Wednesday, January 7, 2009

early January, oh nine

D tails,

You know the glyph on the mural behind our stage, the glyph suspended between the waves? We have just learned a very interesting new fact about the glyph from David Larsen, the artist, which added an important puzzle piece to our reading of the mural. But you'll have to wait to hear about it after we tell you about the fantabulous weekend coming up.

First of all, we pay tribute to Elvis Presley on his birthday this Friday. What better way could you possibly pay tribute to Elvis than to eat the peanut butter and bacon sandwich he loved while listening to the original rock and roll spirit of Elvis carried on by Chris Barber as The Velvet Elvis? No better way. (Unless you are vegetarian.) Our manager Andy's dad created the original sandwich Elvis was famous for! How's that for a pedigree. It's called Fool's Gold Loaf, which consists of a single loaf of hollowed out bread filled with one jar of creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. If you wanna try it Andy's dad said he'd bring a couple out. Velvet Elvis starts at 7:30pm and after we'll have the rockabilly band Redline Rockets to carry on the celebration. $8

Then we pay tribute to the rest of the Capricorns this Saturday. We have at least four Capricorns working at the D Note and we have done our best to honor all of their musical requests. Adam Ferrill asked for Slo Children (his band), and so they will play at 7pm. Diandra asked for Wendy Woo, so she will play with Robin Hoch at 8:30pm. Kyle was down for some trashy rockabilly so we have Whiskey Throttle at 10pm. And at 11:30ish we have the hardcore punk band D.I.H.Y.F., by request of Stephanie. $5. If you are a Capricorn you get a special Capricorn shot on the house.

Thursday night we are paying tribute to Thursday night with the homegrown music of the Hippogriffs at 7pm. We love the quote on their web page, "You can't unring the bell. But you don't have to ring it again." $5

Finally, the new info concerning the glyph on the mural we mentioned earlier? The same glyph can be seen on all Currier & Ives plates, adorning the bucolic 19th century scenes Currier & Ives are famous for. For a philosophical extrapolation upon this discovery go here.

Vaya con,


Extra Credit: We googled "poem" + "capricorn" to see what we would find and on the top of the heap was this strange, but somehow apt little poem by Matt Plavnick, from his blog. Full mouth kiss of webbed amphibia? Exactly!



brazen and sturdy,

obscene as the peony,


as the austral night,

you towering constellation written

from the kestrel's insatiable wing

or the full mouth kiss

of webbed amphibia--

I choose you.

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