Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mid to late December, ought eight

D ported,

One of our original intentions for the D Note was to import the culture of the rest of world to the mid-west. We grew up in the mid-west and love the mid-west, but the mid-west is a long way from the ocean, and therefore from the influences of the rich cultures of the rest of the world. We wanted to expand our horizons. Even the mural behind the D Note stage can be read as the great wave of the Pacific Ocean on the left facing the great wave of the Atlantic Ocean on the right, with ourselves as the suspended glyph in the center of the suspended waves.

Which is all a lead in to tell you that we've imported the riches of Spain across seas and over mountains for your pleasure and edification this coming Saturday night, Dec. 20. We have a spectacular flamenco show presented by Polkadot, featuring renowned flamenco artist Pablo Rodarte dancers Lisa Trujillo, Rebekah West, & Ashley Crawford, guitarists Kevin Romero & Steve Mullins, w/ special guests:dancer Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero (from Fiesta CO), dancer Lia Ochoa (from NY) and singer Veronica Medina (from Albuquerque). 7pm, $15. You can thank Deva from bliss for this one as Flamenco was her request.

After the Flamenco, at 9:30pm, we'll have Mono Verde, a fantastic new latin reggae band on the Colorado scene. $7, 9pm. So there ya go, mid-west, the world at your doorstep.

But we're not only in the import business, we're in the export business too. Friday night we have lots of local flavor, including three bands from as local as Arvada. We've got the jazz trio Blue Avenue at 5pm, $5,Tyler Porter at 7:30pm, the electric pop of In Search Of Shorelines at 7:30pm, the prog grunge sensibilities of Ten Percent Genius at 8:45PM and the new generation of good old-fashioned blues rock with Delphic Tone at 10pm. $6.

This Thursday night, Dec. 18, come swing with the big band jazz of the Jefferson County Swing Band. It's a free show and last year they packed the joint with swingers. Er, swing dancers. 7:30pm.

Heads up for New Year's Eve: we'll have the high energy African reggae of Irie Still groove us into 2009 in style. Clamdaddys and Quillion acoustic open the night up. $12.

coast to coast,

D porter

Extra Credit: Pertaining to the theme of this letter, here is a poem Adam D wrote on May 15, 1996, back when he lived in San Francisco.

Fore-foot of a Seed

Dream of bringing one side of this great continent
flush with the other, putting a crease down the middle
(a cry from the heartland) and folding it in half,
lengthwise. This will form a love letter whose
contents will be of the most serious import,
but which will travel from receiver to receiver
always blank and ready to be written once more.

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