Thursday, December 16, 2010

weekend update Dec 16, 2010

D Port,

Live music is always well worth the time, and, even, we would argue, good for the soul. So..

This Friday we have Tim Bruns and Mike Morter from the band Churchill playing the Friday Afternoon Concert from 5-7pm.

Then at 8pm Friday we have a special Christmas Flamenco show featuring Steve Mullins, Lia Ochoa and many more. Come early for a seat as they usually fill up for Flamenco. $15.

At 10pm Friday, DJ Chonz takes over the dance floor. $5. Ladies free.

(By the way DJ Chonz, arguably the best DJ in CO, is joining The Teaching (from Seattle) for our New Years Eve show this year. The night will have an old school jazzy De La Soul vibe to it and will be tons of fun. $15.)

Saturday at 4pm the Music Train Family Concert Series presents: Okee Dokee Brothers (kids and holiday tunes) $7 adults/$3 kids. Saturday

Saturday at 7pm we have a Christmas Party for PeaceJam including Brittany Williams Band (a diva in the making with an incredibly soulful voice), the Gora Gora Orchestra (balkan dance music a la Gogol Bordello) and DJ CaveM and Moetavation. CaveM has performed with artists such as Talib Kweli, Gil Scott Heron, Public Enemy, Dj Kool Herc, The Last Poets, The Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Anthony B, The Pharcyde, Mos Def and The Coup. This will be an awesome show, with proceeds going to benefit PeaceJam which is an amazing local organization that can use all the help it can get. $10 suggested donation.

For more info check out

People get ready,

D train

Extra Credit: . Known as a poetic novelist, Jack Kerouac's actual poetry is strange and uniquely beautiful. Allen Ginsberg thought Kerouac was the most underrated poet of our time. Here's a couple "fun" poems of his from BOOK OF BLUES. We'll have to type it up for you as it isn't anywhere on the net.


36th chorus

I had a pointed mustache
and I mean pointed
half inch from here

Double breasted vest
and a Derby hat
and striped trousers
English shoes, black,
very pointed, they were
Hannah Shoes

People on Broadway'd turn
and look at me

The worst part is yet to come
I had a pince nez
with a long black ribbon
to my buttonhole

And I wore a carnation
white or red

Boy did I look like somethin

37th Chorus

A year later I got caught
I was dressed differently
and everything
But boy that mustache
and that pince nez
was really out of this world

I used that outfit six months
I finally had to pack it in
because it was too well-worn

Pine nez was in a coat
I stole
Mustache I grew in the sanitarium
While taking one of my
numerous drug cures

My mother'd come to see me
She says "Oh No!
Cut it off!"
"I'm just havin a little fun, mother"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

weekend update, December 9, 2010

D Vitamins

Hello rays of sunshine. We saw a video recently in which a solar furnace focusing the sun's rays burns up to 3,500 C, hot enough to melt rocks. Just saying.

This Friday at 8pm we have a beautiful reggae band from Boulder, Selasee, with one of the best reggae bass players we've ever heard. $5. Then DJ Chonz comes out to spin at 10pm. Did you know that Chonz was the number one MOST listened to DJ on the radio in Colorado last year? He's also great live too, scratching and mixing, so come dance. Ladies free.

Saturday we have an Ironwood Rain. This is to celebrate the release of their CD, "Burn The Ships" and it is a pirate themed party! release party. At 9pm we have James And The Devil back, super fun and rowdy band. Denver Creative Movement will be coming with them again, making live art. And this time they are bringing our old young friend Melissa Ivey along to play too! We love her. It will be a great night all around. $5.

Check out for the rest of the shkoop.


D (shape of a half moon)

Extra Credit: Here's a poem by Frank O'hara, about talking to the sun.


The Sun woke me this morning loud
and clear, saying "Hey! I've been

trying to wake you up for fifteen
minutes. Don't be so rude, you are
only the second poet I've ever chosen
to speak to personally
so why
aren't you more attentive? If I could

burn you through the window I would
to wake you up. I can't hang around
here all day."
"Sorry, Sun, I stayed
up late last night talking to Hal."

"When I woke up Mayakovsky he was

a lot more prompt" the Sun said
petulantly. "Most people are up
already waiting to see if I'm going
to put in an appearance."
I tried
to apologize "I missed you yesterday."

"That's better" he said. "I didn't
know you'd come out." "You may be
wondering why I've come so close?"
"Yes" I said beginning to feel hot
wondering if maybe he wasn't burning me

"Frankly I wanted to tell you
I like your poetry. I see a lot
on my rounds and you're okay. You may
not be the greatest thing on earth, but
you're different. Now, I've heard some

say you're crazy, they being excessively
calm themselves to my mind, and other
crazy poets think that you're a boring
reactionary. Not me.
Just keep on
like I do and pay no attention. You'll

find that people always will complain
about the atmosphere, either too hot
or too cold too bright or too dark, days
too short or too long.
If you don't appear
at all one day they think you're lazy

or dead. Just keep right on, I like it.

And don't worry about your lineage
poetic or natural. The Sun shines on
the jungle, you know, on the tundra
the sea, the ghetto. Wherever you were
I knew it and saw you moving. I was waiting

for you to get to work.

And now that you
are making your own days, so to speak,
even if no one reads you but me
you won't be depressed. Not
everyone can look up, even at me. It

hurts their eyes."
"Oh Sun, I'm so grateful to you!"

"Thanks and remember I'm watching. It's
easier for me to speak to you out
here. I don't have to slide down

between buildings to get your ear.
I know you love Manhattan, but
you ought to look up more often.
always embrace things, people earth
sky stars, as I do, freely and with

the appropriate sense of space. That
is your inclination, known in the heavens
and you should follow it to hell, if
necessary, which I doubt.
Maybe we'll
speak again in Africa, of which I too

am specially fond. Go back to sleep now
Frank, and I may leave a tiny poem
in that brain of yours as my farewell."

"Sun, don't go!" I was awake
at last. "No, go I must, they're calling

"Who are they?"
Rising he said "Some
day you'll know. They're calling to you
too." Darkly he rose, and then I slept.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

love letter 11/2/10

D Naturals,

Something in the way you move attracts me like no other lover, something in the way you moo ooh ooh oove...get into the groove, boy you've got to prove your love to me...

There's a little dance mashup for you there. Here's a cool auditory trick. Imagine a beat and then reread the opening line. If you are good you will begin to be able to hear both melodies simultaneously. The neat part is the "after-sound" effect, similar to an after-image effect after staring at something against a bright light. The melodies will swirl in your head for the rest of this e-mail. Proceed.

We have lots more dance mashup for you this weekend. Friday night we have the great Hazel Miller, Colorado's Queen of Soul, back in the house at 7:30pm ($10). Fanfare for the Queen! Opening for Hazel, starting at 5pm, is Colorado's Princess of Soul, Brittany Williams, making her official debut appearance at the D Note. Fanfare for the Princess! After Hazel at 10pm we present the King of Colorado DJs, DJ Chonz, from KS 107.5, in the house spinning vinyl. Fanfare for the King! Such a royal good time. Ladies FREE in D Palace after 10pm.

Saturday we have two recitals early in the day; Music Lessons of Westminster garage band show at 1pm and then Mountain Strings and Jazz at 5pm. Then we have the HS band Synergy back in the house at 7pm with their excess of rock and roll energy. (Speaking of, if you get a chance to read the James Woods article about Keith Moon in this week's New Yorker, do! Best article on drumming ever written. It is a classic.)

Speaking of classics, Saturday night we have a beautiful birthday show put together by and for The D Note's GM, Andy Andurlakis. At 9pm we have the hip hop style of Reverb and the Verse. (Check out their website for cutting edge web design too). At 10pm the completely excellent reggae band The Desciples hit the stage and at 11:30pm we have Relyt The Dozha w/ DJ Detox. This last group is Drum And Bass, Electro style and features Andy's alias, MC Dozha. Dozha is one of the premier Drum and Bass MCs in Colorado. Relyt and Detox both work at the D Note too and this show will be off the hook. $5. Birthday spankings $5. This money will help pay for rehab. Just kidding. We'll give it to the bands.

Next Tuesday night we have a benefit for Urban Peak with ACC All Stars, Zazemi, ACC Pop/Rock Ensemble. $10 suggested donation. Urban Peak is an organization that helps homeless and at risk youth in Colorado. Read more about this worthy cause and event here.

Also, we often don't mention our regular events in this space, but we are very proud of them and will take a moment to reintroduce them to you now. We have Mello Cello brunch on Sunday mornings, Baby Boogie Sunday afternoon, an awesome salsa night on Sunday nights, a long running and democratic open stage on Mondays lead by Jay Ryan, swing dance lessons on Wednesdays at 7pm followed by the greatest blues band in Colorado history, The Clamdaddys, a super fun Geeks Who Drink trivia game on Thursdays at 6:30pm and a killer bluegrass jam lead by Martin Gilmore Thursdays at 9pm.

That's enough right?

Come take part.

D Flat

Extra Credit: This week's New Yorker also had a poem in it by Terrance Hayes that is well worth reprinting here, for a number of reasons, not least of which because it introduces the mind blowing idea of contranyms.

New York Poem

In New York from a rooftop in Chinatown
one can see the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of buildings where there are more miles
of shortcuts and alternative takes than
there are Miles Davis alternative takes.
There is a white girl who looks hi-
jacked with feeling in her glittering jacket
and her boots that look made of dinosaur
skin and R is saying to her I love you
again and again. On a Chinatown rooftop
in New York anything can happen.
Someone says “abattoir” is such a pretty word
for “slaughterhouse.” Someone says
mermaids are just fish ladies. I am so
fucking vain I cannot believe anyone
is threatened by me. In New York
not everyone is forgiven. Dear New York,
dear girl with a bar code tattooed
on the side of your face, and everyone
writing poems about and inside and outside
the subways, dear people underground
in New York, on the sci-fi bridges and aisles
of New York, on the rooftops of Chinatown
where Miles Davis is pumping in,
and someone is telling me about contranyms,
how “cleave” and “cleave” are the same word
looking in opposite directions. I now know
“bolt” is to lock and “bolt” is to run away.
That’s how I think of New York. Someone
jonesing for Grace Jones at the party
and someone jonesing for grace.

