Friday, February 3, 2012

Best fiends,

The snow is piling high, but that won't stop us. We'll be at the D Note tonight drinking a hot toddy and listening to some great music. At 6pm we have Ironwood Rain (think CSN&Y) followed by the twisty rock of Hazardous Matthew. $5.

Tomorrow we have our semi-annual Mid-winter Bluegrass Festival at 7pm w/ Hayward Stranger, The Blue Canyon Boys and The Statue of Liberty Band. And only $5. Check out Matt Dougherty's brilliant poster for this show here, a snow covered banjo!

Next Friday we have the D Note 9 year anniversary party with The Reals (most of them), Wonderlic, Stonebraker and DeGraff Brothers. And next Saturday we have Irie Still and Pink Hawks. Pink Hawks is a band that plays the music of Fela Kuti and they are awesome.

Hope to see you tonight and every night!

D light

Extra Credit: A fraction of a poem from our friend Peter Gizzi's new book "Threshold Songs", talking about the other side. An analemma is a figure-eight pattern formed by plotting the position of the sun every day at the same time for a year. We get our symbol for infinity from it.


I know why I came here
to be back here
where my parents went
I know I'll be there
to join them soon
it's okay to think like this
whose gonna say I shouldn't
a doctor, some friend
I have no wife in this
at night, late, the dark
myself at the ceiling
the arguments continue
I'm with it, it's with me
I am quelque chose
something with birds in it
a storm high above Albany
I am ghost brain I
sister to all things cruelty

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