Thursday, June 3, 2010


D lights,

There is a show this Friday night that we've been excited about for awhile. In fact we're gonna give it a whole three paragraphs.

Many of you may already know of Ian Cooke. He's an utterly unique and infectious songwriter who inventively accompanies himself on Cello and a loop station. He can be awe-inspiring.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich is a singer song writer with a lot of buzz. Here's a little excerpt from the Westword: "Meet Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Yes, the name. We know. Not big fans ourselves. Still, trust us: This is your new favorite singer-songwriter. If you have a functioning pair of hearing devices, we think you'll agree. This bewitching little gal (aka Danielle Anderson) from Fort Collins has the most beguiling voice we've heard since Jude Avers. And her songs are equally mesmerizing, with incisive lyrics on par with Rosie Thomas. Don't just take our word for it, either. After you check out her take on "Rich Girl" after the jump, head over to her MySpace page and listen to "Bribes," "Ode to Optophobia" and "Handsome Girl." Stunning. Absolutely stunning. We're bananas over the moon for Danielle Ate the Sandwich."

Candy Claws plays at 10:30pm. We heard about this band from our friend Dave Outhouse who is a DJ at the University of San Louis Obispo radio station. He asked us if we had heard about a band from Ft. Collins called Candy Claws. They were a station favorite he said. So we promptly asked them to play this gig and they said yes. Candy Claws is strange underwater sea creature music. Check out their terrific song Lantern Fish on their myspace.

Wait, here's a fourth paragraph. This show is our first collaboration with Radio 1190, a little oasis amidst the detritus of corporate radio culture. About time! Also playing this night is Dustin Reid (opening 7pm) and another up and coming band called Good Evening Titan (ambient indie pop). This will be one of those shows that sticks out in our memory twenty five years from now. $7.

Rolling into Saturday, a really all out big band called Serenade In Blue plays Saturday at 3pm. $8

Saturday night at 8:30p we have the Western Conference All Starz Mixtape release party feat Spoke-In-Wordz & DJ Chonz, 20:12, Xencs & Dj Manizer and the Reminders! Hosted by Lady Speech. DJ R^2 and DJ Manoz on the 1's and 2's... presented by Latenite Entertainment and Radiobumsl DJ Chonz, who is probably the biggest local hip hop DJay will be spinning, among many other acts. We saw 20:12 do their smooth dance routines at a previous D Note show and were suitably impressed. $7

That's the weekend. We have Matt Kowal of The Reals back in the house next Friday, so look out for that one. See you soon,


D fault

Extra Credit: Here's some lyrics from Danielle Ate The Sandwich.


It's harder to get up on the right side of the bed
These days foot steps in snow make me feel less alone

I'm still hoping for some kind of X-ray vision
And I would beam into your bedroom blinds just so I knew you were alright

Acting mature is overrated I miss the days of keying cars
And spreading rumors on the bathroom stalls and locker room walls
Where we forgot we looked when no one noticed

I shut the door when you left to keep out the cold and myself
From running after you just like I saw in the movies

It's true I have my regrets we never danced on rooftops
And I have found some fake words to say when a stranger asks about our death

It won't be long before I
Forget just what it felt like
To know that I did not know anything

Even though we're disregarding
I can't help but to wonder which song you're humming
And so I sit and pretend I don't mind that I don't know you
or what your schedule might look like on any given Thursday afternoon

Somebody wrote this rulebook and so we will make the effort
to be more scarce in the social situations that we might share

It won't be long before I
Forget just what it felt like
To feel anything for you at all

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