Thursday, February 25, 2010


D tangles,

How are you on this jingle-jangle morning? Or is it still morning? Suppose it all depends upon the angle of the sun. Are you feeling old-fangled or new? Suppose it all depends upon the angle of your view.

Tonight, Thursday, 2/25, at 9pm, after trivia, we'll have the second monthly installment of Improv at The D Note, which will include local troupes and a fantastic troupe from Chicago called Beautiful Horses. Last month we laughed harder than we had for a long time. Funny stuff, and the more of you that come support, the funnier it will be. Matt Need from Uncle Nasty show will be there too and if you say "Hail Nasty" you get in free. Otherwise it is $5.

Got a long beautiful night of music tomorrow. Starts off with the curious gypsy jazz of Blue Avenue: great folks, great musicians and eclectic, even known to cover The Cure. 6:30p. Then at 8pm we have the return of 7even Days Till Sunrise and 2:10 Special, which falls into the poprock category. At 10:30 we have the Sublime intellihop style of Thinking Kap from Idledale Colorado. Finally, around midnight, we have the experimental intellihop of SnubKnowz.
And don't think you are getting off without a full day on Saturday too!

10:30am we have Zumba, dance workout choice of the stars. This is your week to join.

2pm we a beer tasting with Lagunitas. Free pint for members of D Note Pint Club.

4pm we have a benefit for the Sooper Credit Union Community Foundation. This was brought to us by Ken and Jill Fellman and it should be a beautiful afternoon of music for a great cause. Sentimental Sounds Big Band Orchestra is donating there time. There will also be a silent auction. $10 donation.

7pm we have a second benefit for a breast cancer survivor with a Meters style funk/rock band, The Reformers.

9pm we have 2Mex (of The Visionaries) from California w. Sick Illutions, Fresh Breath Committee, 2012, Evil Miro and The KBP. $7 over 21, $10 under. A really hot show, will be off the hook.

Next Tuesday at 8:30p we have a couple cool bands, Trees And Trashcans w/ And Lungs They Burn. FREE.

Next Saturday Hazel Miller.

And we are oubt,

D oubt

Extra credit: A clever, but poignant poem by Gevorg Emin, translated by Diana der Hovanessian

The Question Mark

Poor thing. Poor crippled measure
of punctuation. Who would know,
who could imagine you used to be
an exclamation point?
What force bent you over?
Age, time and other vices
of this century?
Did you not once evoke,
call out and stress?
But you got weary of it all,
got wise, and turned like this

Thursday, February 18, 2010

D Note turns 7!

D factos,

We are 7 years old. Hurrah! Seems like way longer than 7 years. Seems like only yesterday. So it goes. Here we are, still, against many odds, and it only took a village to make it happen. Thanks so much to all of you.

For our birthday party we have a worthy line up. First Slo Children, a band consisting of Adam and Jeremy D, Adam Ferrill, Jax and maybe Alejandro Castano, will do a set of D Note classics (In D Note, Lower Arvada Blues, Captain of The Sea, etc) at 6pm. Then our hero Greg Harris will bring his excellent Vibe Quintet to get the dance floor hopping at 7p. After GHVQ one of the most fun reggae dance bands we know, Lion Vibes, will take the stage at 8:30pm. Lion Vibes is followed by a great reggae band, The Desciples at 10p and then at midnight Thrill (our web designer) will throw down an electro set while our GM, MC Dozha unleashes a torrent of word. $7. Come celebrate with us!

Note: 6pm Friday night there will be a wine education by prof. Tony Chadwick of Synergist wines for $10.

Saturday starts early, 10:30am, with our second week of Zumba. We got a dozen of you out last week and everyone had a blast. Not a bad beginning at all. Please come join the fun. You'll be glad you did.

At 4pm we have the Mardi Gras edition of The Music Train Family Concert Series. Local legend Aden Harrell and friends will be playing Mardi Gras songs for the whole family. $7 adults/$3 kids.

We have The Zen Cowgirls 6:30p and then The Jagtones back in the house at 8pm. We'll be doing double duty at the D Note, dancing and donating. The Jagtones are generously giving all door proceeds to Haiti relief. $10 suggested donation. The Jagtones are a fun cover band and always manage to get the house rocking.

Ever and anon,

D La Soul

Extra Credit: If you read enough poems you inevitably get to where you start to see poetry everywhere. See for instance the following paragraph, taken from an article about Charlie Parker by Geoffrey C. Ward in the Nov, 2000 Vanity Fair we found in a discarded at the local gymnasium.

Found Poem (for Bird)

Nothing musical was ever alien
to Charlie Parker. He often drank
at a midtown bar whose jukebox
was stocked with country music.
When one of his acolytes asked why
he liked to hear songs they
thought were corny, he answered,
"Listen. Listen to the stories."
A friend remembered leaving him
transfixed in a Manhattan snowstorm
late one night, unable to tear himself
away from the thump and blare
of a Salvation Army band. Another
told of driving with him through
the countryside when someone
remarked idly that livestock loved
music. Parker asked the driver
to stop, assembled his horn, stalked
into the field, and gravely played
choruses to a bewildered cow.


D hearts

No time to waste. We've got some holidays to hype!

