Thursday, August 9, 2012

D Note love letter 8/9/12

D activators,

We've had many amazing folks working at the D Note over the years. This week we want to give a special shout out to our first sound engineer, Greg Rendon. Greg used to be a regular at our open stage night years ago and was interested in learning about sound engineering. We needed some help in a pinch and he stepped in and did such a good job that he eventually became our main guy. The dynamics at the D Note can be difficult as all the wood and brick make the room very live. And of course every band has their own needs. But Greg has it down. Not only has Greg handled the sound well, but he has also been able to beautifully handle the interpersonal dynamics with the bands, a part of the job at which many sound engineers famously fail. It is amazing how often bands praise Greg and, in his own humble way, he has really begun to develop his own reputation as an engineer. Say hi to him and thanks next time you see him up in the booth. Shout out to our second sound engineer, Erick Crumb, who also does a great job.

This weekend.

Aug 10

Jeff Mohler. Free. Jeff is someone we met through Tom Peters, the poet and owner of the Beat Bookshop in Boulder. His songs are beautiful.

Julian Velard $8 Pre-Sale Tickets This guy is great. He came our way because he is patron's favorite performer and so his daughter paid to have him come out. Spend some time on his website and then try NOT to come hear him in person.

The Amendment $5

Aug 11

Zumba $8

Hafla: Belly Dance Variety Show. $8 adults/$5 kids. With Yallah. Hafla has been going on for awhile now at the D Note and we hope it will last forever.

Matic (rock, jam) $5. Very good jam band...

There you go. Things to remember: Baby boogie Sun afternoons, salsa Sunday nights. Free pizza for kids on Mondays and Open Stage (6:30p sign up). Great swing lessons ($5) and music (Farm Jazz) on Wed nights. Geeks Who Drink Trivia Thurs at 6:30p followed by SIN (service industry night) with great local DJs.

We hope to see you sooner than later,

D V8

Extra Credit: We found a book of children's poetry anthology called "My Song Is Beautiful" at the discount sales bin at King Soopers for $1. Money well spent as there were several good children's poems therein. We liked this one, by Mary Ann Hoberman.

You and I

Only one I in the whole wide world

And millions and millions of you,

But every you is an I to itself

And I am a you to you, too!

But if I am a you and you are an I

And the opposite also is true,

It makes us both the same somehow

Yet splits us each in two.

It's more and more mysterious,

The more I think it through:

Every you everywhere in the world is an I;

Every I in the world is a you!


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