Thursday, July 19, 2012

D Note love letter 7/19/12

D finitives,

We have been writing these d-mails for a long time now. And wow, a few of you have been reading every week. Some every week or three. A few when you have a chance.

Many of you we know well. A few of you we don't. But it is certainly wonderful to halfway meet you here in this virtual place, which is connected to a real place, where we like to meet you even better. Please respond in kind. We invite conversation. Traverse the trecipice.

This weekend, starting tonight, July 19, 2012.

Geeks Who Drink trivia quiz.

SIN night w/ deejays. Free.


Kelly Freely. Free

Danny Bastos Collective


Little Goose


Zumba $8

Synergy, Reason for Madness, Kate Thomas, Micheala Murphey. FREE

Birds Of A Feather (bluegrass) $5

Bret Sloan with Roscoeƕs Dusty Bottle Boxcar Band $5

The Arvada Dubstep DJ Showcase. $5

That is a killer weekend of music.

First off, here's some scoop on G.A.M.B. From their website "Formed from the ashes of a band called Askimbo, this band has a funky fresh sound that gives their audience exactly what they crave. The main man Medicine plays a mean harmonica and sings like a soul in flight, the rhythm section keeps any crowd moving their feet, and the horns play melodies that would mesmerize the muses. The members have played in diverse musical settings around Colorado for many years, including extended projects with renowned Colorado artists Ron Miles, Yo, Flaco!, and Beats Noir. The band brings an eclectic mix of both upbeat and bluesy originals, as well as classic covers by artists like Muddy Waters, Bill Withers, Johnny Cash, and Marvin Gaye. The blend of blues, funk, and jazz that this band conjures is sure to please people of all ages. Medicine has been seen playing with the likes of Michael Franti, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, as well as gracing the stage at Red Rocks on a number of occasions. Dues have been payed!" Well, Okay!

The band playing after G.A.M.B is Little Goose and we gotta say they slayed last time at the D Note. They've got a stripped down dirty Zeppelin blues sound and its great. $5 for the night. AND JUST FOR YOU, FAITHFUL D-MAIL READERS, we will cover your cover at the door this Friday night. It's FREEEE. The password at the door is "Scooby Dooby Doo".

Saturday night we got one of those nights that just twists and turns like a rollercoaster. HS rock and roll during the day care of the excellent SYNERGY and friends, then brilliant indie bluegrass with Birds Of A Feather followed by a JUG BAND called Roscoe's Dusty Bottle Boxcar band. We LOVE those guys. Then the rest of the night is a collection of Arvada Dubstep DJ's. $5 all night.

A reminder, kids EAT FREE on Monday nights, (one kid per adult).

Killer music and dance on Sun and Wed nights, with lessons in Salsa and Swing respectively.

Best happy hour east of the Rockies.

Also at 6:30p next Tuesday night Henrikson Amp presents Jazz guitar night. Free.

There is more, but we'll stop for now and take a breath,


D version

Extra Credit: Our friend Hoa Nguyen has a book out on Subpress called "Your Ancient See Through". It has many gems, but we like the summation of DNA theory in the following poem, plus the way she lays out the imagery of the star.

[A night at the beach what is left]

A night at the beach what is left
conch shell shimmer marks
where feet trail across sand dense
as stars Humans like me
can't hear beneath the trillionth
day of DNA sung meaning
of sea waves Sting nettle
having waves to paddle

Thursday, July 12, 2012

D Note love letter 7/12/12

D Notables,

We have more exciting news to share. First of all the $5 cover for Friday night's show will be waved just for those of you on this D Mail list! The password is "Sparkly Rainbows". (We should mention that that password was Diandra's idea.) FREE show Friday night just for you!!

Also we are starting a Kids Eat Free Night on Monday nights. With the purchase of an adult meal one child (12 and under) eats free. So bring in the family Monday nights to the family friendly D Note!

Here's the lowdown for the weekend


Dan Polizzi

Marlo Acoustic set

Dino's Band (rock and roll voo doo)

Snake Oil Band (alt country rock) $5


Zumba $8

Family Concert w/ Sunday Girl (80's music from Blondie to Yaz). $5

Gipsy Moon (bluegrass featuring kids of Vince Hermann) $7

Terry Quiett Band (pre-party for Blues and BBQ 7/15) $7


Free form yoga lead by Nicki Viera w/ live music by Melissa Ivey, Adam DeGraff and friends. Donations accepted for local charities.

