Thursday, February 12, 2009

mid February, 09

D heart,

We have, with your help, lasted six years doing this thing. Thank you!

Friday night we will start the celebrating early with Brethren Fast. We've been trying to get this hard rocking rockabilly band in for the last six years and we're stoked to finally have them. Opening are the Redline Rockets at 8pm and Crowboy at 7pm. All for only $5.

This Saturday night we have our 6 year anniversary party proper. Here are 6 notable things about this coming Saturday night, Feb. 14:

1. Local band, Dyslexic Dinosaurs, will be opening at 6pm.
2. At 7:30 we have a band from Santa Fe, NM that go by the name D Numbers. D Numbers sounds like a perfect band to play on the anniversary of the D Note, no? How did this serendipity happen? D Numbers have friends at New Belgium Brewery. Those friends contacted Matt Kowal from The Reals. Matt contacted us and ta da! Their music is all richly layered instrumentals and really cool.
3. This will be The Reals last show for a long while. They are going underground to mutate and make more music and this will be a kind of going away party for them. So get your fix while you can. It's gonna rain Reals. We love this band.
4. It's Valentine's Day and we're gonna share the love.
5. The first 100 people that ask at the door will get a mix CD of 14 amazing live D Note performances from the past six years.
6. The evening is a benefit for a great new organization If you bring two cans of non-perishable food for the hungry we'll buy you a beer.

Also, don't forget about Geeks Who Drink trivia every Thursday night at 6:30pm (free). Last week was a good beginning with very clever questions and fun, tough competition between 9 teams. Check out the photos on the blog. This week GWD trivia will be followed by the band Latest Vintage at 8:30pm. (Latest Vintage, a new band, features one of our favorite local drummers, Dean Hirschfield.)

And keep in mind Henry Butler will be here next Friday, Feb. 20.

That's probably good for now.


D liver

Extra Credit: A poem from Adam D for his lover.

Poem For G

I was in the shower
and was thinking hard
about a plot, stuck between
two options, this and that,
until my head started to hurt.
Meanwhile my eyes fell
on the can of shaving cream
on the shelf in the shower,
narrowing in on the word "shave".

My mind formed two words from this one,
like on The Electric Company, but in reverse.
The first mouth whispered "shhh"
and the second said "have".


Suddenly I was calm,
no thought of no plot.
I remembered how hot
the water was, and how cold
it was outside, remembered
that I was listening to The Cure,
"The Hanging Garden"...

I melted in the water
like the wicked witch of the west.

My eyes wandered to the next words
written on the can, "Bengal Spice".
One thought led to another and
soon I was purring like a tiger.
Thus I shaved, slowly and with great feeling,
so that later I might show your skin.

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