Friday, September 10, 2010

September tenth, two thousand and ten

The Boulder newspaper said a few days ago that the best chance of containing the Boulder fire would be to pray for rain. It seemed strange for a city newspaper to call for prayer. Were they serious? Was it tongue in cheek? But then, lo and behold, it rained! So that begs the question: was the rain the result of fervent prayer, or was it pure luck? Which would you tend to believe? Either way, hallelujah!

This Friday we have George Christiansen playing the Friday Afternoon Concert at 5pm (free). Mike Morter (from Churchill) plays a solo gig at 7pm, Then the Jagtones at 8:30pm and Empty Affair at 11pm.

Saturday day we have Serenade in Blue Big Band at 2pm (free). Then we have a student Belly Dance show at 5:30pm (free) and then we have 4 indie bands to close out the night, Icarus Thump (8p), Firebird 4000 (9p), Off Color (10p) and My Friend Tom (11p) $5.

Finally, for you loyal fans. If you have the time to put up a positive review of the D Note on YELP that could really help us out. And for taking the time and effort to share their view we would like to buy you a beer next time you come in. Just bring us a copy of the review or show it to us. Thanks!

And thanks for being you,

D fine

Extra Credit: Our friend Cedar Sigo has a new book out on City LIghts called Stranger In Town. Here is a terrific poem from that book, somehow relevant for the D Note.

Port Orchard

When the song birds arrive

liquormen of the world
will squirm
& snarl
& scheme
It is more about
what the ROOM wants

I wish she were Duke Wayne

But with face and figure

willingness to come apart
smoke up
drink down
To be a con man
is gathering dust

drifting in &
changing then
the walk of
the little town

us purple hearts just care for
that passing life (Lives)
I am growing to love the wait

"fancy" a toss. What is the
cost to drink in
the other room?

A first born son, one silver
A wedding
under chandelier

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