Thursday, December 16, 2010

weekend update Dec 16, 2010

D Port,

Live music is always well worth the time, and, even, we would argue, good for the soul. So..

This Friday we have Tim Bruns and Mike Morter from the band Churchill playing the Friday Afternoon Concert from 5-7pm.

Then at 8pm Friday we have a special Christmas Flamenco show featuring Steve Mullins, Lia Ochoa and many more. Come early for a seat as they usually fill up for Flamenco. $15.

At 10pm Friday, DJ Chonz takes over the dance floor. $5. Ladies free.

(By the way DJ Chonz, arguably the best DJ in CO, is joining The Teaching (from Seattle) for our New Years Eve show this year. The night will have an old school jazzy De La Soul vibe to it and will be tons of fun. $15.)

Saturday at 4pm the Music Train Family Concert Series presents: Okee Dokee Brothers (kids and holiday tunes) $7 adults/$3 kids. Saturday

Saturday at 7pm we have a Christmas Party for PeaceJam including Brittany Williams Band (a diva in the making with an incredibly soulful voice), the Gora Gora Orchestra (balkan dance music a la Gogol Bordello) and DJ CaveM and Moetavation. CaveM has performed with artists such as Talib Kweli, Gil Scott Heron, Public Enemy, Dj Kool Herc, The Last Poets, The Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Anthony B, The Pharcyde, Mos Def and The Coup. This will be an awesome show, with proceeds going to benefit PeaceJam which is an amazing local organization that can use all the help it can get. $10 suggested donation.

For more info check out

People get ready,

D train

Extra Credit: . Known as a poetic novelist, Jack Kerouac's actual poetry is strange and uniquely beautiful. Allen Ginsberg thought Kerouac was the most underrated poet of our time. Here's a couple "fun" poems of his from BOOK OF BLUES. We'll have to type it up for you as it isn't anywhere on the net.


36th chorus

I had a pointed mustache
and I mean pointed
half inch from here

Double breasted vest
and a Derby hat
and striped trousers
English shoes, black,
very pointed, they were
Hannah Shoes

People on Broadway'd turn
and look at me

The worst part is yet to come
I had a pince nez
with a long black ribbon
to my buttonhole

And I wore a carnation
white or red

Boy did I look like somethin

37th Chorus

A year later I got caught
I was dressed differently
and everything
But boy that mustache
and that pince nez
was really out of this world

I used that outfit six months
I finally had to pack it in
because it was too well-worn

Pine nez was in a coat
I stole
Mustache I grew in the sanitarium
While taking one of my
numerous drug cures

My mother'd come to see me
She says "Oh No!
Cut it off!"
"I'm just havin a little fun, mother"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

weekend update, December 9, 2010

D Vitamins

Hello rays of sunshine. We saw a video recently in which a solar furnace focusing the sun's rays burns up to 3,500 C, hot enough to melt rocks. Just saying.

This Friday at 8pm we have a beautiful reggae band from Boulder, Selasee, with one of the best reggae bass players we've ever heard. $5. Then DJ Chonz comes out to spin at 10pm. Did you know that Chonz was the number one MOST listened to DJ on the radio in Colorado last year? He's also great live too, scratching and mixing, so come dance. Ladies free.

Saturday we have an Ironwood Rain. This is to celebrate the release of their CD, "Burn The Ships" and it is a pirate themed party! release party. At 9pm we have James And The Devil back, super fun and rowdy band. Denver Creative Movement will be coming with them again, making live art. And this time they are bringing our old young friend Melissa Ivey along to play too! We love her. It will be a great night all around. $5.

Check out for the rest of the shkoop.


D (shape of a half moon)

Extra Credit: Here's a poem by Frank O'hara, about talking to the sun.


The Sun woke me this morning loud
and clear, saying "Hey! I've been

trying to wake you up for fifteen
minutes. Don't be so rude, you are
only the second poet I've ever chosen
to speak to personally
so why
aren't you more attentive? If I could

burn you through the window I would
to wake you up. I can't hang around
here all day."
"Sorry, Sun, I stayed
up late last night talking to Hal."

"When I woke up Mayakovsky he was

a lot more prompt" the Sun said
petulantly. "Most people are up
already waiting to see if I'm going
to put in an appearance."
I tried
to apologize "I missed you yesterday."

"That's better" he said. "I didn't
know you'd come out." "You may be
wondering why I've come so close?"
"Yes" I said beginning to feel hot
wondering if maybe he wasn't burning me

"Frankly I wanted to tell you
I like your poetry. I see a lot
on my rounds and you're okay. You may
not be the greatest thing on earth, but
you're different. Now, I've heard some

say you're crazy, they being excessively
calm themselves to my mind, and other
crazy poets think that you're a boring
reactionary. Not me.
Just keep on
like I do and pay no attention. You'll

find that people always will complain
about the atmosphere, either too hot
or too cold too bright or too dark, days
too short or too long.
If you don't appear
at all one day they think you're lazy

or dead. Just keep right on, I like it.

And don't worry about your lineage
poetic or natural. The Sun shines on
the jungle, you know, on the tundra
the sea, the ghetto. Wherever you were
I knew it and saw you moving. I was waiting

for you to get to work.

