Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mid to late October, ought eight

D Fault,

McCain and Obama are debating each other at the D Note tonight, Wednesday October 15 at 7pm. Then afterward the Clamdaddys will come on stage and settle the debate. PeaceJam is sponsoring the debates at the D Note. In the spirit PeaceJam brought the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Denver, they bring the presidential debates to the D Note. Thank you PeaceJam.

This Friday we have an evening of New Orlean's inspired music. First at 7pm we have The Otone Brass Band, with the great Aden Harrell at the helm. This band has graced the D note stage for 5 years now and feel like part of the family. If you're not familiar, they are a bombastic brass band with terrific original compositions plus charisma. After Otone there's a zydeco band from Louisiana called JJ and The Zydeco Dogpound. There will be a zydeco lesson at 9:30pm. $10.

Saturday is a full day. From 1 to 5pm we have drum rehearsals by the students of Pro Drum Studios, which should be entertaining. The backing band is a young and upcoming swing blues band called Anna Purna. Then at 6pm we have Jeremy Dion. Jeremy's from Silverthorne Colorado. His sound is Paul Simon meets Ryan Adams. At 8pm is Conscious Elliot, an indie pop band with some really good songs. Check out the cool poster for the show on their myspace while you listen to a tune. A local band called Schofield comes on at 9pm. Think Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. Then at 10pm we have the return of The ManApes, a really cool rock and roll band with hints of The Velvet Underground and Nick Cave. Check out the other cool poster for this show at The ManApes myspace page. $5 for the lot.

Heads up on upcoming shows. Greg Harris w/ Glenn Taylor and Basheba Earth on Oct. 25 is gonna be hot. 5th annual Halloween salsa bash on Oct. 26th will be caliente. Quillion's halloween show on Oct. 30 will rock. The Reals with Wendy Woo and Slo Children on Oct. 31st will be too much fun. The theme this year is Old School (classic) Halloween. Finally, the Samhain with Angus Mohr is gonna keep the spirit going in Celtic fashion Saturday Nov. 1. Take a deep breath and work on your costumes.

Extra Credit: How about some one liners by the comic poet Mike Topp found on


I used to be ashamed of my striped face.


What's another word for thesaurus?


Alternate little pieces of shish with pieces of kebab.


A rolling stone can gather moss if it is rolling very, very slowly.


I'm told one of the problems with the gene pool is that there's no life guard.


Steven confessed this morning that he's been writing an unauthorized autobiography.


It was on Fire Island I realized that hermits have no peer pressure.


If it's true that you are what you eat, then I am one flaky pastry.


I find it very hard to believe that I was ever a half-twin.


In November 1915 Chief Secretary of Ireland Augustine Birrell said, "I, for one, would forbid the use, during the war, of poetry."


Grassy told me once that when he was a child in the Pacific Northwest, a fruit tree grew from the head of a deer shot with fruit pits.


Tennis is more than raising a racket.


You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.


There's a little bit of Sparrow in all of us.


Safety matches just kill the smart kids.


In chemistry class my chemistry teacher keeps changing my seat.

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