/)dam I)eGraff

Thursday, November 18, 2010

D Note love letter, 11/18/10

D follicles,

This Saturday, November 20, we have our second annual Beard And Mustache Showdown. Last year's was a lot of fun and this year will be even better. The event is growing like, um, well, you know. The Showdown was conceived when Monica D happened upon a similar event in Anchorage Alaska, a state with prodigious facial hair. But Colorado is no slouch in that department either. We are looking forward to seeing your mustacherpieces. 6:30pm is registration if you are entering the Showdown. Monica puts together very cool prizes including art by the artist currently showing at D Note, Rachel Westforth. A band aptly named Bonnie and the Beard is opening at 7pm. <(We highly encourage checking out their myspace, very cool music.) The beer tasting w/ several breweries, including Dry Dock Brewery also starts at 7pm. The Showdown is at 8pm. The bluegrass band Acoustic Mining Company plays at 8:30pm. We announce winners at 9:30pm and Oakhurst is headlining at 10pm. Oakhurst an awesome fun bluegrass band. The best part is that the whole thing is a benefit for Denver Girls And Boys Club Of America so your money is very well spent. $10 cover/ $20 for beer tasting/ $20 for contest entry. Check out the fantastic poster Matt Dougherty did for the Beard And Mustache Showdown here.

Friday night we have a special acoustic set from Quillion for the FFAC (free Friday afternoon concert) at 5pm. The at 7pm we have Dave Tamkin in from L.A. with Michael Adam, and Seth Bradley $7. Smooth and beautiful.

Then we have the return of DJ Chonz at 10pm. The premier last week was off the hook. Chonz had DJ Nunez and DJ Tenacity open up for him and they were great. But his set topped it like a fireworks display of pop bravado. And the dance floor was popping like Reddenbockers. He threw so much into the mix, including surprises like Bell Biv Devoe and even Harry Belafonte. Can't wait for this week. $5 cover. Ladies FREE!

Thursday nights we have Martin Gilmore leading a bluegrass jam at 9pm, after trivia. Last week was the second week and already 10 excellent pickers were there. Come play or just enjoy.

Next Tuesday we have our chef Taj Ray's band The Hacks playing with The Misadventures. Good to get a little punk back in the house.

Okay, that's plenty of news. For the rest of the schedule check out

Love youse

D raffe

Extra Credit: Here is a poem Adam D wrote for his daughter. Forgive the nepotism.

Portrait of Sofia, Six Weeks Old

There is your mouth, pursed
in concentration; absolute focus
on a simple necessity. The eyes

are not focused on anything yet,
but are wide in their birth, like
a poet's lost-in-wonder look.

The eyes are for later.
The mouth points in hunger.
In the hunger of the mouth

goes the wonder of milk,
shown here in the eyes as a gleam
of innocent desire. In the far away dream

of the eyes is the pleasure of taste,
the land of milk and honey.
It is providence, not as promise,

but as fact, in your infinitely open eyes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

update, 11/11/10, Chonz in the house

D ants,

This Friday night at 5pm we start off with JT Nolan, a friend who's music we have long admired. Free.

Then we have Mono Verde back in the house for an early show. Mono Verde is a great latin reggae band, similar to Manu Chao. We are very lucky to have them. The band is made up of members of 9 members from all over the world, a truly cosmopolitan group. They play from 8-10p. $6

And Mono Verde should have no problem getting the room hot enough for the premier show of DJ Chonz' weekly residency every Friday nights at 10pm. Some of you may know Chonz as the drive time DJ for KS 107.5, the booty jam station. Chonz is as good as it gets and will be spinning a mix of hip hop, latin and R&B. But even the best DJ can't do it without dancers, and that is where we need your help. Help us make the front windows sweat, like they do on salsa night. Please spread the word to dancers far and wide. $5 cover, but ladies are free, so especially tell your girlfriends...

Saturday night we have a three band line up local goodness, The Mitch Lehn Folk Trio, Jake Leg Shakers and The Incantations. It should be noted that the Mitch Lehn Folk Trio is not a trio and not even all that folky. But we always enjoy them, same with Jake Leg Shakers. The Incantations are new to the D Note, but we're intrigued.

A reminder that Martin Gilmore is leading a weekly Bluegrass jam after Trivia on Thursdays at 9pm. Don't miss the opportunity to work on your chops, and more importantly, to be involved in playing music. Same goes for Blues Jam with The Clamdaddys on Wednesday nights and Open Stage on Monday nights. And, if you've been wanting to learn to swing, there's a swing blues dance lesson for $5 with teacher Rachael DeMers on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Mark your calendars for our second annual Beard & Mustache Showdown, with OAKHURST, Acoustic Mining Company and Bonnie and The Beard, next Saturday, Nov. 22.

Over and in,

D ploy

Extra Credit: We once had the privilege of seeing the poet Denise Levertov read, shortly before she died. Her rhythms rocked you to sleep, but the ideas in the poems woke you up. Here's a terrific poem of hers from 1960 that we recently discovered.

Come into Animal Presence
Come into animal presence.
No man is so guileless as
the serpent. The lonely white
rabbit on the roof is a star
twitching its ears at the rain.
The llama intricately
folding its hind legs to be seated
not disdains but mildly
disregards human approval.
What joy when the insouciant
armadillo glances at us and doesn't
quicken his trotting
across the track into the palm brush.

What is this joy? That no animal
falters, but knows what it must do?
That the snake has no blemish,
that the rabbit inspects his strange surroundings
in white star-silence? The llama
rests in dignity, the armadillo
has some intention to pursue in the palm-forest.
Those who were sacred have remained so,
holiness does not dissolve, it is a presence
of bronze, only the sight that saw it
faltered and turned from it.
An old joy returns in holy presence.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

update, November fourth, 2010

D Voted

A few of you out there may not be happy about the development of Hickenlooper for Governor, but we are, for at least one reason: we've watched Hickenlooper as Mayor bend over backwards for the arts scene in Denver and expect to see more of the same at the state level. We've met John and he is a sincere lover of art, a geek even. For that we are grateful. We should mention that the awesome poster Matt Dougherty did for the Hickenlooper Rally at the D Note was picked up and used by his campaign. So it all comes around.

Our first pertinent piece of news is that tonight, Thursday, Nov 4, at 9pm we have a bluegrass jam lead by the great Martin Gilmore. If you are a picker, or even just a bluegrass lover, then please come and help us get it started. If it goes well it will become a regular event. And please forward this e-mail to any pickers you know that might be interested! We would love to help further foster this community.

And speaking of bluegrass, Nov. 20th we have Oakhurst headlining the D Note second annual Beard & Mustache Showdown. Yeehaw. We hope you have started working on your design. $20 to enter contest, proceeds go to Boys and Girls Club of Denver. And we've lined up some very sweet prizes too.

This Friday night at 5pm we have an art opening for Rachel of for our part in the Olde Town Art Walk. We really dig her stuff and some of will be on hand for Beard and Mustache prizes too. Kenny Lee Young will play his very sweet style of acoustic soul on the guitar. Free. At 7pm we have a new jazz band called Tabernash Jazz for you jazz lovers. $5. At 8:30pm Friday we have a fundraiser for Intercambios De Comunidades 3rd Annual Night of Rhythm, featuring DJ Diablo and Los Cheesies. There will also be a silent auction. This is a great organization and we're proud to host it at the D Note. $15.

Also, if you like latin music, or just dancing in general, be sure to come out next Friday night, Nov. 12 at 10pm, for the premier of DJ Chonz residency at the D Note on Friday nights. Chonz is the drivetime DJ on KS 107.5, and we're thrilled to have him come spin his special mix of R&B, hip hop, latin, reggaeton, etc. No cover for the ladies, so start calling up your girlfriends now please. Gonna get low low low low low.

Saturday we have Rene Heredia and his Flamenco troupe back at the D Note at 6:30p. This is Rene's second time to the D Note and his troupe was very well received last time. Rene is a master and his dancers are beautiful. Killer pizza and Flamenco, perfect date night. Come early for a seat. $15

Then at 9pm we have some "urban soul" music Saturday night with the 7th anniversary of the Casuals Car Crew, featuring music by The Casuals. $3.

Reminder that we now have blues swing dance lessons every Wednesday at 7pm for only $5. Then the Clamdaddys play their legendary blues music for free afterwards. Your argument is invalid.

So much to do,

D one

Extra Credit: We've been reading a lot of Elizabeth Bishop lately and so we will include a poem by her we just discovered, to our delight, yesterday. Though written half a century ago, we can't help but hear a darker echo of the recent oil spill.

The Fish

I caught a tremendous fish
and held him beside the boat
half out of water, with my hook
fast in a corner of his mouth.
He didn't fight.
He hadn't fought at all.
He hung a grunting weight,
battered and venerable
and homely. Here and there
his brown skin hung in strips
like ancient wallpaper,
and its pattern of darker brown
was like wallpaper:
shapes like full-blown roses
stained and lost through age.
He was speckled and barnacles,
fine rosettes of lime,
and infested
with tiny white sea-lice,
and underneath two or three
rags of green weed hung down.
While his gills were breathing in
the terrible oxygen
--the frightening gills,
fresh and crisp with blood,
that can cut so badly--
I thought of the coarse white flesh
packed in like feathers,
the big bones and the little bones,
the dramatic reds and blacks
of his shiny entrails,
and the pink swim-bladder
like a big peony.
I looked into his eyes
which were far larger than mine
but shallower, and yellowed,
the irises backed and packed
with tarnished tinfoil
seen through the lenses
of old scratched isinglass.
They shifted a little, but not
to return my stare.
--It was more like the tipping
of an object toward the light.
I admired his sullen face,
the mechanism of his jaw,
and then I saw
that from his lower lip
--if you could call it a lip
grim, wet, and weaponlike,
hung five old pieces of fish-line,
or four and a wire leader
with the swivel still attached,
with all their five big hooks
grown firmly in his mouth.
A green line, frayed at the end
where he broke it, two heavier lines,
and a fine black thread
still crimped from the strain and snap
when it broke and he got away.
Like medals with their ribbons
frayed and wavering,
a five-haired beard of wisdom
trailing from his aching jaw.
I stared and stared
and victory filled up
the little rented boat,
from the pool of bilge
where oil had spread a rainbow
around the rusted engine
to the bailer rusted orange,
the sun-cracked thwarts,
the oarlocks on their strings,
the gunnels--until everything
was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!
And I let the fish go.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Haunted D House,

Our favorite season is upon us. Why does the D Note take so well to Halloween? Because Halloween is, arguably, the most imaginative of the holidays. And just why is it that Halloween the most imaginative of the holidays? We'll leave the answer to that question up to your imagination.

