Thursday, December 2, 2010

love letter 11/2/10

D Naturals,

Something in the way you move attracts me like no other lover, something in the way you moo ooh ooh oove...get into the groove, boy you've got to prove your love to me...

There's a little dance mashup for you there. Here's a cool auditory trick. Imagine a beat and then reread the opening line. If you are good you will begin to be able to hear both melodies simultaneously. The neat part is the "after-sound" effect, similar to an after-image effect after staring at something against a bright light. The melodies will swirl in your head for the rest of this e-mail. Proceed.

We have lots more dance mashup for you this weekend. Friday night we have the great Hazel Miller, Colorado's Queen of Soul, back in the house at 7:30pm ($10). Fanfare for the Queen! Opening for Hazel, starting at 5pm, is Colorado's Princess of Soul, Brittany Williams, making her official debut appearance at the D Note. Fanfare for the Princess! After Hazel at 10pm we present the King of Colorado DJs, DJ Chonz, from KS 107.5, in the house spinning vinyl. Fanfare for the King! Such a royal good time. Ladies FREE in D Palace after 10pm.

Saturday we have two recitals early in the day; Music Lessons of Westminster garage band show at 1pm and then Mountain Strings and Jazz at 5pm. Then we have the HS band Synergy back in the house at 7pm with their excess of rock and roll energy. (Speaking of, if you get a chance to read the James Woods article about Keith Moon in this week's New Yorker, do! Best article on drumming ever written. It is a classic.)

Speaking of classics, Saturday night we have a beautiful birthday show put together by and for The D Note's GM, Andy Andurlakis. At 9pm we have the hip hop style of Reverb and the Verse. (Check out their website for cutting edge web design too). At 10pm the completely excellent reggae band The Desciples hit the stage and at 11:30pm we have Relyt The Dozha w/ DJ Detox. This last group is Drum And Bass, Electro style and features Andy's alias, MC Dozha. Dozha is one of the premier Drum and Bass MCs in Colorado. Relyt and Detox both work at the D Note too and this show will be off the hook. $5. Birthday spankings $5. This money will help pay for rehab. Just kidding. We'll give it to the bands.

Next Tuesday night we have a benefit for Urban Peak with ACC All Stars, Zazemi, ACC Pop/Rock Ensemble. $10 suggested donation. Urban Peak is an organization that helps homeless and at risk youth in Colorado. Read more about this worthy cause and event here.

Also, we often don't mention our regular events in this space, but we are very proud of them and will take a moment to reintroduce them to you now. We have Mello Cello brunch on Sunday mornings, Baby Boogie Sunday afternoon, an awesome salsa night on Sunday nights, a long running and democratic open stage on Mondays lead by Jay Ryan, swing dance lessons on Wednesdays at 7pm followed by the greatest blues band in Colorado history, The Clamdaddys, a super fun Geeks Who Drink trivia game on Thursdays at 6:30pm and a killer bluegrass jam lead by Martin Gilmore Thursdays at 9pm.

That's enough right?

Come take part.

D Flat

Extra Credit: This week's New Yorker also had a poem in it by Terrance Hayes that is well worth reprinting here, for a number of reasons, not least of which because it introduces the mind blowing idea of contranyms.

New York Poem

In New York from a rooftop in Chinatown
one can see the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of buildings where there are more miles
of shortcuts and alternative takes than
there are Miles Davis alternative takes.
There is a white girl who looks hi-
jacked with feeling in her glittering jacket
and her boots that look made of dinosaur
skin and R is saying to her I love you
again and again. On a Chinatown rooftop
in New York anything can happen.
Someone says “abattoir” is such a pretty word
for “slaughterhouse.” Someone says
mermaids are just fish ladies. I am so
fucking vain I cannot believe anyone
is threatened by me. In New York
not everyone is forgiven. Dear New York,
dear girl with a bar code tattooed
on the side of your face, and everyone
writing poems about and inside and outside
the subways, dear people underground
in New York, on the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of New York, on the rooftops of Chinatown
where Miles Davis is pumping in,
and someone is telling me about contranyms,
how “cleave” and “cleave” are the same word
looking in opposite directions. I now know
“bolt” is to lock and “bolt” is to run away.
That’s how I think of New York. Someone
jonesing for Grace Jones at the party
and someone jonesing for grace.

/)dam I)eGraff

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