5

Vignettes $5
Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Orquestra La Brava at 9pm) $8
Open Mic Night (Open Stage-sign up at 6:30pm)
Tuesday Swing Night feat. The Stilettos

The Big Blues Jam

Thanks for tuning in D.
D part
Extra Credit: Here's one from Jennifer Mackenzie, winner of the 2013 Fence Modern Poet award.

from Blurbing the Reconquista  

Burgeoning with sleep I think
whose net is this cast upon the pearlescence
and is it monitoring my heartbeat
At the center is not being
able to breathe. I couldn’t sleep
and so discovered a genre (Welsh)
called “exultation”. Night
on the black windows of “The Swan”
3 tallskinny girls in white short shorts
(just before Trafalgar Square) ignite in me
the strong wish to smell like strawberries
and a scream budding from my chest
like breasts. Something that takes a long time
to recognize. Then wistful arson
Passing the night-dull statue
of the famous rider, inside me
an incredible privacy still reigns. Stealth
I thought was ardor

Monday, May 13, 2013

Love letter 5/9/13

D Particles
Ever noticed how strange music is? Where does it comes from? There are rhythms in nature, sure, in everything really, but melody and harmony and that thing called music that you get inside of, that gets inside of you? It is something we create out of tones and rhythms, and yet, once we are attuned to it, it seems to be creating itself. The more you think about it, the stranger it becomes.
But, whatever it is, whatever it really is, music does wonders for the health and wealth of the human spirit. And we are proud to bring you such a fine examples of it every night at the D Note.
On Friday night we have an all female tribute to Journey, The Journey Girls, and that will no doubt be lots of fun, followed by a good cover/dance band Banned In Japan.

Saturday night we have a CD release for D Note owner Dave Rosenberg's band Homebrew. Some great player in this band. The guitar player has an especially sweet tone. 

Free jazz next Tuesday, Green Mountain Jazz Band. And check the rest out at


The Living Wills

The Journey Girls

Banned in Japan

Zumba $8

Stone Guitar Recital

The Guests w/ Snore, The Dead Guns $5


Home Brew CD Release $5

Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

>Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Conjuntos Colores at 9pm) $8
Open Mic Night (Open Stage-sign up at 6:30pm)
Green Mountain Jazz Band. Free.

Tuesday Swing Night feat. The Stilettos

Come on and dance. Make a little romance.


D Part

Extra Credit:
Robert Louis Stevenson is known as a novelist, but he was also a travel writer and poet. His poems are collected online here and are well worth diving into. Here's one from his children's collection Child's Garden Of Verses.

Block City

What are you able to build with your blocks?
Castles and palaces, temples and docks.
Rain may keep raining, and others go roam,
But I can be happy and building at home.

Let the sofa be mountains, the carpet be sea,
There I'll establish a city for me:
A kirk and a mill and a palace beside,
And a harbour as well where my vessels may ride.

Great is the palace with pillar and wall,
A sort of a tower on the top of it all,
And steps coming down in an orderly way
To where my toy vessels lie safe in the bay.

This one is sailing and that one is moored:
Hark to the song of the sailors aboard!
And see, on the steps of my palace, the kings
Coming and going with presents and things!

Yet as I saw it, I see it again,
The kirk and the palace, the ships and the men,
And as long as I live and where'er I may be,
I'll always remember my town by the sea.