Thursday, March 4, 2010

D Note letter 3/4/10

Dear Notes of Symphony #1 by Beethoven, the dog, as interpreted by Lady Gaga,

How are things? Sorry, we got a little carried away with the greeting there. But sometimes, in order to remain true to our ideals, we allow ourselves to get carried away. It is like a reverse mullet; party in front, business in back.

Tonight, Thursday March 4, at 9pm, after Geeks Who Drink trivia, we have DJ DKO, an Ableton Solo Artist & Multi-Instrumentalist DJ remixing covers & originals via live looping w/ electric trombone, virtual synths, vocoder & lemur. Darren Kramer (DJ DKO) is a serious musical cat with a jazz background and we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of crazy sounds he puts together. $5

Friday at 7pm we have Cool Shooz, a classic rock acapella group. Then we have a classic cover dance band playing at 9pm called After Babylon. $5.

Saturday at 3pm we have Serenade In Blue. Here's the way they describe themselves, "DENVER'S MOST DANCEABLE BIG BAND - I have a Denver home-grown 14-piece traditional jazz big band called Dr. Bill Valentine's SERENADE IN BLUE SWING BAND. We play standard big band dance music of 1935 to 1950 and some 60's. The music repertoire includes ballads, waltzes, swing, Latin, and light rock dance music. We also have three vocalists within the band. Our goal is to keep alive the music traditions of World War II's big band dance music; music that was played by Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Harry James, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glen Gray, Jimmy Dorsey, Les Brown." $8

At 7:30pm Saturday we have HAZEL MILLER (at 7:30pm). Get there early for a seat. Savanna Rose warms the crowd at 6:30p. $10.

At 9:30pm Saturday Clusterfunk comes in with their brand of dance-happy rock and roll. $5.

Reminders: Saturday 10pm, ZUMBA (getting stronger week by week). Sunday, Baby Boogie starting at 2pm with Aden Harrell playing live at 4pm, Salsa lessons at 8pm with La Candela starting at 9:30pm. Monday open stage with Jay Ryan (sign up 6:30pm), Tuesday 9pm Green Mountain, Wednesday Arvada Business Connection at 6pm, Clamdaddys blues jam at 8pm. All this is on the online calendar in case you forget.

We'll see you at the after party.


D note concluding the symphony by Beethoven, the dog, as interpreted by Lady Gaga

Extra Credit: We randomly opened Wallace Stevens Collected Poems last night to find a poem to read out loud to an unborn child. This is the poem we found.

Nomad Exquisite

As the immense dew of Florida
Brings forth
The big-finned palm
And green vine angering for life,

As the immense dew of Florida
Brings forth hymn and hymn
From the beholder,
Beholding all these green sides
And gold sides of green sides,

And blessed mornings,
Meet for the eye of the young alligator,
And lightning colors
So, in me, come flinging
Forms, flames, and the flakes of flames.

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