Thursday, September 2, 2010

September second, two thousand and ten

D Port

When you think of all that really happens in a week it is overwhelming. If you tried to write every thought and occurrence down it would fill a few gigabytes of data, a fat set of encyclopedias at least. And yet it seems to our hurried mind as if the last week has gone by in a wink.

Therefore let us slow down this weekend and appreciate some art. This Friday we are excited to be part of the first official Olde Town Arvada Art Walk. Several establishments around the area will be showcasing art. For our part we have a show by Scramble Campbell with a soundtrack of live jazz. Scramble currently has some work up at The Arvada Center. All of his pieces are painted during live music performances. One of the works up now is a beautiful black and white portrait of Henry Butler playing the D Note a few years back. Come meet the artist and get involved in the art scene in Olde Town.

We have a couple of blues rock bands playing their first D Note gigs Friday night, Blues Torch at 8pm and The Average Joe Band at 10pm. $5.

Saturday we Raising Cain at 7pm, which features Anya Thompson of Music Train Fame. Then we have Jonny Barber and The Rhythm Razors at 9pm, which features Jonny Barber of Velvet Elvis fame. And we end up the night with one of our favorite local Ween-style rock bands, Junk Drawer at 11pm. $5.

Sunday salsa is always great on a three day weekend. And Monday? Be laborless. Also, come down for some open mike madness with Jay Ryan.

Ship is sailing,

D bark

Extra Credit: Here's an inquisitive poem by David St. John that was published in the Denver Quarterly, 2010.

Ghost Aurora

All of the apostles, the fortune tellers, all of those committed
to the origins of reason or faith—each is now lost in the hum

of her or his own deepening meditation. What could be the purpose
of those songs the troubadour from Avignon brought us in his leather bag?

What could be the meaning of the carvings of green falcons along
the gourd-like back of his lute? What could be more useful than a loving

principle lifted slowly out of particles, like the frond of a morning fern
uncurling? Take up your coat; take up the morning. This is what it means

to lure the phantom out of the dark, until she lifts us into the space of song.

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