Friday, December 7, 2012

love letter 12/7/12

D lovelies,

Big ups in the cray cray dizzo...

Great music this weekend, from the smooth pop rock aesthetic of Drew Schofield, to the Velvet Underground sound of Sub Sleep to the Indigo Girls sound of Dear Marsha to the real deal Zydeco of Dikki Du from New Orleans. We're excited.

Dec 7
No Cover All Night [5:00p]
Folk Ragout

Drew Schofield Band CD Release, w/ Lexi Shanley. $5

Sub Sleep. $5
Dec 8

Zumba $8

Free Horizon Montessori's Choir and Jazz band. $5

Dear Marsha. $5

Dikki Du and The Zydeco Krew. $10

That's the weekend, plus Zumba, yoga, baby boogie and SALSA! Check for the rest of the scoop. Also, if you don't already have NYE plans, we have a really fun band from Ft. Collins called Muskateer Gripweed that night that will fully deliver the goods. Keep us in mind...


D coy

Extra Credit: Here's a poem from our friend Darin Stevenson

Perfect Kind

A perfect kind of desperation.
Any drop of water knows it.
Falling, in flight, thrown by circumstance.
Or accident. Nothing duplicitous.
This isn’t theater.

Thrown into and through the interval.

A thread of moments traversing an abyss.
Will I manage to become a bird?
Whose eye shall I moisten?
Whose mouth?
Such intimacies as every droplet knows.

By heart.

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