And now that you
are making your own days, so to speak,
even if no one reads you but me
you won't be depressed. Not
everyone can look up, even at me. It

hurts their eyes."
"Oh Sun, I'm so grateful to you!"

"Thanks and remember I'm watching. It's
easier for me to speak to you out
here. I don't have to slide down

between buildings to get your ear.
I know you love Manhattan, but
you ought to look up more often.
always embrace things, people earth
sky stars, as I do, freely and with

the appropriate sense of space. That
is your inclination, known in the heavens
and you should follow it to hell, if
necessary, which I doubt.
Maybe we'll
speak again in Africa, of which I too

am specially fond. Go back to sleep now
Frank, and I may leave a tiny poem
in that brain of yours as my farewell."

"Sun, don't go!" I was awake
at last. "No, go I must, they're calling

"Who are they?"
Rising he said "Some
day you'll know. They're calling to you
too." Darkly he rose, and then I slept.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

love letter 11/2/10

D Naturals,

Something in the way you move attracts me like no other lover, something in the way you moo ooh ooh oove...get into the groove, boy you've got to prove your love to me...

There's a little dance mashup for you there. Here's a cool auditory trick. Imagine a beat and then reread the opening line. If you are good you will begin to be able to hear both melodies simultaneously. The neat part is the "after-sound" effect, similar to an after-image effect after staring at something against a bright light. The melodies will swirl in your head for the rest of this e-mail. Proceed.

We have lots more dance mashup for you this weekend. Friday night we have the great Hazel Miller, Colorado's Queen of Soul, back in the house at 7:30pm ($10). Fanfare for the Queen! Opening for Hazel, starting at 5pm, is Colorado's Princess of Soul, Brittany Williams, making her official debut appearance at the D Note. Fanfare for the Princess! After Hazel at 10pm we present the King of Colorado DJs, DJ Chonz, from KS 107.5, in the house spinning vinyl. Fanfare for the King! Such a royal good time. Ladies FREE in D Palace after 10pm.

Saturday we have two recitals early in the day; Music Lessons of Westminster garage band show at 1pm and then Mountain Strings and Jazz at 5pm. Then we have the HS band Synergy back in the house at 7pm with their excess of rock and roll energy. (Speaking of, if you get a chance to read the James Woods article about Keith Moon in this week's New Yorker, do! Best article on drumming ever written. It is a classic.)

Speaking of classics, Saturday night we have a beautiful birthday show put together by and for The D Note's GM, Andy Andurlakis. At 9pm we have the hip hop style of Reverb and the Verse. (Check out their website for cutting edge web design too). At 10pm the completely excellent reggae band The Desciples hit the stage and at 11:30pm we have Relyt The Dozha w/ DJ Detox. This last group is Drum And Bass, Electro style and features Andy's alias, MC Dozha. Dozha is one of the premier Drum and Bass MCs in Colorado. Relyt and Detox both work at the D Note too and this show will be off the hook. $5. Birthday spankings $5. This money will help pay for rehab. Just kidding. We'll give it to the bands.

Next Tuesday night we have a benefit for Urban Peak with ACC All Stars, Zazemi, ACC Pop/Rock Ensemble. $10 suggested donation. Urban Peak is an organization that helps homeless and at risk youth in Colorado. Read more about this worthy cause and event here.

Also, we often don't mention our regular events in this space, but we are very proud of them and will take a moment to reintroduce them to you now. We have Mello Cello brunch on Sunday mornings, Baby Boogie Sunday afternoon, an awesome salsa night on Sunday nights, a long running and democratic open stage on Mondays lead by Jay Ryan, swing dance lessons on Wednesdays at 7pm followed by the greatest blues band in Colorado history, The Clamdaddys, a super fun Geeks Who Drink trivia game on Thursdays at 6:30pm and a killer bluegrass jam lead by Martin Gilmore Thursdays at 9pm.

That's enough right?

Come take part.

D Flat

Extra Credit: This week's New Yorker also had a poem in it by Terrance Hayes that is well worth reprinting here, for a number of reasons, not least of which because it introduces the mind blowing idea of contranyms.

New York Poem

In New York from a rooftop in Chinatown
one can see the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of buildings where there are more miles
of shortcuts and alternative takes than
there are Miles Davis alternative takes.
There is a white girl who looks hi-
jacked with feeling in her glittering jacket
and her boots that look made of dinosaur
skin and R is saying to her I love you
again and again. On a Chinatown rooftop
in New York anything can happen.
Someone says “abattoir” is such a pretty word
for “slaughterhouse.” Someone says
mermaids are just fish ladies. I am so
fucking vain I cannot believe anyone
is threatened by me. In New York
not everyone is forgiven. Dear New York,
dear girl with a bar code tattooed
on the side of your face, and everyone
writing poems about and inside and outside
the subways, dear people underground
in New York, on the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of New York, on the rooftops of Chinatown
where Miles Davis is pumping in,
and someone is telling me about contranyms,
how “cleave” and “cleave” are the same word
looking in opposite directions. I now know
“bolt” is to lock and “bolt” is to run away.
That’s how I think of New York. Someone
jonesing for Grace Jones at the party
and someone jonesing for grace.

/)dam I)eGraff