Thursday, February 21, 2013

weekend update 2/21/13

D tribe

We have found that the best kind of music to dance to is West African. It is uplifting spirit. Not to mention the body. That is why we are excited about Koffi Togo this Friday night at the D Note. Here's a description of the show from their FB page:

"We want to let you know that Koffi Togo Vibe will be at The D Note in Arvada next Friday, Feb 22nd! If you have not experienced our unique TogoJazz style music, you are in for a treat! We are unlike any other band around. Koffi Togo Vibe's goal is to open your eyes and connect your soul to a new musical experience by playing exotic, dance music in all meters including the 3s, 5s, 7s. Our music has the heart pumping foundation of West African percussion rhythms, fused with the beautiful melodies of guitars, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone and trombone! There are twelve of us! So, the music is full and the sounds are amazing!
Once you try on our TogoJazz Sound you will be hooked!!! We hope to see you all there. It's an all-ages show so bring the whole family...We play at around 9:00, but there is a fun band playing before us! And - it's FREE! So, you can't beat the price :)  Peace, Koffi Togo Vibe

In other news, KGNU recommended Steve Itterly to us which is assurance of excellence so we will listen to his trio attentively Friday at 5pm. Arvada West Dog Park is having their fifth annual benefit at the D Note Saturday at 3pm. An all girl Journey cover band is playing Saturday at 7p followed by one of our favorite "house" bands The Jake Leg Shakers followed by something odd from KC, the electro punk band Odd-o-matic. Check out for the rest of the scoop!

Steve Itterly Trio (fantastic blues/jazz)

The Dirty Shoes Band (swinging blues)

Koffi Togo (West African dance music)

Zumba $8

Benefit concert and silent auction for Arvada West Dog Park w/ SoHo Band. $5-$10 suggested donation.

Journey Girls (All female Journey tribute band) $5

The Jake Leg Shakers $5

The Odd-o-matic (punk electro from KC)

We'll be saving a spot on the dance floor for you,

D ants in my pants

Extra credit: Pop star and poet Kishi Bashi played the Bluebird on Tuesday night and wowed the crowd. If you haven't been introduced to Kishi Bashi, here are the lyrics to Manchester for a primer. And here is a link to the song if you want to check it out.


i wrote me a book
i hid the last page
i didn't even look
i think i locked it in a cage
wrote a novel
cause everybody likes to read a novel...

it started with a word,
and it started pretty well
about a rare and fragile bird
that I couldn't even spell
on the table
i think i left it on the table...

i found the last page in the sky,
cold and sweet, like an apple

oh hello,
will you be mine?
i haven't felt this alive in a long time
all the streets are warm today

i read signs
i haven't been this in love in a long time
the sun is up, the sun will stay

The very last breath of the hero of our tale
were you only to guess
did he truly prevail
in the the sequel?
I guess I'll have to write a sequel...

my favorite part's when I die
in your arms like a movie
it's tragic, but now the story has it's proper end.

oh hello,
will you be mine?
i haven't felt this alive in a long time
all the streets are warm and grey

i read the signs
I haven't been this in love in a long time
the sun is up the sun will stay
all for the new day

will you be mine?
the days are short and I wrote me my last rhyme
all the streets are warm today
I read the signs
I haven't been in this love in a long time.

it's been a long time


Thursday, February 14, 2013

D Note 10 year anniversary. Love letter #520

D Parts,

On this day 10 years ago we opened the D Note for business. Back then Grandview Avenue was a sleepy street and it took a kind of sheer determination for us to get off the ground. It took a village really. Goethe says that if you commit to something worthwhile the universe will meet you more than half way and that has certainly been the case with the D Note. There are have been some nights that are so spectacular that we can't even believe the D Note is a place we helped create. As the legendary Phil often says, "Tonight is one of the 1001 greatest nights of music we've ever had at the D Note."

This weekend will be no exception as we are celebrating in grand D Note style. Come say goodbye to the DeGraffs and lift your glasses to many years to come for the Rosenbergs.