Friday night we begin the festivities at 5pm with a the annual all-Halloween themed performance by Slo Children, a band comprised of D Noters Adam and Jeremy DeGraff, Adam Ferrill and Jax Delaguerre. Free.

Then at 7pm we have the annual Halloween visit from Wendy Woo (Her last name alone clinches her for the gig). At 9pm Duke Street Kings bring their D-Game and 11pm the terrific Quillion returns to the house to take you into the witching hour. $7. The dress up theme for the night is Zombies vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas. But you are only limited by your imagination.

Saturday at 1pm we have fundraiser for Colorado Cross-Disablities Coalition, with music by Andy Ard and The Dangsayers. Costumes encouraged. $15 suggested donation.

Then at 4pm we have a family style concert with local classic rock band Krisis. $3/$5 per family

Finally at 7pm we have a Honkeytonk Halloween Show with the terrific Haldon Wofford and The Hi-Beams. Martin Gilmore and Bonnie and The Clydes are opening the show. Westword named it one of the best 24 Halloween parties to attend in Denver this yer and did a nice article about this show. Check it out here. Thanks to Spunky for putting this show together! You can hear a podcast of a recent KGNU Caberet appearance by Wofford and the boys on Spunky's blog. This show is also a benefit for FightWithFood. Bring canned goods for the homeless and hungry and receive a beautiful signed poster of the show designed by Matt Dougherty. $10

Sunday we have a special Halloween baby boogie from 2-6pm, with a costume contest in which everyone who participates is a winner! Bring your kids in so we can see their costumes, please!

Sunday night we have our 7th annual (!!!) Halloween Salsa Bash. $100 prize for best costume, $50 for second and $25 for third. Sabor De La Calle will be the band on board that night to keep the energy going. Plus, lots of candy.

Once again, thanks to Diandra for decorating the bat cave. The giant bat she made over the stage, whom she calls Herbert, is a wonder to behold, as are the sentinel bats on either side of the stage.

And, finally, a reminder to work on your beard and mustache designs for The Beard And Mustache show Nov. 20.

spooks and sparks,

D bones

Extra Credit: Here's a short and scary poem by Richard Wilbur.

Terza Rima

In this great form, as Dante proved in Hell,
There is no dreadful thing that can't be said
In passing. Here, for instance, one could tell

How our jeep skidded sideways toward the dead
Enemy soldier with the staring eyes,
Bumping a little as it struck his head,

And then flew on, as if toward Paradise.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

weekend update, October twenty one, two thousand and ten

D oodles,

We have a lot of news this week so let us commence.

1. Halloween is coming up and we have a belfry full of events and shows. First, thanks to Diandra for decorating! Bat Cave is the decorating theme this year. The giant origami stalactites are a nice touch. If you have some bats hanging out at your house, bring them in and we'll put hem up.

2. Halloween events on 29th and 30th include music by Wendy Woo, Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams, Quillion, Slo Children, Duke Street Kings and more. Check out details at (Speaking of the website, we have a new design put together by our webmaster, Sean Wolter. Check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks, Sean!)

3. Special Halloween Baby Boogie at 2pm on the 31st. Costume contest for the kids, everyone in costume is a winner and gets a prize!

4. Halloween Salsa Bash on evening of 31st. (our 7th annual Halloween Salsa Bash!)

5. We have begun blues swing dance classes on Wednesdays at 7pm, before the Clamdaddys. Lessons are only $5 and the teacher is excellent. Beginners encouraged.

6. The D Note's 2nd annual Beard and Mustache Showdown is coming up Nov. 20 and we've lined up some great music and prizes for the night. So it is time to start working on your mustacherpieces now.

7. This Friday we have a typically atypical eclectic show, 5pm Free Afternoon Concert w/ Drew Schofield, then 7pm Jason Laroy (acoustic folk guitar virtuoso), 8:30pm Bret Sloan (songwriter driven rock and roll) and 10p Broken Parts (indie rock). $5

8. We have our third annual benefit for Friendship Bridge this Saturday night and they've put together a beautiful night of bluegrass music, starting with Adam Kinghorn and Kyle James Hauser of Head For The Hills will be playing from 6pm-7pm, followed by the Spring Creek Bluegrass Band from 7:30pm-10pm and Abi and the Normals from 10:30pm-Midnight. $10-$20 suggested donation. Good cause (micro-loans for businesswomen of Guatemala) and good music, a win win.

9. Next Tuesday, the excellent local bands HighRaceVine, Cellar Door and Tony Medina will play a special show, free, starting at 7pm.

10. You. Thanks for making the news.

In with,

D New

Extra Credit. We mentioned HighRaceVine is playing next Tuesday. Very cool band, made up, in part, of Jay Ryan, who hosts our open stage on Monday, and Monica Sales, who hosts our Mellow Cello Breakfast brunch on Sundays. The name of the band is taken after 3 consecutive parallel streets in Denver. Together these 3 street names make up a little koan of a poem. HighRaceVine. Seems to sum up the American way. Who can get to the top fastest? Faster, faster, faster. What is at the top? The fact that this question is raised from a random pairing of street names noticed in succession qualifies this band name as a good example of a "found" poem.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

weekend update 10/14/10

D miners,

33 miners. 68 days. 2,300 feet. Underground. Saved! Yay! (p.s. the video game version is already out and ready for you to play.)

You can bet there will be some trivia questions concerning the successful extraction of the Chilean miners at Geeks Who Drink trivia, tonight (Thurs, Oct. 14) at 6:30p. Then we'll continue the celebration at 9pm with an open experimental percussion jam led by Ben Long and Ryan Elwood.

Friday night is going to be a whopper. Starts off with free Friday Afternoon Concert at 5pm featuring the excellent guitar work of Michael DeLalla. Then at 7:30p we have an Americana/Rockabilly style show for the rest of the night, starts off with Crowboy, at 9:30p, Brent Loveday (from Reno Divorce) at 9:30p and Brethren Fast at 11p. Crowboy and Loveday always impress. Brethren Fast is high octane rockabilly on the surface, but, as we discovered last time, there are many interesting musical layers underneath. The band pulls off the trick of being laid back and full-on at the same time. 3 great bands, $7.

Saturday we have a terrific edition of the Music Train Family Concert Series at 2p (note time change, as FCS is normally 4pm). This one features bluegrass with the Blue Canyon Boys. These guys played the D Note a few years ago and the show stands out in memory as being excellent. The band is traditional bluegrass (even dressing up in suits), but also has a sound of its own. Kids will dig it too. $7 adults/$3 kids.

Saturday night at 7pm we have our annual Halloween Hafla, presented by Phoenix Dance. Phoenix and the dancers always go all out on costumes and creativity for this hafla and it is one of the coolest things we do at the D Note all year. Check out this video from a Halloween Hafla past. Yallah! will play after the dance performances at 8:30pm and The Inactivists have a halloween set they are playing at 10pm. Come in costume and ready to party. There will be a costume contest and prizes. $8 adults/$5 kids.

Yours in song,

D major

Extra Credit: In honor of the saved Chilean miners we will feature a poem by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. This one was chosen for the irony of its title.

In You The Earth

at times,
tiny and naked,
it seems
as though you would fit
in one of my hands,
as though I’ll clasp you like this
and carry you to my mouth,
my feet touch your feet and my mouth your lips:
you have grown,
your shoulders rise like two hills,
your breasts wander over my breast,
my arm scarcely manages to encircle the thin
new-moon line of your waist:
in love you loosened yourself like sea water:
I can scarcely measure the sky’s most spacious eyes
and I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

weekend update, October seventh, two thousand and ten

D bomb

In this week's Onion, on the front page, there is an article worth reading. It is titled, "97-Year-Old Dies Unaware Of Being Violin Prodigy". Then there is picture of old woman next to an inset picture of a violin with the caption, "Hollander, and the instrument, inset, that she could have mastered with uncommon grace." The first sentence of the article states, "ROCKFORD, IL--Retired post office branch manager Nancy Hollander, 97, died at her home of natural causes Tuesday, after spending her life completely unaware that she was one of the most talented musicians of the past century and possessed the untapped ability to become a world-class violin virtuoso." Our hope is that this tragedy is not a wasted one, but will be remembered as a lesson by all of you prodigies in the making.

Tonight, if you are feeling creative, come out and help Diandra and the D crew turn the D Note into a bat cave at 8:30p, after trivia. Every year Diandra remakes the D Note for Halloween and she needs our help. Slo Children will be playing an early run of its Halloween set and raising the seasonal spirits while the decorations are being made.

This Friday Afternoon Concert, at 5pm, will be by Laurie Dameron, heckuva jazz singer and player. free. Then 7pm we have a couple of solid local bands acoustic rock bands, 2:10 Special and 7even Days Till Sunrise. 9pm we have our friends Conscious Elliot back with their smart and heartfelt alternative Americana. And 11pm we have Frokus. Frokus has played the D Note before and they were killer. Super talented group, like Tool crossed with early Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Saturday we are closed for a wedding. We love having the energy and spirit of weddings at the D Note.

Now is as good a time as any to get involved at the D Note, whether helping with decorations tonight, learning to salsa dance on Sunday nights, or taking a Zumba class, or getting up on open stage or during the blues jam, or playing trivia on Thursdays. There are lots of ways. So what are you waiting for?

Making the grade,

D Plus

Extra Credit: Here's a wonderful poem by Michael Cirelli, from his book Vacations On The Black Star Line


You know, when you talk,
but if you're from where I'm from
you may be "tawking,"
and depending on who you're
tawking to, and where they're from:
which bend of road
or angle of sun or moon-
light hits the dark room
of throat, informs
the way they say what they say,
which side of lip
the words plummet from or how tongue
strings 'em together chops
'em screws 'em,
how Mona is from a below
place where the speakers
speak like they're pulling up
word anchors from the deepest
depths of Mouf, or in some parts
more salt, and others more peppa:
whether cayenne or corn—
I'm in love with a boy
from East Oakland whose word is
stretched longer than
twelve hearses,
and his Dickies are starched.
In Texas, it is the vibration of
the dinner bell, in Kansas
something different.
In New Yawk, Nueva Yol,
where the tongues pulse like
marquees, talk keeps the lights on!
When T-Pain dissected
the tone of Flux
Capacitor, of E.T.'s grand
piano, and named his album
Rappa Ternt Sanga, he wasn't being
ignorant, or ignant at that, wasn't bad
at spelling (maybe bad
at rapping which is why
he turned singer), but he was
accounting for the texture of the dirt
in his teef. He was showing it off
in his smile. This makes sense to me.
Because I want everyone
to see the Rhode Island in my elbow.
I want everyone to know
I was born in a kawfee mug
floating down Narragansett Bay
and raised by a Lion.
And by kawfee mug I mean:
I was born in an alphabet that left its R
on the dressa—and by Narragansett Bay
I mean: an estuary flowing with wrenches
and ratchets and uniforms—and by Lion:
I mean my mother, who's been serving
breakfast to regulars since 1975
(when I showed up),
and to this day they still come to see
her, my ma
who tawks to each and every one
of them cuz she's gotta hotta-gold.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Thirtieth, two thousand and ten

D lovelies

First off we have a bit of news. Karaoke on Thursday nights is on a hiatus. In the meantime we are going to hold a percussion jam, starting tonight. We've rounded up some great local drummers, including Mohammad Alidu, Alejandro Costano and Ben Long. This is an open session, which means you are welcome to join the fray. (Note, when we say "the fray" we don't mean "The Fray". This is not likely to confuse too many of you, but, as some of you old timers may remember, The Fray played a few of their first gigs in our room.)

