Thursday, April 5, 2012

D Note love letter plus poem

Dean Otes,

Hello, do you have any extra time for poetry today? If so, be patient, we will get to it. If not, don't forget about it.

Meanwhile, lots of news.

First, let us just say that the bluegrass jam hosted by Martin Gilmore tonight at 9pm will be as harmoniously tasty as the Geeks Who Drink trivia event just preceding it will be hilariously zesty. And it is free. Bring an axe.

Tomorrow night we have the debut of a new band called Rim Of The Well. This new band is extra special to us because it is helmed by one of our musical heroes, Steve Mullins. The style is original flamenco-fusion and features guitar, marimba, violin, and percussion. $12/$10 students. This one will be a fine example of what the D Note is all about.

After Rim Of The Well we have Author Unknown and Bailout. Author Unknown features Mark Sundermeier, the man who books the Toad Tavern. The music can be described as a well wrought pop rock. And Bailout just rocks. $7

Saturday at 1pm we have The Guests, The Fizzy Lifters, Voltage (rock, free).

Saturday at 7pm Phoenix presents our Spring Fling Hafla. Featuring several dance troupes and the neo middle eastern-fusion band Yallah! More fusion! $8 adults/$5 kids under 12

After the Hafla, at 10pm we have the wonderfully deep funk of The Volunteer Funk Department. $5.

Sunday we are closed for Easter festivities until 6pm when we will open for a special salsa featuring the music of DJ Nelson. Only $6 this week, includes a lesson by the amazing Joseph Snowhawk.

Next Tuesday we have a special treat for you called My Old School at 7:30p- A Tribute to the Music of Steely Dan. This event, incredibly, is FREE.

Wow, that's a heck of nice job booking music there, bub. Thanks, not so bad yourself!

D Scribe

Extra Credit: Here's a thought provoking poem by our friend, the wolfman, Filip Marinovich.

Filip Marinovich

"We are all damned" the carpenter says
and "I'm a wood butcher"
when I tell him "You're a sculptor"
he says "A year ago at this time
I had surge—
surgery" with
hazel eyes
"surgery to remove a Christ
from my skull
I had dreamed about
since I was twelve."
The fact that Christ was there
without his apostles
explains nothing.

His cradle looked like the Christ
in the Christ of
the Virgin of Megalith
like the Della Robbia blue Virgin of
hanging in the

treetop aviary with the Evian
glass bottle wind chimes—

"I always say: if you can stab it and it doesn't bleed
it ain't my work."
If you can stab it and it doesn't bleed
nail a tree to it and nail me to the tree
the cradle I made the cradle I made
for one two three one two three
"Family family family!" on three.

The football team kills the family at kickoff
and the field goal makes it three like baby

it's war

the dead are here and
you don't know how to breathe
for their attendance
you have to attend
here they come
set the table
the cherry table you made
with the cherry wood
it has lights in it
"I only pick the trees that grow out of
the most difficult earth
because it makes them tough
and I want tough trees"
tough trees are me
tough trees are mean
they raise me
I am number one in the tough tree family
the only child in the tough tree
family tree you'll see
isn't that glory
a carpenter
we have to learn how to serve each other
to go under the people who would
put other people down and serve them
and make the good in them happen
and we are damned
to serve
this cradle a glyph a letter
this wood cradle is burning but the baby will
never burn in it.
The baby who will never burn in it
cut the umbilical cord and the telephone cord
with one sword. It's war

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