Thursday, December 10, 2009


D snuffaluffaguses,

December is upon us, a December to remember, a shivering cold December. A good thing to keep in mind about the cold is that it has an opposite. Opposites create contrast. Assuming we survive the cold, won't we appreciate the sun that much more when it comes back around? This is what we keep telling ourselves anyway. Vive la difference.

Heaters are on high at the D Note and there is plenty of warmth. Tonight, Thursday, Dec. 10, we start with Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30pm. Check out the poem on the Geeks Who Drink D Note blog, our quizmaster's clever site-specific take on Night Before Christmas. If you have delicate sensibilities we suggest you skip the poem, which, like the quiz itself, is rated at least PG 13.

After the quiz, at 9pm, we have the conscious hip hop of Mind's Eye and Mr. Morning After. $5.

Friday night we host the annual Holiday party for our friends PeaceJam starting at 7pm. The mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody. You can show this great organization support in several ways, including coming to the Holiday party. Rudy Balles will be spinning tunes all night. $3. You can also help in another important way. From the website: "Help young leaders change the world with just a few clicks of a mouse! PeaceJam Foundation and our Affiliate Offices are participating in the Chase Giving Challenge, which is a competition on Facebook that will award a total of $5 million to the non-profit organizations that receive the most votes." The voting ends tomorrow! Go here and follow instructions. Finally, you could also help by buying a very special guitar. You can make a difference. Vive la difference.

Saturday at 3pm we have a Suzuki method violin recital. Then at 7pm we have Clusterfunk back in the house playing classic rock/R&B/Soul. Do you do you do you do you wanna dance? $5

Sunday we have a very special Christmas treat for kids of all ages at 3pm. Aden Harrell has just put out a brilliant Christmas CD "New Baby's In Town", filled to the brim with both his original songs and standards. We've heard the CD and if it won't melt the grinch in you we don't know what will. This is a free show and the kids love Aden so we highly recommend you bring the family.

Sunday night salsa, Monday night open stage, Tuesday night COMBO Christmas show with Steve Werges and Gristle Gals, Wednesday night Clamdaddys. Warm, warm, warm.

Hope to see you sooner than soon,

D icer

Extra Credit: The band Snowboots, featuring poet (and friend) Tyler Burba, has put out a great new CD, "Snowboots Greatest Hits". Here's some sample lyrics...

My Friends

Everything I've done
under this sun
has been fun

Yes it's true
I'm living in Haiku

And though you thought
that I'd walk away,
You notice how I've stayed?

Everything we make
Keeps our hearts awake

And yes it's true
I'm living in Haiku

With some take-out menus and a paper clip
I'm gonna build a ship and deliver you

My friends and me will be free
My friends and me are out to sea

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