Thursday, September 6, 2012

D Note love letter 9/6/12

D tangled,

This week we'd like to send out a special shout out to Diandra. Not only does Diandra mix fabulous drinks at the bar, but she brings more heart and warmth to the D Note than just about anybody else, a real matron. And she has the best laugh. Plus her initials are D.D. just for good measure. One of the many great things about Diandra is she dresses up the D Note every year for halloween. Last year the D Note turned into a giant UFO, the year before that it was a bat cave, the year before that it was a giant spider web, the year it was a giant pumpkin. We are looking forward to seeing what she comes up with THIS year. We love you Diandra. Thanks for everything!

This weekend is Arvada's Harvest Festival. We've always thought of the Harvest Festival in metaphoric terms. We may not be growing actual crops, but we are growing...something. As Tommy Knox from the Clam Daddys likes to say, "you can't get the fruits without the roots." And indeed the D Note is in full flower right now, from the beautiful art up on the walls to the amazing staff to the delicious pizza to the fantastic music.

Here's the line up for the weekend


No Cover All Night [7:00p]
Sweet Radish (bluegrass)

Ed McGee & Ward Scott



Harvest Festival

Zumba $8

Mark Hutchison & Jax Delaguerre

The Bottom Line (w/ Alejandro Castano)

Wonderlic (w/ Adam DeGraff)

The Jake Leg Shakers. (original rock and roll) $5

Banned In Japan (dance covers 70's to present) $5


Free form yoga lead by Nicki Viera w/ live music by Melissa Ivey, Adam DeGraff. Donations accepted for local charities.


1pm The Jelly Band (acoustic

>Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Conjuntos Colores at 9pm) $8

And that's the weekend! Happy Harvest Festival!

Also, we have a very cool surf/ska band from California coming through the D Note on October 13 called The Originalites and they are looking for lodging. ( If you have space for 4 chill guys, then let us know and we'll make the connection.


D flower

Extra Credit: Adam DeGraff will be performing the song I Feel Tractor with Wonderlic this weekend at 7pm in honor of Harvest Festival. The title of this song comes from Adam's mom. On a drive to Yosemite she was a having a conversation with Adam about poetry. She asked Adam why he insisted on breaking the rules of grammar in poetry. Adam said it was because he felt that he could sometimes get closer to the truth when he broke the rules. Pam looked out the window of the car at the fields rolling by and said, "I mean... you can't just say... 'I Feel Tractor'." She thus proved Adam's point. This was a good line of poetry; both breaking the rules of grammar and getting closer to the truth of the moment. A song using this line as a title came about several years later when Adam and Jeremy were jamming around a campfire. It goes...

I Feel Tractor

I feel tractor
over the fields I go
I feel tractor
seed by seed I sow
I feel tractor
row by row I hoe
I feel tractor
watch the garden grow
I feel tractor
watch out! Scarecrow!

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