Tomorrow night, Friday, February 15, we start with Laughing Hands at 7pm. Laughing Hands is an acoustic world music band and was one of the first to blow our minds a decade ago. It features flamenco master Steve Mullins and his charismatic brother Brian on stringed instruments, percussionist Ed Contreras and Mike Fitzmaurice, composer and bassist extraordinaire. This show will feature dozens of exotic instruments and one of a kind compositions. It will be like nothing else you have ever heard before.

After Laughing Hands, at 9pm, we have opera music performed by Opera On Tap and Cabaret Otaku, including selections from The Magic Flute, Carmen, Lakme and Rossini's duet for two cats.

We end Friday night with the great Lionel Young, possibly the best blues man alive. Lionel is the only artist ever to win the IBC (International Blues Challenge) in Chicago twice, beating out thousands of other performers both times. He also used to play the D Note every Friday night in our early years. He is just amazing. For a few years Lionel played the D Note every Friday night and it was a heady time.

Then Saturday, Feb 16, we have Slo Children at 7pm, a band made up of Adam and Jeremy DeGraff and Adam Ferrill, Jax Delaguerre and Alejandro Castano. This set will consist of all songs about the D Note herself and will feature performances by Micah Lundy (from Zebra Junction), Allen Galton (from Wonderlic) and Melissa Ivey.

At 8:30pm we have Stonebraker, a terrific rock band from Arvada. They are good friends of the D Note and really warm up the room.

We end Saturday night with Oakhurst, one of our favorite Colorado roots Americana dance bands and the owners of sister bar, The Appaloosa.

The cover for both nights is $10. Come help us celebrate a decade of great music and community love!


D scribe

Extra Credit: In a loose sense anything that is poetic can be called a poem. And, in an even looser sense, all poems are love poems. With that in mind we'd like to present to you here a love poem of a documentary about the D Note that Geoff LaPlant made 8 years ago. You might even recognize yourself in this film somewhere. We love that the film opens with Phil opening the door for the camera and saying, "Welcome aboard!"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

D Note love letter 2/7/13

D Verses,

Welcome to D Note point two. Dave and Mernie are bringing some fresh energy and it will be great to see what they bring to the table over time. Long time D Noter Geoffrey Bruce came in on Monday night during open stage and in his inimitable Queen's English said to me, "This place is bigger than either you or the new owners. It belongs to everybody now." I thought that was well said. Ironically this is the first time, after probably 500 or more of these love letters, that I have used the pronouns "me" and "I". The reason I always use "us" and "we" is precisely due to the idea that Geoffrey stated so beautifully. The D Note was always about family and community and we are very pleased to see the locus of this community continue under new care.

It is worth your time to pre-check out all of the music we have this Fri and Sat night. Bluegrass into indie pop into kick ass rock on Friday night, w/ That Damn Sasquatch, Lunar Light Parade, Whiskey Agreement. How's that for Diversity?

Saturday night we have quaint and romantic ethereal indie pop w/ GoodLuckSpider into charasmatic harmony driven songwriter perfection w/ I'm With Her (featuring ANGIE STEVENS AND HALEY RYDELL) and then into more kick ass rock w/ The Broken Everlys.

Throw in Zumba and big band, yoga, baby boogie and salsa and you got yourself a weekend!

Next Tuesday there is a special comedy event w/ 4 up and coming Denver comics. $15. See attached poster for details. Then after the comedy we'll celebrate Fat Tuesday w/ Dan Treanor and the Afrosippy Band. $5 suggested donation.

And a reminder that our 10 year anniversary is happening next weekend w/ Lionel Young, Oakhurst, Opera On Tap, Laughing Hands, Slo Children, Stonebraker and more. Hire your babysitters now.

