Friday, February 1, 2013

Very special announcement

Dearest notes of all,

Much news for you. The biggest being that the D Note has been sold! It will no longer be a DeGraff enterprise. We are going out in grand style after a full D cade of bringing you beautiful music, art and food. We are having a 10 yr anniversary celebration Feb 15 and 16. Check out the Westword nod for more info here. We started on Valentine's Day 2003 and it was an appropriate holiday to begin with because this has definitely been a labor of love for all of the DeGraff family, including Jeremy, Adam, Genevieve, David and Pamela who all deserve big ups. Also our old high school friend Jeff Jackson was an invester and deserves a hand. Perhaps Matthew and Monica DeGraff deserve the biggest heap of gratitude for their generous support over the years.

The new owners, Dave and Mernie Rosenberg, come to the D Note as fans. They will give it their own flavor, of course, "denote" in their own fashion, but it will always have a little of the DeGraff love in the place as by now that love has seeped into the walls!

We will still help book the bands, for the time being, and so regular events like salsa, baby boogie, blues night, trivia, open stage, Zumba, Yoga, etc, will continue, as well as many of the musicians that you are already familiar with and love.

Come to the D Note soon and raise your glass to more decades to come for the Rosenberg's!

This weekend we have two very worthy causes and much great music, including the world-influenced reggae of one of our all time favorite bands, Mono Verde. Also some very fine jazz for the jazz lovers Saturday afternoon.

Feb 1
Bill McKay (of Leftover Salmon)

Fundraiser for Knowledge For People (raising awareness for Autism) w/ Mono Verde (world beat). $10 suggested donation.

Volunteer Funk Department $5

Zumba $8

West Quarto (jazz) $5

[7 :00p]
Benefit for the family of Scott Mayo w/ The Rush Experience (Rush tribute band), Trust No One, Black Rainbow, Mint Novacaine. $10 suggested donation

Come say bye and hi!

D Scribe

Extra credit: One of the great Colorado/Finnish/Universal poets, Anselm Hollo, died this week. He was a good friend and we'll miss him. But we are consoled, at least, to still have many books of his poems to spend our lives with. Here is but one of those poems.

Shed the Fear

Who has a face sees
    the world,
but the world
    is not

to be borne-
   or only
when seen as

how did this
  come together? How
did I find you?
  so many turns

in the road
  so few of them
  How not to spin out

in hairpin turns
  of disbelief...
TheSufi martyrs

"The world
  is a wedding"
Why not go with them,

in the face of
   present carnage

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