Thursday, November 20, 2008

mid to late November, ought eight

D tocks,

Happy whatever day you say it is!

Tonight, Thursday Nov 20 we have and local heroes, Quillion at 8pm and Elana Rogers w/ Mark Maudlin (from Tequila Mockingbird). $3.

Friday night we have the return of FACE at 8pm. This show will fill up early, so come early, eat and then get your face sung off. $12. After FACE is 2:10 Special at 10:30pm, doing their own brand of Colorado rock and roll.

Saturday night we have the return of one of the best reggae bands anywhere, Lion Vibes. This band snuck right up on us over the last year. Killer hooks, very high energy, lots of fun. We would recommend you come dance to their music. $7.

During dinner hour on Saturday there is a belly dance performance by the Sultry Embers, the students of Phoenix, at 6-7:30 pm. $2 suggested donation.

And that right there is a whole lot of goodness.


D lux,

Extra Credit: Tennyson is one of those classic poets who deserves a renaissance. His poems are a trip. Here's a couple of teaser stanzas from his epic poem The Lotos-Eaters...

The charm├Ęd sunset linger'd low adown
In the red West: through mountain clefts the dale
Was seen far inland, and the yellow down
Border'd with palm, and many a winding vale
And meadow, set with slender galingale;
A land where all things always seem'd the same!
And round about the keel with faces pale,
Dark faces pale against that rosy flame,
The mild-eyed melancholy Lotos-eaters came.

Branches they bore of that enchanted stem,
Laden with flower and fruit, whereof they gave
To each, but whoso did receive of them
And taste, to him the gushing of the wave
Far far away did seem to mourn and rave
On alien shores; and if his fellow spake,
His voice was thin, as voices from the grave;
And deep-asleep he seem'd, yet all awake,
And music in his ears his beating heart did make.

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