Katey Laurel

That Damn Sasquatch (bluegrass)

Lunar Light Parade (dance pop)

The Whiskey Agreement
Zumba $8

Super Credit Union Fundraiser w/ Sentimental Sounds Big Band. $10


I'm With Her (feat. Angie Stevens and Haley Rydell) $7

The Broken Everlys
Free Form Yoga ($5 - $10 Suggested Donation)

Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

PJ Hahn, $4 (kids free)

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Conjuntos Colores at 9pm) $8
Open Mic Night (Open Stage-sign up at 6:30pm)
Steve O'Neill (stand up comedy) $15


D nut

Extra Credit: Beck’s latest album comes in an almost-forgotten form—twenty songs existing only as individual pieces of sheet music, never before released or recorded. The idea is that it is up to you to learn the song yourself, like in the olden days. You can hear different renditions of these songs on youtube, which is cool too. Each of the 20 songs sheets included on the album are designed by a different artist. These are up on display as part of the D Note art show this month. Beck is one of those songwriters with the skill of a poet so we'll showcase some lyrics from the new "album" here.


         Rough on Rats

          Your crawfish fingers and your dirty dregs

          Your sideways stingers and your wooden legs

          They're throwing out jewels like rotten eggs

          'Cause it's Christmas in Siam

          And we're rough on rats
          Your scarecrow spiders and your shipwreck bones

          The fossilized bibles of Geronimo Jones

          His star spangled army in their roadhouse clothes

          'Cause a hero can't bronze his soul

          And we're rough on rats
          There's shattered glass on the dance floor

          A cop chaperoning a doll

          The testament of a landlord

          Who's living in a hollow log
          The burlap flowers and the cocaine dirt

          The horn of plenty in a desert of hurt

          The corduroy boy in the killjoy shirt

          He's a stereotype on ice

          And we're rough on rats
          So what do you think you could take from the heap

          Where the haystack needles are piled up cheap?

          You can buy what's useless and steal what you

          In the pink penitentiary

          And we're rough on rats


(pink penitentiary?)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Very special announcement

Dearest notes of all,

Much news for you. The biggest being that the D Note has been sold! It will no longer be a DeGraff enterprise. We are going out in grand style after a full D cade of bringing you beautiful music, art and food. We are having a 10 yr anniversary celebration Feb 15 and 16. Check out the Westword nod for more info here. We started on Valentine's Day 2003 and it was an appropriate holiday to begin with because this has definitely been a labor of love for all of the DeGraff family, including Jeremy, Adam, Genevieve, David and Pamela who all deserve big ups. Also our old high school friend Jeff Jackson was an invester and deserves a hand. Perhaps Matthew and Monica DeGraff deserve the biggest heap of gratitude for their generous support over the years.

The new owners, Dave and Mernie Rosenberg, come to the D Note as fans. They will give it their own flavor, of course, "denote" in their own fashion, but it will always have a little of the DeGraff love in the place as by now that love has seeped into the walls!

We will still help book the bands, for the time being, and so regular events like salsa, baby boogie, blues night, trivia, open stage, Zumba, Yoga, etc, will continue, as well as many of the musicians that you are already familiar with and love.

Come to the D Note soon and raise your glass to more decades to come for the Rosenberg's!

This weekend we have two very worthy causes and much great music, including the world-influenced reggae of one of our all time favorite bands, Mono Verde. Also some very fine jazz for the jazz lovers Saturday afternoon.

Feb 1
Bill McKay (of Leftover Salmon)

Fundraiser for Knowledge For People (raising awareness for Autism) w/ Mono Verde (world beat). $10 suggested donation.

Volunteer Funk Department $5

Zumba $8

West Quarto (jazz) $5

[7 :00p]
Benefit for the family of Scott Mayo w/ The Rush Experience (Rush tribute band), Trust No One, Black Rainbow, Mint Novacaine. $10 suggested donation

Come say bye and hi!

D Scribe

Extra credit: One of the great Colorado/Finnish/Universal poets, Anselm Hollo, died this week. He was a good friend and we'll miss him. But we are consoled, at least, to still have many books of his poems to spend our lives with. Here is but one of those poems.

Shed the Fear

Who has a face sees
    the world,
but the world
    is not

to be borne-
   or only
when seen as

how did this
  come together? How
did I find you?
  so many turns

in the road
  so few of them
  How not to spin out

in hairpin turns
  of disbelief...
TheSufi martyrs

"The world
  is a wedding"
Why not go with them,

in the face of
   present carnage