Thursday, October 28, 2010


Haunted D House,

Our favorite season is upon us. Why does the D Note take so well to Halloween? Because Halloween is, arguably, the most imaginative of the holidays. And just why is it that Halloween the most imaginative of the holidays? We'll leave the answer to that question up to your imagination.

Friday night we begin the festivities at 5pm with a the annual all-Halloween themed performance by Slo Children, a band comprised of D Noters Adam and Jeremy DeGraff, Adam Ferrill and Jax Delaguerre. Free.

Then at 7pm we have the annual Halloween visit from Wendy Woo (Her last name alone clinches her for the gig). At 9pm Duke Street Kings bring their D-Game and 11pm the terrific Quillion returns to the house to take you into the witching hour. $7. The dress up theme for the night is Zombies vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas. But you are only limited by your imagination.

Saturday at 1pm we have fundraiser for Colorado Cross-Disablities Coalition, with music by Andy Ard and The Dangsayers. Costumes encouraged. $15 suggested donation.

Then at 4pm we have a family style concert with local classic rock band Krisis. $3/$5 per family

Finally at 7pm we have a Honkeytonk Halloween Show with the terrific Haldon Wofford and The Hi-Beams. Martin Gilmore and Bonnie and The Clydes are opening the show. Westword named it one of the best 24 Halloween parties to attend in Denver this yer and did a nice article about this show. Check it out here. Thanks to Spunky for putting this show together! You can hear a podcast of a recent KGNU Caberet appearance by Wofford and the boys on Spunky's blog. This show is also a benefit for FightWithFood. Bring canned goods for the homeless and hungry and receive a beautiful signed poster of the show designed by Matt Dougherty. $10

Sunday we have a special Halloween baby boogie from 2-6pm, with a costume contest in which everyone who participates is a winner! Bring your kids in so we can see their costumes, please!

Sunday night we have our 7th annual (!!!) Halloween Salsa Bash. $100 prize for best costume, $50 for second and $25 for third. Sabor De La Calle will be the band on board that night to keep the energy going. Plus, lots of candy.

Once again, thanks to Diandra for decorating the bat cave. The giant bat she made over the stage, whom she calls Herbert, is a wonder to behold, as are the sentinel bats on either side of the stage.

And, finally, a reminder to work on your beard and mustache designs for The Beard And Mustache show Nov. 20.

spooks and sparks,

D bones

Extra Credit: Here's a short and scary poem by Richard Wilbur.

Terza Rima

In this great form, as Dante proved in Hell,
There is no dreadful thing that can't be said
In passing. Here, for instance, one could tell

How our jeep skidded sideways toward the dead
Enemy soldier with the staring eyes,
Bumping a little as it struck his head,

And then flew on, as if toward Paradise.

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