Friday, April 9, 2010


Dee hive

Thanks to all of you for your extra effort in the honey making endeavors as of late. Keep up the good work dizzy dees.

We had some trouble with our server and last week's d-mail didn't go out. And this week's is going out way late. So here's a quick cap and hope you all get it.

FRIDAY, tonight, Schofield 7, Duke Street Kings 8:30, Quillion 10:30. Bands we know and love. Come love them with us. $5

SATURDAY. 7pm Hafla, which is always fun and of which we are always proud. Go ahead and just try to separate the dancer from the dance. Yallah! $6

10pm, A new rootsy rock high energy dance band on the scene called James and The Devil. Remember the religious fervor The Reals could whip up? These guys can get it going. This show will be in coordination with a kick off art show for a super cool new art collective called Denver Creative Movement. $5.

That's the quick draw,

Billy D Kid

Extra Credit: Last weekend we had a benefit for a school that Mama DeGraff is helping to put together in an impoverished corner of Uganda. So we wrote a long impassioned d-mail all about it. But, because of the server problems, that d-mail never got sent out. If you want to help contribute to an amazing school that can use all the help it can get, then make a contribution here. Every little bit counts. For instance $22 buys a new desk, $160 pays for a teacher for the duration of a class, etc. To inspire you we will repeat here the poem that never got sent out last week. It is by 12 year old Kalanzi Kajubi from Uganda.


I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I hear a steady beat tapping in unison with my heart.

I want to live a life for those around me and not for me alone.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I pretend that I am in the many books that I read.

I feel that I will accomplish much in life.

I touch keys on a piano and I play my self away.

I worry that my grandfather will die before he sees me succeed.

I cry for all the dying people in the world.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I understand that life will not always be as easy for me as it is now.

I say that if you put your mind to it you can reach any goal.

I try to live my life to the fullest before my life is over.

I hope to see a woman president before I die.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

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