Thursday, November 18, 2010

D Note love letter, 11/18/10

D follicles,

This Saturday, November 20, we have our second annual Beard And Mustache Showdown. Last year's was a lot of fun and this year will be even better. The event is growing like, um, well, you know. The Showdown was conceived when Monica D happened upon a similar event in Anchorage Alaska, a state with prodigious facial hair. But Colorado is no slouch in that department either. We are looking forward to seeing your mustacherpieces. 6:30pm is registration if you are entering the Showdown. Monica puts together very cool prizes including art by the artist currently showing at D Note, Rachel Westforth. A band aptly named Bonnie and the Beard is opening at 7pm. <(We highly encourage checking out their myspace, very cool music.) The beer tasting w/ several breweries, including Dry Dock Brewery also starts at 7pm. The Showdown is at 8pm. The bluegrass band Acoustic Mining Company plays at 8:30pm. We announce winners at 9:30pm and Oakhurst is headlining at 10pm. Oakhurst an awesome fun bluegrass band. The best part is that the whole thing is a benefit for Denver Girls And Boys Club Of America so your money is very well spent. $10 cover/ $20 for beer tasting/ $20 for contest entry. Check out the fantastic poster Matt Dougherty did for the Beard And Mustache Showdown here.

Friday night we have a special acoustic set from Quillion for the FFAC (free Friday afternoon concert) at 5pm. The at 7pm we have Dave Tamkin in from L.A. with Michael Adam, and Seth Bradley $7. Smooth and beautiful.

Then we have the return of DJ Chonz at 10pm. The premier last week was off the hook. Chonz had DJ Nunez and DJ Tenacity open up for him and they were great. But his set topped it like a fireworks display of pop bravado. And the dance floor was popping like Reddenbockers. He threw so much into the mix, including surprises like Bell Biv Devoe and even Harry Belafonte. Can't wait for this week. $5 cover. Ladies FREE!

Thursday nights we have Martin Gilmore leading a bluegrass jam at 9pm, after trivia. Last week was the second week and already 10 excellent pickers were there. Come play or just enjoy.

Next Tuesday we have our chef Taj Ray's band The Hacks playing with The Misadventures. Good to get a little punk back in the house.

Okay, that's plenty of news. For the rest of the schedule check out

Love youse

D raffe

Extra Credit: Here is a poem Adam D wrote for his daughter. Forgive the nepotism.

Portrait of Sofia, Six Weeks Old

There is your mouth, pursed
in concentration; absolute focus
on a simple necessity. The eyes

are not focused on anything yet,
but are wide in their birth, like
a poet's lost-in-wonder look.

The eyes are for later.
The mouth points in hunger.
In the hunger of the mouth

goes the wonder of milk,
shown here in the eyes as a gleam
of innocent desire. In the far away dream

of the eyes is the pleasure of taste,
the land of milk and honey.
It is providence, not as promise,

but as fact, in your infinitely open eyes.

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