Thursday, May 16, 2013

D Note love letter 5/16/13

D ears,
The D, if you haven't noticed, is in the shape of an ear. It is an ear at attention. You can almost picture a cartoon hand cupped behind it. The D is listening.
The D is listening to bluegrass this friday night with the incredible Blue Canyon Boys. We have heard dozens of great bluegrass bands at the D Note, but this band is one of our favorites. Very traditional. Very good. (It strikes us that we could write a very rich history of the Colorado bluegrass bands of the aughties. BCB would have a chapter.)
There is a Singing In The Rain sing-a-long on Saturday at noon. That sounds fun!

We really like the bands Saturday night too, especially Mezzo Mestizo, a young acoustic, earnest CSN-style band. Like an amped-up romantic campfire.
Bill Mckay

Blue Canyon boys $5

Project 3 / Liberal Monkey Movement $5

Zumba $8

Singing in the rain

Music Train

Mezzo Mestizo $5

Canyon Creek $5

Vignettes $5
Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Orquestra La Brava at 9pm) $8
Open Mic Night (Open Stage-sign up at 6:30pm)
Tuesday Swing Night feat. The Stilettos

The Big Blues Jam

Thanks for tuning in D.
D part
Extra Credit: Here's one from Jennifer Mackenzie, winner of the 2013 Fence Modern Poet award.

from Blurbing the Reconquista  

Burgeoning with sleep I think
whose net is this cast upon the pearlescence
and is it monitoring my heartbeat
At the center is not being
able to breathe. I couldn’t sleep
and so discovered a genre (Welsh)
called “exultation”. Night
on the black windows of “The Swan”
3 tallskinny girls in white short shorts
(just before Trafalgar Square) ignite in me
the strong wish to smell like strawberries
and a scream budding from my chest
like breasts. Something that takes a long time
to recognize. Then wistful arson
Passing the night-dull statue
of the famous rider, inside me
an incredible privacy still reigns. Stealth
I thought was ardor

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