Thursday, April 1, 2010


D vine,

So as many of you already know, this D Note deal was put together by the DeGraff brothers, along with some big faith help from their friends and family. One of the earliest supporters was the mother of the DeGraff brood, Pamela McCormick, who we will from here forward refer to as Mom. Mom not only invested finances into the D Note, but also time. She used to help out quite a bit in our early days. Some of you may have even been around long enough to remember her famous Scotcheroos rice crispy treats. People would come from as far as Little Rock Arkansas to try one of Mom's Scotcheroos.

Since her kids have finally all grown up (debatable) Mom needed a new direction for her momming. So, with the help of an organization called H.E.L.P. she started a school in an impoverished section of Uganda. The Beacon School, as it is called, has about 150 students so far, kids who otherwise would have no formal education. It has been a real joy to watch all of this develop. It is also educational learning about the process and the details that go into every decision. A new development we just learned about pertains to a local Ugandan they found to make the desks by hand for $22 a piece. Not only does this save shipping costs, but it also helps the local economy. Neat.

The reason for telling you all this is that we are going to have a fundraiser for the school at the D Note this coming SATURDAY night and want to invite you all. We have amazing entertainment lined up for the show as we hope you would expect. Dave Beegle opens at 6pm, a phenomenal guitar maestro. Then we have Aden Harrell's African Boom at 7:30 pm, a concoction of African drumming and jazz that musical mastermind Aden Harrell has whipped up. We're intrigued. At 9pm we have Andrea Ball. Andrea is making waves in the indie scene in Denver and beyond. Her new album was just reviewed by Westword. We hope you will come out to help support Mom and all of her kids. $10 suggested donation (which will pay for half almost half a desk!)

We also, of course, have so much more going on. Tonight, THURSDAY, April 1, we have trivia at 6:30, which should be especially fun on April Fools Day. Then, at 9pm, we have a perfect band for the occasion, Meyette and the Woof Woofs, a heavy metal polka band which features a lead singing (yodeling) dog named Meyette. You gotta see this act to believe it. Playing along with the Woof Woofs, for reals, is Dr. Demento favorites Little Fyoder and Babushka and The Inactivists. Ever listen to Dr. Demento's radio show? These guys are all regulars. We love any excuse to get weird. Perfect entertainment for April Fools Day. $5.

Tomorrow night, FRIDAY, we have two good bluegrass bands start the night, Trout Steak Revival (7p) and Mountain Holler (8:30p). You folks that have been requesting bluegrass? Here you go. $5.

Then we switch up to rock and roll at 9pm FRIDAY with The Say So and Consider The Raven. The Say So is an ambient rock quartet from Arvada. Consider The Raven is really pretty indie rock a la Paper Bird. Listen to the song "Child, Little Child" on their myspace. $5.

We also have a VERY cool indie show next Tuesday with Mehko and The Ocean Birds, Gavin Castleton and Dustin Perricone. Take a second to look at the strange website for Gavin. And Mehko is a true experience. $5.

Fool for love,

D mento

Extra Credit: Why not share a poem from 12 year old Kalanzi Kajubi from Uganda?


I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I hear a steady beat tapping in unison with my heart.

I want to live a life for those around me and not for me alone.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I pretend that I am in the many books that I read.

I feel that I will accomplish much in life.

I touch keys on a piano and I play my self away.

I worry that my grandfather will die before he sees me succeed.

I cry for all the dying people in the world.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

I understand that life will not always be as easy for me as it is now.

I say that if you put your mind to it you can reach any goal.

I try to live my life to the fullest before my life is over.

I hope to see a woman president before I die.

I am a persevering person who enjoys drumming.

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