Friday we have the next installment of our Art Walk. We have Matt Reniker and Matt Kirk up currently. Matt Reniker's work was brought to us by Moses, of The Clamdaddys. Matt Kirk's work was introduced to us by Zebra Junction. Come check it out, along with the artwork displayed in the rest of a revitalized Olde Town. At 5pm we have Cody Crump playing. This kid is remarkably good. At 7pm we have the FTP band. FTP's Steve Werge's is VP of Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO) and has been bringing us some great music showcases on Tuesdays this last year, so it will nice to hear his band for a change. At 8:30p we have a new country-ish band THE MCCRAE. This band won Best of People's Fair this year. Come hear why. Then 10:30p we have the awesome Jonny Barber and The Rhythm Razors. Jonny Barber has played the D Note as Velvet Elvis a few times. Always entertaining in any guise. Plus, one of the hottest bass players you will ever see. $7

Saturday evening, at 6pm, we have something unique. Emerging Latina/Indigenous Composer and Saxophonist Asia Fajardo-Wright is debuting her show Omecihuatl Rising, A tribute to the Divine Feminine. Omecihuatl Rising consists of three works. These works utilize cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural improvisation fused with experimental musical
forms. That is, Fajardo-Wright has infused dancing, painting, symbolic staging, and world percussion into her musical compositions.We love having these one of a kind theater works at the D Note. Please come support. $8.

Saturday night at 8pm we have more unleashed creativity. James and The Devil is back with Denver Creative Movement. James And The Devil is a great band, perhaps even The Fray of tomorrow. Denver Creative Movement is a local collective that gathers in the name of expression. Tripsin Effect and North! to Nowhere also playing. There will be live painting at this show too. $5

So there you go, another fun-filled weekend brought to you by the letter D.


D termined

Extra Credit: Poet and friend Michael Gizzi died a few days ago, age 56. Here are some haunting lines from his book My Terza Rima, shared with us by the poet Karen Weiser, via Facebook.

I often start over
in a dark wood
the door in the cloud

is not heaven
as newly dead
perhaps I'll become

a dream just night

Thursday, September 23, 2010

september twenty third, two thousand ten

D spectacled,

"Bowling for dollars has always been a treat." This is a quote from a recent interview of Robert Plant on NPR. We found it recounted in the New Yorker and, improbably, relay it here for you. We don't know what it means, exactly, but we like the sound of it. It is a treat.

Speaking of treats, Friday night we start off with our free Friday Afternoon Concert featuring J.T. Nolan at 5pm. Nolan is a song and dance man who has been entertaining us with his brilliance for awhile. We are really glad to have him back.

At 7pm Friday we have with a fundraiser to perpetuate culture through a Polynesian organization called FiaFia (Samoan for happiness). Several Hawaiin musicians will sweep in some aloha spirit, like a trade wind. $10 suggested donation.

At 9pm Friday we have a couple very cool indie rock bands, Pez and SuperSeed. $5.

Saturday we have our annual benefit for the Denver Family Institute. Silent Auction. Live Music. Auction opens at 4pm. There will be entertainment for the kids early and then Clusterfunk takes the stage at 8pm. $10-$20 suggested donation.

A reminder that we have plenty of opportunities for all of you performers. We have open stage hosted by Jay Ryan on Monday nights, and if you lean toward the blues, then The Clamdaddys would love to have you sit in on their jam on Wednesday nights.


D minus

Extra Credit: Here's a fro of a poem by Allison Joseph.

Thirty Lines About the Fro

The fro is homage, shrubbery, and revolt—all at once.
The fro and pick have a co-dependent relationship, so
many strands, snags, such snap and sizzle between
the two. The fro wants to sleep on a silk pillowcase,
abhorring the historical atrocity of cotton.
The fro guffaws at relaxers—how could any other style
claim relaxation when the fro has a gangsta lean,
diamond-in-the-back, sun-roof top kinda attitude,
growing slowly from scalp into sky, launching pad
for brilliance and bravery, for ideas uncontained by
barbershops and their maniacal clippers, monotony
of the fade and buzzcut. The fro has much respect
for dreads, but won't go through life that twisted,
that coiled. Still, much love lives between
the two: secret handshakes, funk-bottomed struts.
The fro doesn't hate you because you're beautiful.
Or ugly. Or out-of-work or working for the Man.
Because who knows who the Man is anymore?
Is the president the Man? He used to have a fro
the size of Toledo, but now it's trimmed down
to respectability, more gray sneaking in each day,
and you've got to wonder if he misses his pick,
for he must have had one of those black power ones
with a fist on the end. After all, the fro is a fist,
all curled power, rebellious shake, impervious
and improper. Water does not scare the fro,
because water cannot change that which is
immutable—that soul-sonic force, that sly
stone-tastic, natural mystic, roots-and-rhythm
crown for the ages, blessed by God and gratitude.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September sixteenth, two thousand ten

D vine,

Has anybody seen a dog dyed dark green? About two inches tall with a strawberry blonde paw, wearing sunglasses and a bonnet and designer jeans with appliques on it? If so please let us know. Her owner is very worried and is offering a large reward of five dollars. Five dollars is not so large, but the afro that the artist has drawn upon Lincoln's head on this particular five dollar bill is ginormous.

Now, for the weekend. Our Friday Afternoon Concert commences at 5pm with one of our all time favorite chanteuses, Melissa Ivey. Free. At 7. You will be charmed. Possibly even moved.

At 7pm Friday we have a local band, Ironwood Rain, with musical ties to both the harmonies of CSN and the bounce of Jack Johnson. $5.

Then at 9pm Friday we have the gorgeous Zydeco R&B of Curley Taylor and his band, who have come all the way from Louisiana. Great music to dance your cares away to. $15. Sponsored by Colorado Friends of Cajun and Zydeco.

Saturday we start off with Zumba at 10:30am. Great way to get in great shape while having a great time, greatly.

Then at 1pm another great big band jazz group, Sentimental Sounds at 1pm. We have three big bands making regular rounds to the D Note and we just think that's just amazing. Come dance, or just listen. Free.

At 4pm Saturday we have the Music Train Family Concert Series which features a cat named Monte Selby. Here's what the Music Train website says about him. "Monte Selby is a songwriter with over 100 published songs for adults & kids. As a recording artist with MDM Records, Nashville, his CDs include legendary and Grammy-winning musicians, songwriters and producers. He loves helping all ages of learners, has a Doctorate Degree in education, and is the co-author of eight books. Selby’s comical performances leave audiences laughing, singing, and applauding across North America and Europe. Music Row Magazine describes his songs as “a delightful variety” - “funky” - “astonishing” - “Wow”!"
Wow. $7 adults/$3 kids

7pm Saturday is a local HS rock band with a lot of energy and drive called Synergy. $5 adults/$3 kids

8:30pm Saturday is a local blues rock band called Blind Child. $5

And 10pm-midnight we have a couple good heavy rocking indie bands, Finding Nowhere and Gang Forward. $5

For Sunday we should remind you that we have Mello Cello Brunch from 11am-1pm with beautiful live cello music by Monica Sales, excellent breakfast pizzas, and bottomless mimosas and bloody marys. We should also remind you about our unique baby boogie from 2-6pm: bring your kids to hang out with other kids while you eat and drink and be merry. Aaand we should also remind you that we have one of the best salsa nights in the world on Sunday nights with lessons starting at 8pm and a band at 9pm.

Next Tuesday is Adam DeGraff's birthday party at the D Note and to celebrate he will be playing his songs in rotation with some of his very favorite favorite local songwriters, Melissa Ivey, Tony Medina and Mike Whalen. Adam wanted us to let you know that he really hopes you can make it. 7pm. Free.

So much to choose from!

Ever on,

D splay

Extra credit: Here's a nice example of the intricate and inimitable way poet Paul Muldoon's lyrical mind works...

A Hare at Aldergrove

A hare standing up at last on his own two feet
in the blasted grass by the runway may trace his lineage to the great
assembly of hares that, in the face of what might well have looked like defeat,
would, in 1963 or so, migrate
here from the abandoned airfield at Nutt's Corner, not long after Marilyn Monroe
overflowed from her body stocking
in Something's Got to Give. These hares have themselves so long been given to row
against the flood that when a King
of the Hares has tried to ban bare knuckle fighting, so wont
are they to grumble and gripe
about what will be acceptable and what won't
they've barely noticed that the time is ripe
for them to shake off the din
of a pack of hounds that has caught their scent
and take in that enormity just as I've taken in
how my own DNA is 87% European and East Asian 13%.
So accustomed had they now grown
to a low-level human hum that, despite the almost weekly atrocity
in which they'd lost one of their own
to a wheeled blade, they followed the herd towards this eternal city
as if they'd had a collective change of heart.
My own heart swells now as I watch him nibble on a shoot
of blaeberry or heather while smoothing out a chart
by which he might divine if our Newark-bound 757 will one day overshoot
the runway about which there so often swirled
rumors of Messerschmitts.
Clapper-lugged, cleft-lipped, he looks for all the world
as if he might never again put up his mitts
despite the fact that he shares a Y chromosome
with Niall of the Nine Hostages,
never again allow his om
to widen and deepen by such easy stages,
never relaunch his campaign as melanoma has relaunched its campaign
in a friend I once dated,
her pain rising above the collective pain
with which we've been inundated
as this one or that has launched an attack
to the slogan of "Brits Out" or "Not an Inch"
or a dull ack-ack
starting up in the vicinity of Ballynahinch,
looking for all the world as if he might never again get into a fluster
over his own entrails,
never again meet luster with luster
in the eye of my dying friend, never establish what truly ails
another woman with a flesh wound
found limping where a hare has only just been shot, never again bewitch
the milk in the churn, never swoon as we swooned
when Marilyn's white halter-top dress blew up in The Seven Year Itch,
in a flap now only as to whether
we should continue to tough it out till
something better comes along or settle for this salad of blaeberry and heather
and a hint of common tormentil.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September tenth, two thousand and ten

The Boulder newspaper said a few days ago that the best chance of containing the Boulder fire would be to pray for rain. It seemed strange for a city newspaper to call for prayer. Were they serious? Was it tongue in cheek? But then, lo and behold, it rained! So that begs the question: was the rain the result of fervent prayer, or was it pure luck? Which would you tend to believe? Either way, hallelujah!

