Thursday, February 14, 2013

D Note 10 year anniversary. Love letter #520

D Parts,

On this day 10 years ago we opened the D Note for business. Back then Grandview Avenue was a sleepy street and it took a kind of sheer determination for us to get off the ground. It took a village really. Goethe says that if you commit to something worthwhile the universe will meet you more than half way and that has certainly been the case with the D Note. There are have been some nights that are so spectacular that we can't even believe the D Note is a place we helped create. As the legendary Phil often says, "Tonight is one of the 1001 greatest nights of music we've ever had at the D Note."

This weekend will be no exception as we are celebrating in grand D Note style. Come say goodbye to the DeGraffs and lift your glasses to many years to come for the Rosenbergs.

Tomorrow night, Friday, February 15, we start with Laughing Hands at 7pm. Laughing Hands is an acoustic world music band and was one of the first to blow our minds a decade ago. It features flamenco master Steve Mullins and his charismatic brother Brian on stringed instruments, percussionist Ed Contreras and Mike Fitzmaurice, composer and bassist extraordinaire. This show will feature dozens of exotic instruments and one of a kind compositions. It will be like nothing else you have ever heard before.

After Laughing Hands, at 9pm, we have opera music performed by Opera On Tap and Cabaret Otaku, including selections from The Magic Flute, Carmen, Lakme and Rossini's duet for two cats.

We end Friday night with the great Lionel Young, possibly the best blues man alive. Lionel is the only artist ever to win the IBC (International Blues Challenge) in Chicago twice, beating out thousands of other performers both times. He also used to play the D Note every Friday night in our early years. He is just amazing. For a few years Lionel played the D Note every Friday night and it was a heady time.

Then Saturday, Feb 16, we have Slo Children at 7pm, a band made up of Adam and Jeremy DeGraff and Adam Ferrill, Jax Delaguerre and Alejandro Castano. This set will consist of all songs about the D Note herself and will feature performances by Micah Lundy (from Zebra Junction), Allen Galton (from Wonderlic) and Melissa Ivey.

At 8:30pm we have Stonebraker, a terrific rock band from Arvada. They are good friends of the D Note and really warm up the room.

We end Saturday night with Oakhurst, one of our favorite Colorado roots Americana dance bands and the owners of sister bar, The Appaloosa.

The cover for both nights is $10. Come help us celebrate a decade of great music and community love!


D scribe

Extra Credit: In a loose sense anything that is poetic can be called a poem. And, in an even looser sense, all poems are love poems. With that in mind we'd like to present to you here a love poem of a documentary about the D Note that Geoff LaPlant made 8 years ago. You might even recognize yourself in this film somewhere. We love that the film opens with Phil opening the door for the camera and saying, "Welcome aboard!"

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