Thursday, October 15, 2009


D holler,

Here's a riddle for you. What's comes at the end of the end? We'll tell you the answer at the end of this newsletter.

Let us get started. Tonight, Thursday, Oct. 15, after trivia, we have Conscious Elliot. Solid local band. Check out the cute poster on their myspace.

Tomorrow night is a typical D Note potpourri. First, at 7pm, are bands Convergence and Fervor, acoustic indie pop from Chicago and Atlanta. Then at 9pm we have The Jake-Leg Shakers, a band from Denver w/ a classic rock sound. Then around 10:30pm we have Waffle House Funk, a fun(k) band out of Boulder. $5

Saturday at 2pm we have the Music Train Family Concert Series featuring The Hobo Nickels. We love this band. And not just because their songs are all about landmarks. Listen to "Weaubleau Well" on their myspace page to get the flavor. $7 adults, $3 kids.

At 7pm Saturday we have the Topsy Turvy Halloween Spooktacular Show & Hafla w/ Phoenix, Yallah! & The Sultry Emberz plus DJ Slave 1. The Halloween Hafla (or "Haflaween" as we like to call it) is always off the hook. Check out the website for the entire agenda for the night. Costumes are encouraged. $8 adults/ $5 kids.

We have a few more halloween shows coming up this month, 6th annual salsa halloween bash on 25th, Without Trees sings Misfits on 29th; Thriller dance lessons, Slo Children, Stonebraker and 10 lb Elephant on 30th (dead celebrity theme); Redline Rockets, Hillbilly Hellcats and Hellbound Billies on 31st.

The answer to the riddle is the letter D. It also happens to be what comes in the middle of the middle.


D lirious

Extra Credit: Somebody mysteriously left a book of Langston Hughes poems at the D Note, which we found and devoured. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin MO in 1902, which also happens to be the hometown of Ma and Pa DeGraff. Here's a favorite poem from the book.


Last night I dreamt
This most strange dream.
Everywhere I saw
What did not seem could ever be:

You were not there with me!

I turned
And touched you
Face to the wall.

I said,
How dreams
Can lie!

But you were not there at all!

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