This Friday we have George Christiansen playing the Friday Afternoon Concert at 5pm (free). Mike Morter (from Churchill) plays a solo gig at 7pm, Then the Jagtones at 8:30pm and Empty Affair at 11pm.

Saturday day we have Serenade in Blue Big Band at 2pm (free). Then we have a student Belly Dance show at 5:30pm (free) and then we have 4 indie bands to close out the night, Icarus Thump (8p), Firebird 4000 (9p), Off Color (10p) and My Friend Tom (11p) $5.

Finally, for you loyal fans. If you have the time to put up a positive review of the D Note on YELP that could really help us out. And for taking the time and effort to share their view we would like to buy you a beer next time you come in. Just bring us a copy of the review or show it to us. Thanks!

And thanks for being you,

D fine

Extra Credit: Our friend Cedar Sigo has a new book out on City LIghts called Stranger In Town. Here is a terrific poem from that book, somehow relevant for the D Note.

Port Orchard

When the song birds arrive

liquormen of the world
will squirm
& snarl
& scheme
It is more about
what the ROOM wants

I wish she were Duke Wayne

But with face and figure

willingness to come apart
smoke up
drink down
To be a con man
is gathering dust

drifting in &
changing then
the walk of
the little town

us purple hearts just care for
that passing life (Lives)
I am growing to love the wait

"fancy" a toss. What is the
cost to drink in
the other room?

A first born son, one silver
A wedding
under chandelier

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September second, two thousand and ten

D Port

When you think of all that really happens in a week it is overwhelming. If you tried to write every thought and occurrence down it would fill a few gigabytes of data, a fat set of encyclopedias at least. And yet it seems to our hurried mind as if the last week has gone by in a wink.

Therefore let us slow down this weekend and appreciate some art. This Friday we are excited to be part of the first official Olde Town Arvada Art Walk. Several establishments around the area will be showcasing art. For our part we have a show by Scramble Campbell with a soundtrack of live jazz. Scramble currently has some work up at The Arvada Center. All of his pieces are painted during live music performances. One of the works up now is a beautiful black and white portrait of Henry Butler playing the D Note a few years back. Come meet the artist and get involved in the art scene in Olde Town.

We have a couple of blues rock bands playing their first D Note gigs Friday night, Blues Torch at 8pm and The Average Joe Band at 10pm. $5.

Saturday we Raising Cain at 7pm, which features Anya Thompson of Music Train Fame. Then we have Jonny Barber and The Rhythm Razors at 9pm, which features Jonny Barber of Velvet Elvis fame. And we end up the night with one of our favorite local Ween-style rock bands, Junk Drawer at 11pm. $5.

Sunday salsa is always great on a three day weekend. And Monday? Be laborless. Also, come down for some open mike madness with Jay Ryan.

Ship is sailing,

D bark

Extra Credit: Here's an inquisitive poem by David St. John that was published in the Denver Quarterly, 2010.

Ghost Aurora

All of the apostles, the fortune tellers, all of those committed
to the origins of reason or faith—each is now lost in the hum

of her or his own deepening meditation. What could be the purpose
of those songs the troubadour from Avignon brought us in his leather bag?

What could be the meaning of the carvings of green falcons along
the gourd-like back of his lute? What could be more useful than a loving

principle lifted slowly out of particles, like the frond of a morning fern
uncurling? Take up your coat; take up the morning. This is what it means

to lure the phantom out of the dark, until she lifts us into the space of song.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

D Note Chronicles #60

D Note Chronicles #60

Brother Matthew and I were in the D Note basement recently and he began to tell some of the kitchen staff about an incident he had while sandblasting the paint off the walls eight years ago when we were building out the D Note. After he told the story I secretly turned the voice recorder on the smart phone and began to record. The following is a transcription of what happened next.

Adam: "So that was the was the worst it got while you were sandblasting?"

Matthew: "Whatever! That was a nightmare! I still have nightmares about it. The worst it got?! It was 14 days of sandblasting. It was the summer time and we had to wear extra clothing. We opened up the doors and people were complaining because there was a big flume of lead paint coming out the door. Oh God that was evil. The worst it got?!"

Adam: "So tell me again what happened?"

Matthew: "Remember the hood we wore? Remember the glasses, you put the lens in and out? You pull it out and put a new heavy glass lens in? I was like this (tilts head to side) and the glass started coming out of the hood, without me doing it, I'm holding the thing. I'm looking at it and thinking 'Oh that's not good.' All the sudden the sand started hitting my eyes and oh that's not good. I don't know what I did, but it was pelting my eyes and you know how when you have dry mouth and they throw sand in your dry mouth? Like oohg ick ick ick. So my eyes are dusted and I can't do anything and, like, I'm on the scaffolding with the stupid hose in my hand. Okay here it goes, I'm dropping it! You were supposed to be right there helping, I don't know where you went, and I'm yelling 'Adam, where are you!' So I drop the hose. Okay, where's the side of the scaffolding I need to come down on? AH THOONK! Uh, I'm down. Okay I'm gonna go toward the sound. Okay, I hope I don't put my finger in the wrong area here! Okay, it's off. I make it outside. THUNK! Oh, there's a wall. Oh there's a box or something. I'm finally outside. What do I do now? My eyes are gone. I took off the hat and I was sweating."

Adam: "Did you think your eyes were screwed up?"

Matthew: "Yeah, I thought I lost my eyes. When you are sandblasting and you are seeing sand take paint of bricks? Yeah, your eyes don't really stand a chance against sandblast. So I thought my eyes were completely gone. Who knows, there's probably pelts from it still in there, but anyway. So then I took off the gloves to try get the sand out, but my hands were full of dust. How am I going to get my eyes clean with my dusty hands? So I finally found my water bottle and poured it in my eyes, glug glug glug. That whole thing was evil. Sandblasting in general was evil, 14 days of it. We rented this sandblaster for a week and we kept paying over-night fees because we thought we'd be done the next day. Then after buying 10,000 lbs of sand we had to re-use 200 lbs of it and so it is extra super fine in the air. We had Regina at the Picking Parlour next door hopping mad at us. All the neighbors were mad at us because we were dusting the whole neighborhood. And then there was the fact that it was lead paint, which is still probably in our lungs. We had lead paint that covered up soot from when this place was a blacksmith and then whatever 4 cylinder engine model Ts were in here when it was a Ford dealership. So right after the gray paint, which would be lead, then there would be like an octopus-in-the-ocean blackness that would hit us. You remember that?"

Adam: "Yeah. So then when you threw the sandblaster hose down it just went onto the floor?"

Matthew: "So it was doing like the snake thing until it got stuck in the scaffolding, because it hit me once or twice when I was blind. I'm trying to get to the sound. I know it's over there so I'm going to shut it off. Okay, it's off. I still can't see. I'm going to make it to the door. Oh that sucked."

Adam: "But, because the sand blew a hole in the carpet, that's how we knew we had a wood floor?"

Matthew: "No, the carpet was always missing. It was just glue. But the sand actually blew through the glue. But yeah, it was such thick glue that we would have never seen the blond hundred year old red oak underneath."

Adam: "So that was the silver lining to your ordeal since the wood floor lead to us having a salsa night. The D Note probably wouldn't have survived without salsa during the early years. The wood floor has been the biggest attraction for the salsa night."

Matthew: "Yeah, and also the biggest distraction on the salsa night when the old wood has popped through leaving holes. I mean give and take. Yeah, but we wouldn't have had the salsa night, that's true. But Oh God that sandblasting was evil."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

D foggers

A weather change is in the air. We sadly wave goodbye to outgoing summer and happily wave hello to incoming fall.

This weekend starts early for some of us with the advent of Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30pm tonight and then Kick Ass Karaoke at 9pm. And Every Thursday thereafter. Free. Fun.

Friday night we start with our Friday Afternoon Concert with Jeremy Dion at 5pm.

Then Friday night we have our second annual fundraiser for Colorado Trout Unlimited, an organization that helps keep the rivers in Colorado clean. From their website: "Come celebrate the end of summer this Friday night at the D Note in Old Towne Arvada with all your friends! The evening kicks off at 5pm with live music and a chance to win prizes and trips for the angler and non-angler alike. Admission is $10. All proceeds from this event benefit Colorado Trout Unlimited's river conservation programs. Big Universe will be back again with an entertaining mix of classic rock from Elvis to the Eagles, Aretha Franklin to Cyndi Lauper.

Saturday at 1pm we have Phoenix Dance's yearly Belly Dance Swap. Free performances and demos and lots of great shopping. For much more info check here.

7:30pm Saturday we have the Duke Street Kings all night. Classic rock and roll in the spirit of Mick Jagger and co.

Next Tuesday night we have Bob's Big Band in the house at 7pm for you fans of big band jazz. Free.

And then at 9pm Tuesday we have a progressive jazz rock band called Holophrase. Influences include Frank Zappa, The Faint, Bjork, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Schoenberg, Portishead, Bright Eyes, The Mars Volta, Portugal The Man, Phillip Glass. There name "Holophrase" is cool too. We looked it up. It means "A single word (such as "Thanks") that is used to express a complete, meaningful thought."


D Nada

Extra Credit: We ran across a poem by Elizabeth Bishop in an anthology that we wanted to share with you, as it struck us with the depth and sharpness of its language.