First we have Mardi Gras party this Friday. Couldn't be a better line up, even if you were in New Orleans. Otone Brass Band plays at 7p, $8. Otone Brass Band does New Orleans style originals and they are nothing short of fantastic. Then at 9pm we have The Creole Zydeco Farmers, Louisiana's finest Old Skool band. Just check out the photo of these guys on The Colorado Friends Of Cajun/Zydeco website. $15. There will be lots of beads, lots of dancing, lots of spirit.

Saturday morning at 10:30am we have our first ZUMBA class. This is a new kind of work-out that is dance oriented and super fun. Come help us get the Zumba party started. $8.

Saturday at 5pm-7pm we have Kana Ka Pila, a event which features hawaiin musicians in a traditional jam. FREE. Very romantic date material for Valentine's Day BTW.

Saturday night, in case you don't want the date to end early, or prefer it to start late, we have 3 funk/groove bands, Night Groove at 7:30p, Burning Abigail at 9p and Stan Jones Band at 11p. Dance, dance, love. $5.

Sunday we have Aden Harrell trio playing a special Valentine's set for the Baby Boogie. THIS is the way to spend Valentine's day with the family.

Sunday night we have a special addition of Salsa too. Could there be a better way to impress your mamacita on Valentine's day than to give her salsa lessons and then sweep her off her feet to a full salsa band? The answer is the same in spanish as english. No. And for $8 it is affordable.

See, we got you covered for the holidays! Oops, what about President's day? Hmm. Oh, okay, we'll do a special open stage this Monday just for the heck of it. Come dressed as your favorite president and host Jay Ryan will give you presidential treatment.

Oh and next Tuesday is national Animal Day and so we have a fundraiser for Table Mountain Animal Shelter with a band called The Mellow Johnnies. Kidding about the holiday. Not kidding about the fundraiser.

And next Friday is another holiday, the 7th anniversary of the D Note w/ Lion Vibes, Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, Desciples, Dozha, Thrill and Slo Children.

Hope you will help us celebrate...ALL OF IT!

Rainbows and unicorns,

D liver

Extra Credit: We often find ourselves trying to remember the following poem by Rumi. We send it out now to all of you, with love.

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


D Forest,

As many of you know by now, J.D. Salinger left the planet last week. One of the greatest literary characters of all time is Salinger's poet Seymour Glass. The name can be heard as a directive, "See more glass." The directive is ambiguous. Is the glass a mirror? Or does the glass refer to a window? The world beyond the glass is implied, but it is the glass itself, the medium, we are being directed to notice more closely. The name is a koan, a riddle, a kind of miniature poem, and we invoke it by raising our glass in farewell to the great writer.

Then let us party. We can start with the progressive jazz of the John Lake Ensemble at 9pm tonight, Feb 4, after trivia. $5.

Friday night we start with an art opening for Robin Munro. The show is already up and it's a doozy. Come meet the man behind the art while DJ Sneakypants spins a set. At 8pm we have a night of indie rock with King For a Day, New Ben Franklins and Dave Boylan Band. $5.

Saturday starting early we have Arvada's ninth annual Chocolate Affair 11am-3p. This event, presented by the Arvada Festivals Commission and Historic Olde Town Arvada Association, features the Chocolate Therapist, Julie Pech, a Taste of Chocolate, the Chocolate Treasure Hunt, a Creative Chocolate Cookie Contest, and giant Lamp Post Hearts all over town. Calorie-craving chocolate lovers can sample chocolate-based food and drink presented by several invited chocolatiers, bakers, and restaurants. Get one ticket for $1.00 or six tickets for $5.00 and taste deliciously presented samples. Benefits the Arvada Ralston House. What's not to love?

At 3pm we have West Arvada Dog Park concert and benefit with the Jeffco Brass Band at 3:30p and Open Range at 4:30p. $2 cover or $5 per family. Silent auction with over 100 items.

At 6:30p we begin a benefit for Birambye International (Windpower for Rwandan Orphans) w/ Thriller Dance Lesson at 7:30p TAUGHT BY DANCER FROM ORIGINAL THRILLER VIDEO! Also performances by Willows, Earmark Saints, Sons of the Addicted. $10 suggested donation. This is a really cool, forward-thinking organization. Check out their website.

Sunday we have a Special Super Bowl Baby Boogie. Bring the kids to boogie and enjoy the game. $1 off drafts for parents and special Pigskin Pizza Pie for the kids.

Next Saturday at 10am we begin ZUMBA, a dance based work-out that is fun and addictive. $8.

Among D trees,

D fir

Extra Credit: Last week we had 4 translations of Mallarme's poem Petit Air along with the original French version. We put out a call for a new translation and Jax Delaguerre took up the challenge. This version may lose some of the evocative syntactic slipperiness of the original, but gains accessibility and more than a touch of the personal.

Petit Air

A lonely spot,
No swan, no dock,
As jaded as my own

Here the morning glory
Grows above my reach
Freckled by the heavens
With all the golds of sunset.

Langourous as linen falling
From my love's disrobing
The firebird soars warbling
To a perch just past my shoulder.

It all washes over me suddenly,
Your delight in your nakedness.