Thursday, December 11, 2008

mid December, ought eight

d Monde,

It strikes us, just now, that this coming weekend is a prime example of the D Note operating at its full potential.

Check out Friday night, for instance. There's so much happening. First is a "Night of 1000 Ukes" starring The Glenn Taylor Orchestra , Doo Crowder , Ukulele Loki and his Gadabout Orchestra , Zebra Junction and The Junkettes , and The Inactivists . Holy ukulele, batman. I could go on and on about all of these groups. But here's just a couple soundbites. Zebra Junction is playing their first show in Denver in three months and have a sick new CD out called Pomme de Terre. Doo Crowder also has an amazing new CD with his band Pee Pee, which is possibly the best album out of Colorado ever. Come get a copy from Doo himself. Also check out the stunning posters for this s how by The Inactivists on their myspace page. Starting off the night on Friday is the hyper talented and original Glenn Taylor Orchestra at 5:30pm. This show even made the night and day section of The Westword . Nice. $8.

On a prime example of a weekend of full potential you would have to have an important art opening. And guess what? Shitty Kitten is having his reception this Friday night at 7pm for his first solo show at the D Note, called "Letters and Ladies" , and it will be a beaut. He's put together some great group shows for us in the past and we can't wait to see the show he unveils. We believe Shitty Kitten is bound to blow up soon, so let us consider investing in some of his art while it is still in our price range.

Full potential would also require showcasing not only legends in the making, but legends already made. Otis Taylor is definitely a Colorado legend, as a quick google trip will show you. He plays a mean and spooky trance blues, transforms the room in a supernatural way, somehow cathartic, definitely good. He played last spring for us and we are quite honored that he has chosen to come back. Playing before Otis, at 6pm, is Robert Eldridge and Dan Treanor plays afterward, around 10pm, with his Afro-sippi voodoo blues band. We believe we will all feel the true power of the blues this Saturday night. $15.

And to round out the full potential thing, how about a bunch of kids dancing around on Sunday for baby boogie, and a bunch of adults doing an adult dance late Sunday night. Heck, why not throw in an 11 piece salsa band while you're at it.

But of course we won't reach our true full potential without you. Hope you can make it out.


D nada

Extra Credit: How about a lyric from the great poet, Homer. Uh, Homer Simpson that is.

Doh! A beer! I want a beer....
Ray, the guy who buys me beer.
Me, the guy who Ray buys beer...
Far, the way to go for beer.
So, I think I'll have a beer...
La, la la la la la la.
Tea? No thanks I'll have a beer...
And that brings us back to Doh! doh! doh!

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