The Bight

[On my birthday]

At low tide like this how sheer the water is.
White, crumbling ribs of marl protrude and glare
and the boats are dry, the pilings dry as matches.
Absorbing, rather than being absorbed,
the water in the bight doesn't wet anything,
the color of the gas flame turned as low as possible.
One can smell it turning to gas; if one were Baudelaire
one could probably hear it turning to marimba music.
The little ocher dredge at work off the end of the dock
already plays the dry perfectly off-beat claves.
The birds are outsize. Pelicans crash
into this peculiar gas unnecessarily hard,
it seems to me, like pickaxes,
rarely coming up with anything to show for it,
and going off with humorous elbowings.
Black-and-white man-of-war birds soar
on impalpable drafts
and open their tails like scissors on the curves
or tense them like wishbones, till they tremble.
The frowsy sponge boats keep coming in
with the obliging air of retrievers,
bristling with jackstraw gaffs and hooks
and decorated with bobbles of sponges.
There is a fence of chicken wire along the dock
where, glinting like little plowshares,
the blue-gray shark tails are hung up to dry
for the Chinese-restaurant trade.
Some of the little white boats are still piled up
against each other, or lie on their sides, stove in,
and not yet salvaged, if they ever will be, from the last bad storm,
like torn-open, unanswered letters.
The bight is littered with old correspondences.
Click. Click. Goes the dredge,
and brings up a dripping jawful of marl.
All the untidy activity continues,
awful but cheerful.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aug 19, 2010

D cisions,

We would always like to begin our weekly d-mail by thanking each of the 50 to 150 musicians that played the D Note week before, but we generally don't, because we don't want to overload you with a bunch of shoutouts. BUT, in this letter, at least, we want to give a general thanks to each and every musician that has graced the D Note stage. You are the reason the D note is still going strong, the proverbial wind beneath our wings. As long as you keep making the music, we'll keep flying. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

And we thank in advance the dozens of musicians coming to play for all of us this weekend. Friday night we have the beautiful chanteuse Katey Laurel opening the night with a free Friday Afternoon Concert at 5pm.

Then at 7pm Friday The Trampolines are back in the house. Rumor has it that The Trampolines have called it quits, so this may be the last time you will be able to catch a band that has been rocking the Colorado scene for nearly a fifth of a century. Will the Trampolines bounce back? Stay tuned. For this, possibly, penultimate show they are bringing with them some great bands too, Della and Seismic Event. $8 for all three bands.

At 11pm Friday night we have Thanks To Philo coming in to round out Friday night. $5

Saturday we have The Music Train Family Concert Series with the director of the series, Anya Thompson, playing for us this month. $7 adult/$3 kids.

At 7pm Saturday we have Rosalie, a great alternative country band out of Denver. $5.

Then at 9pm Saturday we switch gears (again) and get the stage ready for Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe. Dikki Du is the son of Roy Carrier, a Zydeco legend that recently passed away. We were lucky enough to hear Roy at the D Note a few times. Dikki carries his father's Zydeco spirit in his own inimitable way and we can't wait to dance to his groove again. $10. Margaritas are $4 special from 9-10pm and there will be a special spicy Beau Jocque pizza too.

Also keep in mind the mello cello Sunday brunch t 11am-1pm, especially if you have not tried the fantastic breakfast pizzas yet. And another reminder to take a healthy risk and bring yourself to Karaoke tonight and every Thursday at 9pm.

And that is the weekend wrap up.

The D Note is also nominated (again!) for Best Live Music venue for the A List. Please take a second to vote for us.


D ella cool

Extra Credit: A gorgeous poem by Major Jackson, gleaned off Poetry Daily...


I gave the bathtub purity and honor, and the sky
noctilucent clouds, and the kingfisher his implacable
devotees. I gave salt & pepper the table, and the fist
its wish for bloom, and the net, knotholes of emptiness.
I gave the loaf its slope of integrity, the countertop
belief in the horizon, and mud its defeated boots.
I gave morning triumphant songs which consume my pen,
and death its grief which is like a midsummer thunderclap.
But I did not give her my tomblike woe though it trembled
from my white bones and shook the walls of our home.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


D nation

We bring you this D Mail a day early to remind you that tonight, Wednesday, Aug 4, 2010, we are having a going away party for the original Genksters, Scott and Lisa Genke. Lisa has been a huge part of the D Note's success, whether smiling behind the bar or helping arrange parties or countless other little things. The D Note will never be quite the same without her, but her spirit will remain with us in the rafters and brick of the D. Come say help us send her and Scott off in style. The Clamdaddys will provide the perfect soundtrack.

Tomorrow night there is NO KARAOKE after trivia. This is the one night we had booked prior to starting karaoke. After this it is Karaoke every Thursday at 9. The bands are Convergence and To Set Aflame. Two good indie songwriter driven rock bands that have played the D Note once a year for 4 or 5 years. We are happy to welcome them back. $5.

Friday we have James Hurtado playing for the Friday Afternoon Concert at 5pm. Free. Then we have a night of indie rock for you carefully arranged by Matt Dougherty: 7:00p Gridley Esteemer, 8:00p Driving Karma, 9:00p Disaffected, 10:00p SPiVEY (from Lubbock, Texas). Spivey has unique and beautiful sound. A good night to rock out with your locks out. $5.

Saturday we have a special edition of the ever popular Hafla at 7pm. $8 adults/ $6 kids under 10. From Phoenix' website:

Troupe Harmony Show & Hafla at The DNote: Enjoy a show featuring teachers/students & troupes sharing the Stage! After the show - open dancing to live music by Yallah! Performers: Sharaqa Shimmers, Indigo Rain, Raqs Nova & Lunar Ladies, Christine Moore & Figure 8s, Tribal Tique Denver, Zalzali, Vamp, Cecilia, Suzara & Phoenix and Mahisha.

After the Hafla, at 10:30, we have a fantastic reggae band from Boulder called Salasee, which you gotta see to see.

Next Friday we have a killer flamenco show with Rene Heredia and his troupe. And next Saturday we have our first annual D Note Summer Jazz Fest with Ron Miles and a cast of local and brilliant jazz stars.

Thanks, as ever, for being here,

D noted

Extra Credit: Another rock and roll poet we've managed to miss in this long running gag is Jim Morrison. Morrison is thought of as very Dionysian, but his best poems manage to see both sides. Notice the turn around the phrase "break on through to the other side" takes in stanza two.

Break On Through To The Other Side

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide
Break on through to the other side

We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can you still recall
The time we cried?
Break on through to the other side

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

D mericans,

For those of you with internet, wink wink, take a listen to A.I.R., possibly the best internet radio station we've run across. Like now might be a good time. If you listen long enough you are bound to hear a tune by the band coming in this Friday night to the D Note, SAMBADENDE. Formed several years ago in Boulder, this percussion heavy Brazilian band has become a formidable source of Brazilian music. And we are lucky to have them in Arvada. We love having this kind of multi-cultural music at the D Note, but remember, your support counts. We really want to be able to bring Sambadende back again. So tell your friends and come dance. Opening for Sambadende is the brazilian jazz of Francisco Marques and Dexter Payne 7-9pm. $10 for the evening.

Opening for the Brazilian jazz on Friday, from 5-6:30, for the D Note FAC, will be Ben Long.

Saturday we have Zumba at 10:30pm, a reminder for those of you who are ready to get down and shape up.

At 3pm Saturday we have a terrific big band jazz group called Serenade In Blue. Come dance the afternoon away in classic style. $8

At 6:45pm Saturday we have one of our favorite local bands, The Saurus. Just killer genius jazz and hip hop fried seemlessly together. Free.

(Speaking of killer jazz, a reminder that we have D Note Summer Jazz Fest coming up Aug 14 with Ron Miles, Greg harris, Serafin Sanchez, Lelah Simon, Alejandro Castano, Tyson Ailshe, Antwon Owens and many more.)

Saturday night we have 3 solid local bands, Bret Sloan, Trees and Trashcans and Conscious Elliot. All these artists are worth checking out, but start with Trees and Trashcans Bike Song on their myspace. Great song, kind of Moldy Peaches with a little Soweto guitar thrown into the mix. $5

Sunday morning we have the official GRAND OPENING of the MELLOW CELLO BREAKFAST BRUNCH. We have a whole new brunch menu which features pizzas with eggs, hashbrowns, country sausage, bananas, nuts, etc. It is a beautifully conceived menu and our tongues are excited. Our ears too. Monica Sales will be womanning the cello. Adam and Jeremy D will come play a few mellow tunes too. We can't wait to try the breakfast pies. The frittata looks great as well. Also featuring $10 bottomless bloody marys and mimosas.

Next Wednesday we have a Farewell, So Long, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye party for the Genkes. Lisa Genke was the smiling bartender with the long red dreads you've been digging at the D Note for years now. She and Scott are leaving for Wisconsin and will be sorely missed. Come next Wednesday while the Clamdaddys play and send them off with extra love.

Thanks for everything,

D nada

Extra Credit. On Internet BBC radio show "Poetry Please" we heard a poem by performance poet Rachel Pantechnicon. Here it is.


My mother used to say:

“Rachel, don’t mix with the folk-song girls,
the folk-song girls from the Folk Estate,
staying out, going out in their calico dresses,
irrespective of the season.
They hang around the parade of cowsheds
at weekends for no discernible reason.
I’ve seen them in the park, in the dark,
sniffing nosegays on the park benches.

And Rachel, stop drinking out of my vase,
it isn’t a wassail bowl.
Turn out your pockets –
what’s that you’ve got, another piece of coal?
Have you been listening to that song
About the Durham pit lockouts of 1861 again?

No, I’m not interested in your so-called new friends,
Nancy, Polly, Betty;
That awful music they listen to,
that horrible group The Yetties –

And what do you want a pet skylark for?
You’ve already got a guinea-pig
that you never clean out.”

Thursday, July 22, 2010


D backs

This morning we went outside and took a big breath in, just to get some "fresh air". As we were breathing in we smelled a peppery sweet floral scent, probably from some neighbor's tree. This lead us to wonder about the multi-tasking quality of breathing. You smell with the same action as taking oxygen into your body? Genius!

Smell you later. Hopefully tonight, Thursday July 22, for Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30p or afterwards at Kick Ass Karaoke.

Friday night, we have a Single Parents Empowered Benefit w/ Clusterfunk and Nate Moore, $10 suggested donation. The music and dancing will be a lot of fun and the cause is worthy.

