Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mid October, ought eight


If you like to de, then you are a deer. If you like to be, you are a beer. If you like beer you are a de.

We have a lovely weekend planned for you in true D Note style. Let's start with Friday night. This is the second annual salsa fundraiser for Friendship Bridge. Salsa dance instruction with Joseph Snowhawk begins at 8:30 followed by awesome Puerto Rican style salsa band, Sabor de La Calle. $10. Proceeds will benefit Friendship Bridge, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides micro-credit and educational programs so women and their families can create their own solutions to poverty. Friendship Bridge blends the short-term economic development needs of women through access to credit and education with the long-term goal of breaking the generational cycle of poverty by providing educational opportunities for their children. Friendship Bridge has affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of rural people by investing in women entrepreneurs, first in Vietnam and now in rural Guatemala - women who become leaders and agents of change for themselves, their families and communities. So, basically, you can learn how to dance salsa, hear an incredible salsa band AND help up a sister when she's down, all at once.

Saturday night we are having a Topsy Turvy - Wicked, Dark, & Curvy Halloween Show & Hafla. Phoenix & the Sultry Emberz have brewed up a special evening for you which includes a spooktacular show, two live bands (Yallah! and Kara Nomadica), dancing, contests, mix of various styles of music for the late night dancers, and surprises. $8 adults, $5 kids. Should be a fantastic kick off to our halloween season.

Tonight, if you get this in time, Thursday Oct. 9th, we've got two new bands to the D note at 8pm, out of the woodwork of Golden Co, Gromet, and Tethys Ocean. Cool bands both. We're listening to Tethys Ocean's "brighter days" tune on their myspace as we write this and totally loving it. and $5.

The debate watching party at the D Note on Tuesday was a big success. Thanks so much to PeaceJam for helping out. Next Wednesday is the next one, 7pm. if you wanna watch it with friends, then come on down to the D Note town hall. Clamdaddys will perform afterward.

No argument here,

D bater

Extra Credit: A short poem by Nicaraguan poet Mariana Sanson. English translation by 5th grader from San Francisco, Blanca Martinez.

A lo lejos del camino...

A lo lejos del camino
gritan las cosas:
La eternidad no espera.

Far Down the Road...

Far down the road
things scream:
Wake up!
Eternity doesn't wait.

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