Big Muddy (blues/acoustic). Free. (no baby boogie due to Blues and BBQ fest)

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Sabor de la Calle at 9pm) $8

On Saturday we are also co-sponsoring (with Scrumptious and HOTA) an outdoor concert across the street from the D Note from 5pm-9pm, featuring the band "RePlay", food, booths, beer/wine, and kids activities!!

The Blues and BBQ benefit is happening Sunday (benefiting Habitat For Humanity.) They used to do this at the D Note for years, but the last few years they have moved it out onto Grandview and it has blown up. We'll have our own blues band in the D Note too, free, acoustic, so come on down.

There's a bundle of good news for everyone,

D notary

Extra Credit: Here's a poem by Adam D, from back when he was driving cab in S.F., CA. (Lady Day, if you didn't already know, is what some affectionately called Billy Holiday. The D Note has a pizza named Lady Day in her honor.)

Wild Blue Yonda

I took Yonda to Berkeley half-rate.
She told me she was running
from a trick because she didn't
want to "hurt his fillin."

She asked if she could
smoke rock on the bridge.
I told her to be careful.
She told me why she chose crack.
She matter-of-factly said
she was a lifetime addict.

Somewhere in the winding conversation
she came out with her philosophy,

"Life is a like a maze.
Do you know what a maze is?
It's a puzzle.
There's only one way in
and only one way out.
You spend your life
figuring out how to make it
through. Hell's when you're
doing bad. Heaven's when
you're doing good."

She asked me to turn
the radio up. There was
a slow R&B ballad on
KMEL Jams. Yonda sang
along with pitch perfect passion,
like some latter day day Lady Day.
I didn't want to breathe.
And when she left I didn't
want her to leave.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

D Note love letter 7/5/12

D nuts,

Some interesting changes are in the works at the D Note. We've already told you about our fantastic new happy hour menu. But we haven't told you that on Thursday nights after Trivia we are starting up SIN night (Service Industry Night), with $2 wells and a late night happy hour for all service industry people after 9pm. We'll have DJs playing great dance music too. No cover. So if you are in the industry come down, or if you know someone that is please pass along the news. We're also going to start giving secret special deals for those of you on this newsletter list. The first secret deal will be for this Friday night. Say the password "Dance Dance Revolution" at the door Friday night and get it for $3 instead of $5.

Stay tuned for other changes coming your way soon.

Here's the weekend lineup.

6 (Friday)


JD Cordle (free)

PJ Zahn (blues/dance) $5

Duke Street Kings (rock and roll covers/dance) $5


Zumba $8

Music Lessons Of Westminster band recitals

Author Unknown (Pop/rock) $5 (featuring Mark Sundermeier)

Zeppephilia- Led Zeppelin Tribute Band. $5 HEY HEY MAMA SAY THE WAY YOU MOVE

Sunday morning we hope you will come down for yoga at 10pm sharp. Keith is doing a great job leading the class and Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff play meditation music during the class. $5-$10 suggested donation.

And now you are up to date,

D Naught

Extra Credit: There are a few favorite poets that we know we will return to again and again throughout our lives. Frank O'hara is one of the few. We recently read a fantastic poem of his that we had somehow missed before from his classic book "Lunch Poems".


I watched an armory combing its bronze bricks
and in the sky there were glistening rails of milk.
Where had the swan gone, the one with the lame back?

Now mounting the steps
I enter my new home full
of grey radiators and glass
ashtrays full of wool.

Against the winter I must get a samovar
embroidered with basil leaves and Ukranian mottos
to the distant sound of wings, painfully anti-wind,

a little bit of the blue
summer air will come back
as the steam chuckles in
the monster’s steamy attack

and I’ll be happy here and happy there, full
of tea and tears. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get
to Italy, but I have the terrible tundra at least.

My new home will be full
of wood, roots and the like,
while I pace in a turtleneck
sweater, repairing my bike.

I watched the palisades shivering in the snow
of my face, which had grown preternaturally pure.
Once I destroyed a man’s idea of himself to have him.

If I’d had a samovar then
I’d have made him tea
and as hyacinths grow from
a pot he would love me

and my charming room of tea cosies full of dirt
which is why I must travel, to collect the leaves.
O my enormous piano, you are not like being outdoors

though it is cold and you
are made of fire and wood!
I lift your lid and the mountains
return, that I am good.

The stars blink like a hairnet that was dropped
on a seat and now it is lying in the alley behind
the theater where my play is echoed by dying voices.

I am really a woodcarver
and my words are love
which willfully parades in
its room, refusing to move.