Saturday we have another fun benefit. It is the first annual Ball and Chain Pub Crawl (White Trash Wedding Theme) to benefit Autism Speaks. Here's a little write up in Culture Mob. "Social drinking is the best way to meet others, and this Saturday July 24, 2010, it will also be the best way to volunteer in your community. On Saturday Big Ball Pub Crawls will be hosting the Ball and Chain Pub Crawl to benefit Autism Speaks. Ya'll invited, cordially! Costumes are strongly encouraged and please visit the website to know what to expect! Start recruiting your bridal party, cousins & maids/men for this hilarious pub crawl, making fun of this nuptual tradition in a lighthearted way right in the middle of wedding season! Registration at the 12 Volt across the street fromt he D Note from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The crawl is from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. and then enjoy the after party at the D Note with the super fun 80's cover band Raygunomics from 5 p.m.-7p.m.The cost is $35/person + processing fees online which includes beer and after party or just do $10/person for the after party only (not attending the crawl). $15 "I Survived" shirt & sharpie for autographs!" You can also check out the Westword article here.

After the after party for the pub crawl we have the return of the Stan Jones Band at 8pm. A band new to the D Note, a blues rock reggae band called Hot Cheese Soup, plays at 10p. $5.

Sunday morning we'll have Our Mello Cello Breakfast Brunch with Monica Sales on Cello plus special guests. Yay. Come try out the breakfast pizza. Yum.

Next Friday night we have a night of awesome Brazilian music and dancing, starting at 7pm, so start making plans.


D front

Extra Credit: We have presented many pop song writers here AS poets. But one we have thus far ignored is Paul Simon. So here's a rare and beautiful gem from the poet Paul Simon. Notice the subtleties, for example the tricky way "before" comes to mean both "before" AND "after" in the first stanza.

Señorita With a Necklace of Tears

I have a wisdom tooth
Inside my crowded face
I have a friend who is a born-again
Found his savior’s grace
I was born before my father
And my children before me
We are born and born again
Like the waves of the sea
That’s the way it’s always been
And that’s how I want it to be

Nothing but good news
There is a frog in South America
Whose venom is a cure
For all the suffering that mankind
Must endure
More powerful than morphine
And soothing as the rain
A frog in South America
Has the antidote for pain
That’s the way it’s always been
And that’s the way I like it

Some people never say no
Some people never complain
Some folks have no idea
And others will never explain
That’s the way it’s always been
That’s the way I like it
And that’s how I want it to be

If I could play all the memories
In the neck of my guitar
I’d write a song called
“Señorita with a necklace of tears”
And every tear a sin I’d committed
Oh these many years
That’s who I was
That’s the way it’s always been

Some people always want more
Some people are what they lack
Some folks open a door
Walk away and never look back
I don’t want to be a judge
And I don’t want to be a jury
I know who I am
Lord knows who I will be
That’s the way it’s always been
That’s the way I like it
And that’s how I want it to be


D Vitamins,

Karaoke was fun last week. There were more than a few triumphs during the evening, not least of which was our trivia quizmaster Paul Nagy starting the night off with Louis Prima's scat heavy version of "Just a Gigolo." Nor did our server Travis suck when he ended the night with a punked up lounge version of Hall and Oates' Rich Girl. Bring yourself and your crew tonight, Thursday, July 15, at 9pm and let us see what you got. Start it off with trivia at 6:30.

Friday we start at 7pm with the return engagement of a nifty little a cappela group called Cool Shooz. $5. Then we venture into independent rock and roll territory with Kosmos at 9p and The Say So Crazies at 10:30p. Check out the tune "She's So See Through (Lucy Loo)" on the TSSC myspace page for some flavor.

Saturday we have JT Nolan and The Lovely and Talented back for a Music Train Family Concert command performance at 4pm. Bring the family and gt out of the heat of a few entertaining hours. $7 adults/ $3 kids.

Then at 7pm we have a funk band from Honolulu called Friends of Adam (and any band called Friends of Adam is a friend of ours). Kamuela Kahoano--local boy from Hawaii, will open the night. Outstanding ukulele player who conveys the spirit of aloha. It's going to be a summer party. $5.

Sunday morning we continue our Mello Cello Brunch. Come try the brand new and already famous breakfast pizza. Also a little bird told us the bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys are only $10. Join Cellist Monica Sales and special musical guests for a beautiful way to start the week.

Future news. The great Brazilian band Sambadende is coming through the D Note July 30. August 13 the great Flamenco maestro Rene Heredia will bring his dancers in to the house. Then Saturday Aug 14 we have Ron Miles, Greg Harris, Serafin Sanchez, Lelah Simon, 3 Squared, Hybrid Sound, Alejandro Castano and more coming your way for the first annual D Note Summer Jazz Fest.

See you earlier,

D tard

Extra Credit: Here is a belated July 4 song for you by Adam D. Sing it in a minor key a la Gogol Bordello.

Declaration Of Independence

My baby likes the minor key, the minor key, the minor key

She doesn't like the monarchy, the monarchy, the monarchy

She prefers democracy, democracy, democracy

And a little bit of anarchy! ANARCHY!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010


How are you? What are you doing right now? We want to know? Hit reply after you read this and give us a detailed description.

We have another epic indie rock show for you this Friday night, June 18th starring Bad Weather California and Action Packed Thrill Ride. We saw Bad Weather California once at The Fillmore filling in as the songwriter Daniel Johnston's backing band. Daniel Johnston chose bands he liked in every city he performed in to back his songs (dream job!) and the result, in Denver at least, was phenomenal, thanks in part to BWC. So we are very excited to be hosting them at the D Note. Here's some praise...

“Adolf crafts songs that you’ll still be singing as your crawl to your grave…” THRASHER MAGAZINE...“(Bad Weather California) channels their American angst into clouds of rollicking electric licks and rousing Rhodes, then churns out cheeky optimism for a better world." PORTLAND MERCURY..."Trying not to go overboard about Bad Weather California is going to be tough, but Jesus, way to steal the show as it’s just beginning... At this moment Bad Weather California are probably one of the best bands playing in Denver, and worth seeing any chance you get." Westword“…There’s an indefinable, inexpressible IT that the best performers have, and Adolf has it, without question.” Westword“…Bad Weather California always creates an intense connection with his audience.” Denver Post

Action Packed Thrill Ride is also awesome and here's one of several rave reviews, "ramshackle country-rock, primal hoedowns, and arrangements that aren't afraid to veer into dizzying dynamics and lopsided rhythms. There's tenderness, too, resting like lazy currents besides crazed country-punk meltdowns and skin-crawling weirdness. Unlike many current practitioners of Americana in Denver, APTR offers that rarest of treats: a surprise at almost every turn." - Jason Heller, The Onion A.V. Club

Opening the night at 7p is Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic and closing the show at 11p is Stealth Hippo. See the sweet poster Matt Dougherty did for this show here.
Saturday we have a family friendly concert at 5p with The B Team, a classic rock band. $5 adults/ kids free. When the B Team plays the D it is something to C.

At 8p on Saturday we have LIONEL YOUNG and the Heavy Cats back in the house. Lionel is one of our favorite performers and people in the world and we are giddy to have him back performing at the D Note again. It has been too long. You will dance. You might even cry. Then at 10pm we have The Catfish Kray Blues Band. Here's some hype for them... 2010 Grammy entrant, contemporary blues...Three Stars in Downbeat, June 2010...On Sonny Payne's King Biscuit playlist ..."Amazing, amazing, amazing"....Westword

And next Tuesday we have really phenomenal and dramatic Tango band from Austin Texas called The Austin Piazzola Quintet at 8pm. $5

So there's an amazing weekend for you to relish brought to you by the letter D.


Ronny James D

Extra Credit: Adam D wrote an article about the poetry in the women's restroom at the D Note for the North Denver News which a few of you might enjoy. Read it here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

D part

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off on another weekly voyage to musical spheres we go.

First of all, summer is here and students are gone, which means there is a better chance of winning at trivia. Geeks Who Drink do a completely fantastic and fun job with trivia every Thursday at 6:30pm. Keep in mind this game is PG 13. Check out the D Note Geeks Who Drink blog here.

After trivia we are also considering karaoke. The trick will be finding a great host, one not already occupied on Thursdays. Any suggestions?

After trivia this Thursday June 10 (tonight as we write this) we have Bonnie and Her Clydes. Dust off your dancing shoes, real country music has returned. Bonnie & Her Clydes bring a brand of swingin' music that makes it nearly impossible to sit still. They conjure up the sounds of the genre's legends. This is a great band and 9pm on Thursday can be a tough time to get folks out. So if you find yourself on the ranch fence, but love country and especially dance oriented country, then come support! $5 (D Note trivia: Great Uncle Tom DeGraff and his partner were in a shoot out with Bonnie and Clyde. Uncle Tom lived, but his partner did not.)

Friday night we have our friend Jeremy Dion crooning songs for you at 6pm, then a classic rock band called ViDOSUN plays at 8p. We'll give you the same intro to these guys that they gave to us, "My name is Troy Williams and I am in the band ViDOSUN. We played in the Denver area from 1997 – 2004. We have played around 500 shows in the past 15 years before me moving out of state. Now we get together and do one reunion show a year and always have a great turn out." After ViDOSUN, we have the debut of a blueueuesy rock band, Blue Mojo. $5

Saturday we have our old friend The Velvet Elvis back at 4pm for The Family Concert Music Series. This should be an extra fun one. $7 adults/ $3 kids.

Saturday night we have the triumphant return of James And The Devil and DCM starting at 7pm.

James and The Devil spin off Rock'n'Roll sounds with MountainGrass, funk, hip hop, and rhythmic dance chemistry that always gets the house movin! Rocky Mountain RedNeck Gangsta Rock. Also playing Miguel Zavala, Sawmill Joe, North To Nowhere and The Riot.

DCM is Denver Creative Movement. Their mission statement: "Denver Creative Movement was based on the philosophy that in order to change the world, you must start with yourself and your surroundings; and in order to change your surroundings you must first be aware of them. The team consists of Denver artists, musicians, sculptors, photographers, and small businesses with this same philosophy, joining their works together to create local cultural awareness by displaying their works at organized events open to the public. These events are a chance for small “mom and pop” businesses and local talents to be recognized, and also for them to give back by using their skills in helping communities and charities both inside and outside the Denver boundaries, mainly funding school art and music programs currently being cut in half. Denver citizens are exposed to the beauty and culture in their own backyard, which leads to motivation in becoming a proud and active community member." Can hardly not disagree more. $5

Also, heads up, killer show next Friday with Bad Weather California and Action Packed Thrill Ride.

