Thursday, February 25, 2010


D tangles,

How are you on this jingle-jangle morning? Or is it still morning? Suppose it all depends upon the angle of the sun. Are you feeling old-fangled or new? Suppose it all depends upon the angle of your view.

Tonight, Thursday, 2/25, at 9pm, after trivia, we'll have the second monthly installment of Improv at The D Note, which will include local troupes and a fantastic troupe from Chicago called Beautiful Horses. Last month we laughed harder than we had for a long time. Funny stuff, and the more of you that come support, the funnier it will be. Matt Need from Uncle Nasty show will be there too and if you say "Hail Nasty" you get in free. Otherwise it is $5.

Got a long beautiful night of music tomorrow. Starts off with the curious gypsy jazz of Blue Avenue: great folks, great musicians and eclectic, even known to cover The Cure. 6:30p. Then at 8pm we have the return of 7even Days Till Sunrise and 2:10 Special, which falls into the poprock category. At 10:30 we have the Sublime intellihop style of Thinking Kap from Idledale Colorado. Finally, around midnight, we have the experimental intellihop of SnubKnowz.
And don't think you are getting off without a full day on Saturday too!

10:30am we have Zumba, dance workout choice of the stars. This is your week to join.

2pm we a beer tasting with Lagunitas. Free pint for members of D Note Pint Club.

4pm we have a benefit for the Sooper Credit Union Community Foundation. This was brought to us by Ken and Jill Fellman and it should be a beautiful afternoon of music for a great cause. Sentimental Sounds Big Band Orchestra is donating there time. There will also be a silent auction. $10 donation.

7pm we have a second benefit for a breast cancer survivor with a Meters style funk/rock band, The Reformers.

9pm we have 2Mex (of The Visionaries) from California w. Sick Illutions, Fresh Breath Committee, 2012, Evil Miro and The KBP. $7 over 21, $10 under. A really hot show, will be off the hook.

Next Tuesday at 8:30p we have a couple cool bands, Trees And Trashcans w/ And Lungs They Burn. FREE.

Next Saturday Hazel Miller.

And we are oubt,

D oubt

Extra credit: A clever, but poignant poem by Gevorg Emin, translated by Diana der Hovanessian

The Question Mark

Poor thing. Poor crippled measure
of punctuation. Who would know,
who could imagine you used to be
an exclamation point?
What force bent you over?
Age, time and other vices
of this century?
Did you not once evoke,
call out and stress?
But you got weary of it all,
got wise, and turned like this

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