Thursday, December 16, 2010

weekend update Dec 16, 2010

D Port,

Live music is always well worth the time, and, even, we would argue, good for the soul. So..

This Friday we have Tim Bruns and Mike Morter from the band Churchill playing the Friday Afternoon Concert from 5-7pm.

Then at 8pm Friday we have a special Christmas Flamenco show featuring Steve Mullins, Lia Ochoa and many more. Come early for a seat as they usually fill up for Flamenco. $15.

At 10pm Friday, DJ Chonz takes over the dance floor. $5. Ladies free.

(By the way DJ Chonz, arguably the best DJ in CO, is joining The Teaching (from Seattle) for our New Years Eve show this year. The night will have an old school jazzy De La Soul vibe to it and will be tons of fun. $15.)

Saturday at 4pm the Music Train Family Concert Series presents: Okee Dokee Brothers (kids and holiday tunes) $7 adults/$3 kids. Saturday

Saturday at 7pm we have a Christmas Party for PeaceJam including Brittany Williams Band (a diva in the making with an incredibly soulful voice), the Gora Gora Orchestra (balkan dance music a la Gogol Bordello) and DJ CaveM and Moetavation. CaveM has performed with artists such as Talib Kweli, Gil Scott Heron, Public Enemy, Dj Kool Herc, The Last Poets, The Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Anthony B, The Pharcyde, Mos Def and The Coup. This will be an awesome show, with proceeds going to benefit PeaceJam which is an amazing local organization that can use all the help it can get. $10 suggested donation.

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People get ready,

D train

Extra Credit: . Known as a poetic novelist, Jack Kerouac's actual poetry is strange and uniquely beautiful. Allen Ginsberg thought Kerouac was the most underrated poet of our time. Here's a couple "fun" poems of his from BOOK OF BLUES. We'll have to type it up for you as it isn't anywhere on the net.


36th chorus

I had a pointed mustache
and I mean pointed
half inch from here

Double breasted vest
and a Derby hat
and striped trousers
English shoes, black,
very pointed, they were
Hannah Shoes

People on Broadway'd turn
and look at me

The worst part is yet to come
I had a pince nez
with a long black ribbon
to my buttonhole

And I wore a carnation
white or red

Boy did I look like somethin

37th Chorus

A year later I got caught
I was dressed differently
and everything
But boy that mustache
and that pince nez
was really out of this world

I used that outfit six months
I finally had to pack it in
because it was too well-worn

Pine nez was in a coat
I stole
Mustache I grew in the sanitarium
While taking one of my
numerous drug cures

My mother'd come to see me
She says "Oh No!
Cut it off!"
"I'm just havin a little fun, mother"

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