Over and in,

D send

Extra Credit: We had a friendly debate with a friend recently about the merits of Mick Jagger's lyrics. We happen to think he is up there with the best. Here are some inimitable Jagger lyrics presented as poetry. Notice the subtle ways the refrain changes meaning through-out.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I saw her today at a reception
A glass of wine in her hand
I knew she would meet her connection
At her feet was her footloose man

No, you can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

And I went down to the demonstration
To get my fair share of abuse
Singing, "We're gonna vent our frustration
If we don't we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse"

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need

I went down to the Chelsea drugstore
To get your prescription filled
I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy
And man, did he look pretty ill
We decided that we would have a soda
My favorite flavor, cherry red
I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy
Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was "dead"
I said to him

You can't always get what you want, no!
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need.

I saw her today at the reception
In her glass was a bleeding man
She was practiced at the art of deception
Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need, ah yes...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

D mographic

First off, check out the Westword critical applause for Matt Dougherty's poster graphics for the show from last Friday here. "By the way, when did Arvada get so cool? Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Ian Cooke and Candy Claws on one bill? Way to shake off that suburban stigma, Arvadans!"

There is a lot going on this weekend, as per usual. A couple things we are especially looking forward are Matt Kowal (of Reals fame) back in the D and playing a solo set on Friday night and D.A.R.C (Denver Art Rock Collective) doing a tribute to Pink Floyd Saturday night, because we're big fans of both Matt Kowal and Pink Floyd.

Playing before Matt at 7p on Friday is The Way Low Down, a unique reggae inflected bluegrass band that we have grown fond of. After Matt is band called Chris Thompson and Coral Creek. To give you a feel for Chris' music, just look at who plays on his new album, members of String Cheese, Head for The Hills and Charlie Provenza. Playing at 11 is a really interesting Balkan brass band from Boulder called Gora Gora Orkestar. For fans of Gogol Bordello and Devotchka. Very cool night all the way around. $5.

The D.A.R.C. Floyd tribute Saturday night will feature members of The New Ancient Astronauts, Yerkish, The Inactivists, The Mourning Sickness, Fyoder and Babushka and more. The amazing Tony Medina opens the show with a Pink Floyd set at 8:30p. $5

Other great stuff happening this weekend includes electo-acoustic progressive rock of Abajian Thursday after trivia; Zumba Saturday morning; a rock band recital by Music Lessons of Westminster Saturday at 1pm; The up and coming high school band Synergy at 7pm Saturday; Salsa lessons for students at noon Sunday; Baby Boogie 2-6p Sunday.

Come out and take part in all the fun,

D monoid

Extra Credit: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters wrote lyrics that veer dangerously close to poetry. Here's an early example, a subtle, layered poem which rewards continued study with a hidden meaning, which goes something like this; the lesson of giving can be seen in the growth that happens during withholding.

Set The Controls For the Heart of The Sun

Little by little the night turns around.
Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn.
Lotuses lean on each other in yearning.
Under the eaves the swallow is resting.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Over the mountain watching the watcher.
Breaking the darkness.
Waking the grapevine.
One inch of love is one inch of shadow.
Love is the shadow that ripens the wine.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Witness the man who raves at the wall,
Making the shape of his questions to Heaven.
Whether the sun will fall in the evening?
Will he remember the lesson of giving?

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.


D lights,

There is a show this Friday night that we've been excited about for awhile. In fact we're gonna give it a whole three paragraphs.

Many of you may already know of Ian Cooke. He's an utterly unique and infectious songwriter who inventively accompanies himself on Cello and a loop station. He can be awe-inspiring.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich is a singer song writer with a lot of buzz. Here's a little excerpt from the Westword: "Meet Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Yes, the name. We know. Not big fans ourselves. Still, trust us: This is your new favorite singer-songwriter. If you have a functioning pair of hearing devices, we think you'll agree. This bewitching little gal (aka Danielle Anderson) from Fort Collins has the most beguiling voice we've heard since Jude Avers. And her songs are equally mesmerizing, with incisive lyrics on par with Rosie Thomas. Don't just take our word for it, either. After you check out her take on "Rich Girl" after the jump, head over to her MySpace page and listen to "Bribes," "Ode to Optophobia" and "Handsome Girl." Stunning. Absolutely stunning. We're bananas over the moon for Danielle Ate the Sandwich."

Candy Claws plays at 10:30pm. We heard about this band from our friend Dave Outhouse who is a DJ at the University of San Louis Obispo radio station. He asked us if we had heard about a band from Ft. Collins called Candy Claws. They were a station favorite he said. So we promptly asked them to play this gig and they said yes. Candy Claws is strange underwater sea creature music. Check out their terrific song Lantern Fish on their myspace.

Wait, here's a fourth paragraph. This show is our first collaboration with Radio 1190, a little oasis amidst the detritus of corporate radio culture. About time! Also playing this night is Dustin Reid (opening 7pm) and another up and coming band called Good Evening Titan (ambient indie pop). This will be one of those shows that sticks out in our memory twenty five years from now. $7.

Rolling into Saturday, a really all out big band called Serenade In Blue plays Saturday at 3pm. $8

Saturday night at 8:30p we have the Western Conference All Starz Mixtape release party feat Spoke-In-Wordz & DJ Chonz, 20:12, Xencs & Dj Manizer and the Reminders! Hosted by Lady Speech. DJ R^2 and DJ Manoz on the 1's and 2's... presented by Latenite Entertainment and Radiobumsl DJ Chonz, who is probably the biggest local hip hop DJay will be spinning, among many other acts. We saw 20:12 do their smooth dance routines at a previous D Note show and were suitably impressed. $7

That's the weekend. We have Matt Kowal of The Reals back in the house next Friday, so look out for that one. See you soon,


D fault

Extra Credit: Here's some lyrics from Danielle Ate The Sandwich.


It's harder to get up on the right side of the bed
These days foot steps in snow make me feel less alone

I'm still hoping for some kind of X-ray vision
And I would beam into your bedroom blinds just so I knew you were alright

Acting mature is overrated I miss the days of keying cars
And spreading rumors on the bathroom stalls and locker room walls
Where we forgot we looked when no one noticed

I shut the door when you left to keep out the cold and myself
From running after you just like I saw in the movies

It's true I have my regrets we never danced on rooftops
And I have found some fake words to say when a stranger asks about our death

It won't be long before I
Forget just what it felt like
To know that I did not know anything

Even though we're disregarding
I can't help but to wonder which song you're humming
And so I sit and pretend I don't mind that I don't know you
or what your schedule might look like on any given Thursday afternoon

Somebody wrote this rulebook and so we will make the effort
to be more scarce in the social situations that we might share

It won't be long before I
Forget just what it felt like
To feel anything for you at all

Thursday, April 22, 2010

D Note letter 4/22/10

D pendants,

First a quick note to say we've welcomed another soul to the DeGraff family, little Sofia Alma Marie DeGraff. Woo hoo! She says she's really looking forward to meeting all of you.

We have a fantastic weekend coming up. Tonight, Thurs, April 22, we have the debut of the new band of our graphic designer, Matt Dougherty, called Stealth Hippo. Matt is also the artist exhibiting on our brick walls this month and there is a reception for his show, called Things I've Never Seen, this Friday at 6pm. The artwork, perhaps not coincidentally, includes a few hippos. Stealthy!

We've been fans of Halden Wofford and The Hi-beams for awhile, but have never been able to get them into the house. Fortunately Spunky Presents is bringing them in tomorrow, Friday, 4/23. The Hi-beams are a prime example of the genre called Colorado Country. Opening for the Hi-beams, at 8:30p, is the debut of our friend Citrus' new band Hillbilly Inferno, who bill themselves as a gypsadelic bluegrasstani experience. We can't wait to check out what that is all about. Opening for Hillbilly Inferno, at 7:30p, is Robert Eldridge, one of the most eclectic and interesting guitarists out there and all around great guy. $7

Saturday we have The-Quiz-Who-Must-Not-Be Named. Geeks Who Drink present a Harry Potter Themed trivia quiz. The first quiz at 2pm has sold out. There is still space left for the 5pm quiz. Call 303-GO-DNOTE to make reservations. $5pp, $30 per team. And don't forget to bring our Phoenix Feather-core wand.

At 7:30pm on Saturday we have a benefit for The Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby featuring Jen Korte and The Loss, Megan Burtt and Stephen Marcus. These musicians are new to us, but we've heard great things about them and really dug what we heard on their myspace pages. Moses from the Clamdaddys has been talking up Megan Burtt for awhile now. Jen Korte's been making waves too. Check her wild version of Bill Wither's "Ain't No Sunshine" on her myspace. Wow. Great line up put together by Danielle Hastings. $10.

Late night, 11:30 we have Some Random Band. Whew!

Okay, time to sneak in an hour or so of sleep before the party begins.


D addled

Extra Credit: A poem by James Joyce dedicated to the new member of the family.

Calm in her cradle,
The living lies.
May love and mercy
Unclose her eyes

Young life is breathed
On the glass;
The world that was not,
Comes to pass.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Dee hive

Thanks to all of you for your extra effort in the honey making endeavors as of late. Keep up the good work dizzy dees.

We had some trouble with our server and last week's d-mail didn't go out. And this week's is going out way late. So here's a quick cap and hope you all get it.

FRIDAY, tonight, Schofield 7, Duke Street Kings 8:30, Quillion 10:30. Bands we know and love. Come love them with us. $5

SATURDAY. 7pm Hafla, which is always fun and of which we are always proud. Go ahead and just try to separate the dancer from the dance. Yallah! $6

10pm, A new rootsy rock high energy dance band on the scene called James and The Devil. Remember the religious fervor The Reals could whip up? These guys can get it going. This show will be in coordination with a kick off art show for a super cool new art collective called Denver Creative Movement. $5.

That's the quick draw,

Billy D Kid

Extra Credit: Last weekend we had a benefit for a school that Mama DeGraff is helping to put together in an impoverished corner of Uganda. So we wrote a long impassioned d-mail all about it. But, because of the server problems, that d-mail never got sent out. If you want to help contribute to an amazing school that can use all the help it can get, then make a contribution here. Every little bit counts. For instance $22 buys a new desk, $160 pays for a teacher for the duration of a class, etc. To inspire you we will repeat here the poem that never got sent out last week. It is by 12 year old Kalanzi Kajubi from Uganda.


I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I hear a steady beat tapping in unison with my heart.

I want to live a life for those around me and not for me alone.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I pretend that I am in the many books that I read.

I feel that I will accomplish much in life.

I touch keys on a piano and I play my self away.

I worry that my grandfather will die before he sees me succeed.

I cry for all the dying people in the world.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I understand that life will not always be as easy for me as it is now.

I say that if you put your mind to it you can reach any goal.

I try to live my life to the fullest before my life is over.

I hope to see a woman president before I die.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.