Wednesday, March 13, 2013

D Note love letter St. Patrick's Day '13

D Fault

The D Note is at least partly your fault. You are to share in the blame. Of course we mean blame in a good way. Take a trip down the asphalt (who's fault?) and come see us this weekend.

This will be one of those legendary D Note weekends. First off we have an early St. Pat's day show Friday night with the high energy Irish rock and roll of Indigent Row at 9pm. We're so lucky to get these guys on St. Pat's weekend as they are in high demand. Opening for them at 7pm is Gipsy Moon, a great Irish tinged bluegrass band featuring the offspring of the legendary Vince Herman.

Saturday night we a truly epic night starting at 4pm when Music Train Presents the traditional Celtic music of Loneacre. Following this is the beautiful Balkan folk music (with elements of gypsy jazz) sung by the world renowned Azra. And finally, for another left turn we have the amazing B52s cover band Hey Lady playing at 9pm. This band made us fall in love with the B52s all over again last time they played.

Sunday the fun doesn't stop. At noon we have another Irish traditional band Fennec playing a free concert. Then at 2:30p we have The Back Beat Jazz band playing. And of course we will end the night with our legendary salsa night.

That's the weekend! (throw in yoga and Zumba for good measure)

If that wasn't enough Dave and Mernie have started up three very cool new events on the weekdays. Tuesday nights are now Jump Blues Tuesdays with swing lessons at 7:30p followed by live music with Tommy Price and the Stilettos. Wednesdays we still feature a blues jam, but now it is with the host band Los Terrificos (featuring the great Dan Treanor). And Thursday after trivia we now have Beer Pong!!! A great idea from Greg Rosenberg. Thanks to Kendra for helping to get that going. It has been a blast so far.

Things are happening apace. APACE!

St. Patrick's Day Pre-Party Hoe Down

Gipsy Moon (Irish-tinged Bluegrass featuring the great Vince Hermann's offspring)

Indigent Row (Irish R&R) $7

Zumba $8

Music Train Family Concert Series Presents St. Patrick's Celebration. $7 adults/$3 kids

“Azra Sings “ – Traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans featuring accordianist Edo Sadikovic. $15

Hey Lady! (Amazing B52's Tribute Band!). $5
Free Form Yoga ($5 - $10 Suggested Donation)

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Concert w/ Fennec (traditional Irish quartet). FREE

Baby Boogie, bring your kids into dance!

Back Beat Jazz Band

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Orquestra La Brava at 9pm) $8

And that's the weekend.


D Face

Extra Credit: We always take the opportunity this time of year to feature an Irish poet of which there are many; Yeats, Oscar Wild, Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, Shane Macgowan, etc etc. Here's one from Bono.

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

Johnny take a walk
With your sister the moon
Let her pale light in
To fill up your room
You've been living underground
Eating from a can
You've been running away
From what you don't understand...

She's slipping
You’re sliding down
She'll be there
When you
hit the ground

It's all right, it's all right, it's all right
She moves in mysterious ways

Johnny take a dive
With your sister in the rain
Let her talk about the things
You can't explain
To touch is to heal
To hurt is to steal
If you want to kiss the sky
Better learn how to kneel
On your knees boy

She's the wave
She turns the tide
She sees the man inside the child

It's all right, it's all right, it's all right
She moves in mysterious ways

lift my days, light up my nights

One day you will look... back
And you'll see... where
You were held... how
By this love... while
You could stand there
You could move on this moment
Follow this feeling

It's all right, it's all right, it's all right
She moves in mysterious ways

The spirit moves in mysterious ways

Move with it
She moves with it


/)dam I)eGraff

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