Thursday, January 13, 2011

weekend update 1/13/11


(a D looks like an ear, no?)

How about them Snow Angels? They are playing like they mean it. Here's hoping they make it all the way to the International. We pledge to help sponsor them all the way to ultimate victory.

Several members of the team will make an appearance at the D Note tonight for trivia and bluegrass. We have Geeks Who Drink trivia tonight, Thurs, Jan 13, at 6:30pm followed by killer picking circle led by myth in the making Martin Gilmore at 9pm. Our pizza is awesome and what could be a better night out with Snow Angels?

Tomorrow night, Fri, Jan 14, we have local great JT Nolan for dinner hour 5-7pm, free. Then we have a Kana Ka Pila, a Hawaiin jam with Hawaiin musicians, from 7-9pm, ($5 donation toward Hawaii Cultural Club). Perfect summer day vibe on a winter's eve. At 9pm we have High Race Vine, (because everything is better with Cello) and at 10pm we have Chonz, the best DJ of his Kind in Colorado. (There we said it.)

Saturday we are closed for a wedding during the afternoon. Then at 7pm we have something different, an evening Zumba class with Paul Reyes and Davida Wright Gavin. Our morning Zumba has been doing great on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 10:30am too. Saturday would be a fun time to try this dance exercise for the first time if you've been meaning to $10. At 8:30pm we will keep the dancing going with a funk jazz band called Broken Holmes, followed by the hottest new band in Denver, In Due Time at 11pm. This band blew us away last time they played. $5

Monday nights Jay Ryan runs an wondefully over the top rendition of an Open Stage Night. You should come and dust off your songs, join the community. Jay also has an acoustic showcase next Tuesday night at 7pm with Jay Ryan, Kenny Lee Young, Kipp Chambers, Michael Amidei. Magic may be in the mix.

Okay then,

D moral

Extra Credit: Our friend Julien Poirier just put out a new book, "EL GOLPE Chileno", on our favorite press, Ugly Duckling. We've been enjoying it. Here's an excerpt of a long poem called Uncollected Introductions.

"I kind of like how this one goes...

The eyeball on the keychain
screwed up its smile in the face of the rain
singing young, and old
and middle aged,
poetry for everyone

The strut--that's what I'm trying to get all the time...Arrogant infant strutting
on a bright ramp in space, waving a scepter as rose petals rain form the stands.

x electric shepherds in the snow
mace the lightning's ice-age poles
whose bearded sons with ink aglow
sing poetry for everyone

As the rocking chair's budding ladder rungs
spunk cement of shivering bamboo
the strategy of psychotic avenues
fingerprints the throat of dunes

and as we sun
on hot tar roof
on 52
and 9th Avenue
your hands are with your words
and your tongue is with mine
singing Poetry
to thee and thine, to bums
and moneyed swine

to old and young, to second youth
to fatuous twisters of the truth
to channel surfers on the slaughterhouse sluice
to love and the lover's one-eyed sleuth

Poetry is Truth, Truth
without poem a quartz-toothed drone
whoring guns to starving people,
scrapping marrow in the phone

lying on tv,
lying in bed, the future's dead
will blaze a laughtrack to its grave
still yet this lyre plays
the siren's town crier
for poetry enslaved.

(ait oudinar, morocco 1997)

Yep, all that Blake I was reading musta have hit my mind and pickled it in the sweet
and silly sauce, just my speed. I was a short order Blakean cook sitting next to the
canyon stream, dancing as the Berber kids (they seemed so kind!) winged rocks at
me. Down by the almond trees."

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