Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1/12 News

D friends,

We've been playing with ways of seeing the letter D for a decade now. As a prefix it is a reversal, as in "de-friend". As a preposition it may mean "of" or "from", as in "de amor". One might argue that these two meanings of the word are themselves opposites. There is a kind of yin and yang here, the "reversal" leading to the opposite, toward another "of", toward a new "from". The shape of the letter D is thought to derive from the pictogram for Door. It does indeed look like a Door. When you enter in through this Door you reverse your "of" and find yourself within the frame work of a different "from". Ahi estas de la amistad.

Come through our Door this weekend and find out what we're talking about.

Nov 2

No cover all night!
Alice Frisch (folk)

Sterling Edge (pop)

The Greenbelt Rascals (bluegrass)

Coral Reef (reggae)

Nov 3

Zumba $8

Denver Family Institute benefit w/ Clusterfunk and more (rock and roll dance covers). $10 suggested donation.

That's what we're talking about.

See the website for the rest of the scoop.

Next Wednesday we are going back to a blues jam format hosted by Todd Johnson. Our thanks to Farm Jazz for filling in over the summer!

Extra Credit: Here's a powerful poem of understanding, one to remember, by Martin Espada
Solil­o­quy at Gun­point”
for José
I sat in the car,
win­dow down in the sum­mer,
wait­ing. Two boys
from the neigh­bor­hood
peered into the car
and did not rec­og­nize me,
so one opened his gym bag
and flour­ished a revolver
with black tape on the han­dle,
brush­ing the barrel’s tiny mouth
against my forehead.
I sat calm as a burn­ing monk.
The only god in my med­i­ta­tion
was the one who splices the rib­bon of the film:
a screen of gun­men with sleepwalker’s gaze,
con­fi­dent detec­tives in silk neck­ties,
the coo­ing of hostage nego­tia­tors,
solil­o­quy at gun­point
recited with­out stuttering.
I spread by hand
as if to offer salt
to a lick­ing dog.
The script said give me the gun,
so I said give me the gun.
And he did.

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