Friday, February 27, 2009

Late February, 09

D plus,

Pop quiz: How are you? Good? Blah? Bad? Circle one. (Hint: choose good.)

After all, this weekend is full of: the special Geeks Who Drink brand of trivia (Thurs 6:30pm), the loungy funk of Boulder band Norman Decibel (Thurs 8:30pm), the island vibe folk rock of Jeremy Dion (Friday 5:30pm), the scarily good musicianship of the kids from The School of Rock (Friday 7:30pm), a fresh new psychedelic rock band on the scene Kahoutek (check out the poster and D Note pic on their myspace (Friday 9pm), a band that takes Beatles tunes and punks them up, RePlay (Friday 10:30pm), another young but smoking blues rock band, Jumping At Shadows (Saturday 3pm), Stapleton's neighborhood basement band The Mitch Lehn Folk Trio (Saturday 7pm) and the progressive indie rock of the Jake Leg Shakers (Saturday 9pm).

If you are still blah to bad after all that please see us after class.


D minus

Extra Credit: Jeni Olin is a friend of ours. She writes gorgeous glam poems that sound like glass breaking and glitter falling. Here's an excerpt of the last poem she sent us via Facebook...


I depend on an air of violence
to cherish more, calm down. Still
please don't nailgun me
again in my sleep tonight.
Interred in the dripping woods of
the blue elves of the 80's
metabolizing their rejection
openly & then in teams, yay
I want to be in a boy gang
in the worst way. I'd like to be
"carried" in a fetish film. You
think you could love me? You
love me in your dreams you better
wake up & apologize.

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