Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Thirtieth, two thousand and ten

D lovelies

First off we have a bit of news. Karaoke on Thursday nights is on a hiatus. In the meantime we are going to hold a percussion jam, starting tonight. We've rounded up some great local drummers, including Mohammad Alidu, Alejandro Costano and Ben Long. This is an open session, which means you are welcome to join the fray. (Note, when we say "the fray" we don't mean "The Fray". This is not likely to confuse too many of you, but, as some of you old timers may remember, The Fray played a few of their first gigs in our room.)

Friday we have the next installment of our Art Walk. We have Matt Reniker and Matt Kirk up currently. Matt Reniker's work was brought to us by Moses, of The Clamdaddys. Matt Kirk's work was introduced to us by Zebra Junction. Come check it out, along with the artwork displayed in the rest of a revitalized Olde Town. At 5pm we have Cody Crump playing. This kid is remarkably good. At 7pm we have the FTP band. FTP's Steve Werge's is VP of Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO) and has been bringing us some great music showcases on Tuesdays this last year, so it will nice to hear his band for a change. At 8:30p we have a new country-ish band THE MCCRAE. This band won Best of People's Fair this year. Come hear why. Then 10:30p we have the awesome Jonny Barber and The Rhythm Razors. Jonny Barber has played the D Note as Velvet Elvis a few times. Always entertaining in any guise. Plus, one of the hottest bass players you will ever see. $7

Saturday evening, at 6pm, we have something unique. Emerging Latina/Indigenous Composer and Saxophonist Asia Fajardo-Wright is debuting her show Omecihuatl Rising, A tribute to the Divine Feminine. Omecihuatl Rising consists of three works. These works utilize cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural improvisation fused with experimental musical
forms. That is, Fajardo-Wright has infused dancing, painting, symbolic staging, and world percussion into her musical compositions.We love having these one of a kind theater works at the D Note. Please come support. $8.

Saturday night at 8pm we have more unleashed creativity. James and The Devil is back with Denver Creative Movement. James And The Devil is a great band, perhaps even The Fray of tomorrow. Denver Creative Movement is a local collective that gathers in the name of expression. Tripsin Effect and North! to Nowhere also playing. There will be live painting at this show too. $5

So there you go, another fun-filled weekend brought to you by the letter D.


D termined

Extra Credit: Poet and friend Michael Gizzi died a few days ago, age 56. Here are some haunting lines from his book My Terza Rima, shared with us by the poet Karen Weiser, via Facebook.

I often start over
in a dark wood
the door in the cloud

is not heaven
as newly dead
perhaps I'll become

a dream just night

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