Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

D mericans,

For those of you with internet, wink wink, take a listen to A.I.R., possibly the best internet radio station we've run across. Like now might be a good time. If you listen long enough you are bound to hear a tune by the band coming in this Friday night to the D Note, SAMBADENDE. Formed several years ago in Boulder, this percussion heavy Brazilian band has become a formidable source of Brazilian music. And we are lucky to have them in Arvada. We love having this kind of multi-cultural music at the D Note, but remember, your support counts. We really want to be able to bring Sambadende back again. So tell your friends and come dance. Opening for Sambadende is the brazilian jazz of Francisco Marques and Dexter Payne 7-9pm. $10 for the evening.

Opening for the Brazilian jazz on Friday, from 5-6:30, for the D Note FAC, will be Ben Long.

Saturday we have Zumba at 10:30pm, a reminder for those of you who are ready to get down and shape up.

At 3pm Saturday we have a terrific big band jazz group called Serenade In Blue. Come dance the afternoon away in classic style. $8

At 6:45pm Saturday we have one of our favorite local bands, The Saurus. Just killer genius jazz and hip hop fried seemlessly together. Free.

(Speaking of killer jazz, a reminder that we have D Note Summer Jazz Fest coming up Aug 14 with Ron Miles, Greg harris, Serafin Sanchez, Lelah Simon, Alejandro Castano, Tyson Ailshe, Antwon Owens and many more.)

Saturday night we have 3 solid local bands, Bret Sloan, Trees and Trashcans and Conscious Elliot. All these artists are worth checking out, but start with Trees and Trashcans Bike Song on their myspace. Great song, kind of Moldy Peaches with a little Soweto guitar thrown into the mix. $5

Sunday morning we have the official GRAND OPENING of the MELLOW CELLO BREAKFAST BRUNCH. We have a whole new brunch menu which features pizzas with eggs, hashbrowns, country sausage, bananas, nuts, etc. It is a beautifully conceived menu and our tongues are excited. Our ears too. Monica Sales will be womanning the cello. Adam and Jeremy D will come play a few mellow tunes too. We can't wait to try the breakfast pies. The frittata looks great as well. Also featuring $10 bottomless bloody marys and mimosas.

Next Wednesday we have a Farewell, So Long, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye party for the Genkes. Lisa Genke was the smiling bartender with the long red dreads you've been digging at the D Note for years now. She and Scott are leaving for Wisconsin and will be sorely missed. Come next Wednesday while the Clamdaddys play and send them off with extra love.

Thanks for everything,

D nada

Extra Credit. On Internet BBC radio show "Poetry Please" we heard a poem by performance poet Rachel Pantechnicon. Here it is.


My mother used to say:

“Rachel, don’t mix with the folk-song girls,
the folk-song girls from the Folk Estate,
staying out, going out in their calico dresses,
irrespective of the season.
They hang around the parade of cowsheds
at weekends for no discernible reason.
I’ve seen them in the park, in the dark,
sniffing nosegays on the park benches.

And Rachel, stop drinking out of my vase,
it isn’t a wassail bowl.
Turn out your pockets –
what’s that you’ve got, another piece of coal?
Have you been listening to that song
About the Durham pit lockouts of 1861 again?

No, I’m not interested in your so-called new friends,
Nancy, Polly, Betty;
That awful music they listen to,
that horrible group The Yetties –

And what do you want a pet skylark for?
You’ve already got a guinea-pig
that you never clean out.”